Remote .NET Desktop Developer at Syncro Open Startup
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.NET Desktop Developer




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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
\nSyncro is a small team crafting applications helping small business be more successful.\n\nOur software has a primary component that is a "remote machine management" tool. For us, this means a user can install our management tool and in bulk do things like keep software up to date, enforce patch policies, perform remote desktop support, etc.\n\nWe are open to taking risks with technology, we invented a new remote desktop tool that has a plan html5/javascript remote desktop client that runs in all browsers!\n\nWe're building a company that has fun inventing. We go fast, and our customers love us. Thousands of repair shops and IT Professionals all over the world rely on our platform for their entire business operations. In fact this role can frequently start a feature and ship it to production the same day!\n\nWe are different - we really do care, the founders are writing this ad and looking at the resumes - not a recruiter or HR department.\n\nWe are using azure and teamcity, lots of dotnet. The client uses typescript, webRTC, and websockets.\n\nWe need help building this Windows "management agent." This is a small team (a couple people) in part of our tight knit development org. You'll know everyone by name, chat a lot in Slack, and have the freedom to pick the technology we use.\n\nIf this sounds like the kind of team you want to be part of, we want to hear from you.\n\nDo you play around with new stuff for fun?\nHave any cool side projects to test out a new technology?\nDo you hear about a problem and just obsessed building a web app to solve it?\nIf this sounds like your kind of play - we might be a great fit. :)\n\nHIGHLIGHTS:\n\n-Salaried position designed to grow with the company (seriously, try us).\n-We want this to be your dream job - but we need your help (tell us how).\n-We will advance your career like nobody else -- stay with us for the long haul and we'll keep you challenged, learning, passionate, and growing.\n-Results-oriented: Keep having fun and shipping code and you can design your day.\n-We are currently a dispersed team working from home and a few regional offices (Seattle, Bellevue, Bay Area, Orange County). (WeWork - super cool space\n\nWHAT YOU'LL BE DOING:\n\n-Lots of building and inventing.\n-Helping discover and flesh out new product ideas. (Roadmap has like 100 new features we're anxious to get to!)\n-Keeping us up to date with what you are learning in your spare time.\n-Bringing in new technology you discover that might solve a problem.\n-Coming up with improvements to many areas that are still sort of minimum viable state.\n\nWHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR:\n\n-A few years of building applications, designing interfaces, etc.\n-Intermediate/Expert in Windows (CSharp/Windows APIs) and .NET\n-Experience in TeamCity\n-Lots of experience with the Windows OS - things like Services, system tray, IPC, Networking, long run processes, WCF, WPF, WinForms, etc.\n-No specific education necessary. (really)\n-You're always learning and teach yourself. (Watch conference talks? Go to dev meetups?)\n-...So you must be a self-driven, self-learner (autodidacts ftw).\n-Excellent communication skills - verbal, written and electronic.\n-You care -- which means sometimes putting yourself out there for a customer experiencing pain.\n-Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.\n-You're kind and wily (in a good way).\n\nHOW TO GET HIRED BY US:\n\nWrite us about a recent time or two that you caused a production outage, what the root cause was, and what you learned from it.\n\nFor example; Troy our Founder shipped a typo in a class name a bit ago and those are annoying because they might be easily missed in Development environment but then production blows up. This led to a more robust CI+Staging step than we had prior. (web side)\n\nJust demonstrate that you are an individual, you have a personality, you enjoy life, and you enjoy good work. And please include a resume. :)\n\nSyncro is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive and do their best work, free from discrimination and harassment.\n\nPay: DOE. Let's Talk.

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