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The largest collection of Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads online. Get a remote job you can do anywhere at Remote Companies like Toptal, Zapier and Automattic who embrace the future. There are 42,650+ jobs that allow you to work anywhere and live everywhere.

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We are looking for a WooCommerce Support Engineer to become our driving force of happiness! As a Support Engineer at SomewhereWarm, you will be:\n\n* providing an amazing support experience to our customers, while keeping an eye out for valuable feedback,\n* sharing knowledge and collaborating with our partners using your excellent written communication skills,\n* investigating issues, writing detailed bug reports, tracking down bugs and contributing fixes to code,\n* reviewing and writing great support documentation that balances the expectations and needs of all agents involved in building, using and supporting our products,\n* following a schedule that suits you and working from wherever you like.\n\nYour role will often require you to solve tricky riddles that go well beyond basic troubleshooting and require a solid technical understanding of PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce and sometimes JavaScript/jQuery. You will also need good working knowledge of the Apache/Nginx & Linux server environment and must be adept at spinning up development/test sites.\n\nIn addition to your support duties, you will be encouraged to:\n\n* contribute to product development by helping prioritize new features and writing or reviewing code,\n* suggest and implement new testing methodologies and tools,\n* invest time in learning new technologies and advancing your development skills.\n\nYou will be starting as a part-time WooCommerce Support Engineer, collaborating with: i) the full stack developer behind SomewhereWarm, ii) a globally distributed team of engineers from partner companies responsible for some of the most popular WooCommerce extensions, and iii) the team behind WooCommerce.\n\n### You\n* possess excellent written communication skills and a natural talent for bending language to your will,\n* love autonomy and are comfortable with self-directed work,\n* are patient and aware of your strengths and weaknesses,\n* are keen to observe and listen, but also eager to share experiences and expertise,\n* value self-improvement above self-promotion,\n* strive to acquire new skills and knowledge and always finish what you start,\n* have an analytical mind and a knack for breaking down huge tasks into tiny, manageable chunks.\n\nOn a technical level, you:\n\n* have extensive hands-on experience with WordPress and WooCommerce,\n* have basic working knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress/WooCommerce and a strong desire to learn more,\n* have written or customized WordPress/WooCommerce plugins or themes in a previous role,\n* are comfortable with git and GitHub.\n\nIdeally, you:\n\n* have a university degree in computer science or engineering,\n* are experienced in providing technical support,\n* have solid WordPress or WooCommerce development skills. \n\n### SomewhereWarm\nSomewhereWarm loves the warm, bright side of e-commerce – where any idea can come to life, grow and have the impact it deserves. This is why we live and breathe WooCommerce!\n\nWe are dedicated to contributing to WooCommerce and take pride in having built some of the most sought-after extensions in the entire WooCommerce ecosystem. Our software powers thousands of websites: So far we’ve built Product Bundles, Composite Products, and a few smaller plugins, such as Conditional Shipping and Payments and Subscribe All the Things – a forward-looking mini-extension for WooCommerce Subscriptions.\n\nSomewhereWarm welcomes, supports and rewards autonomy and entrepreneurship. We know that genuinely self-driven individuals will produce their best results when left alone to shine. For us, working from anywhere you like and choosing when to start your day is the only way to ensure an efficient, healthy working environment.\n\nWe offer:\n\n* a great salary, with bonuses proportional to your impact,\n* medical insurance, depending on your country of residence,\n* a flexible leave policy,\n* your own learning and development fund,\n* a yearly hardware allowance,\n* the freedom to work from your home, a sunny beachfront, or our tiny HQ in Athens, Greece.\n\n### The Process\n\n1. Send an email to **[email protected]**, and tell us what makes you a good fit for this position.\n2. We will contact you within two weeks. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to have an informal text-chat interview via Slack soon after that.\n3. As a follow-up, we will invite you to a short video interview.\n4. You will be selected to take part in a brief trial based on your overall presence and application.\n5. We will make a final decision and discuss the results with you!\n\nSome things we'd love to know about you when you apply:\n\n* Why do you want to work with us?\n* Have you done any technical support before? What did you like and what did you dislike about it?\n* What is your most and least favorite thing about WordPress? About WooCommerce?\n* A store owner reports an issue. What are the first troubleshooting steps you take?\n* Have you built something that you are proud of and that you'd like to share?\n* Where did you hear about this job?\n\nNo recruiters or agencies, please!

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