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\nSite Reliability Engineer - to help us build a decentralised, blockchain-based legal agreements network.\n\nWe are looking for someone to assist with the evolution and maturation of our platform’s operability.\n\nMonax were pioneers of permissioned blockchains and smart contracts and we are building our Agreements Network to allow new and more efficient forms of legal transacting.\n\nExploiting the benefits of various decentralised, distributed, and masterless technologies - chiefly Hyperledger Burrow, which Monax built from scratch and is based on the Tendermint consensus engine.\n\nWith this we need to move past theoretically proven fault tolerance to practical scalability. The unique DevOps problem we can offer is not just running at significant scale in terms of number of nodes but at scale in terms of number of authorities. How do you administer a network with no administrator?\n\nYou will have the chance to work on a system that has distributed consensus and trust-less validation at its heart and offers very interesting challenges, these could be:\n\n\n* How do you build a monitoring and alerting system for a decentralised platform?\n\n* What governance mechanism converge towards a stable system useful for its members?\n\n* How do you address security vulnerabilities of bugs with no single authority?\n\n\n\n\nBlockchains and decentralised storage systems are closely related to existing distributed databases and object stores and we are looking to blend the best of both worlds.\n\nWorking closely with our CTO and CEO your focus will be around our Kubernetes-based deployment, blending blockchain-land with more traditional (and battle-tested) DevOps and cloud tooling. We see integration between these worlds as critical to our success and themes such as message queuing, API management, caching, logging, and metrics are all key to that goal.\n\nYour role will give you the chance to work across all teams in the business and it will also give you the opportunity to write core code for the platform in support of your role.\n\nYou will join a business building a genuinely novel system, that in part intends to create an entirely new market by enabling legal products that challenge existing legal services.\n\nThis role would suit a talented Software Engineering graduate, with around 1-2 years work experience and some knowledge of Kubernetes, or a more experience software engineer who would like to transition to a more DevOps focused role.\n\nWho do we need? Someone who:\n\n\n* Can read Go, Javascript (NodeJS and frontend), Solidity (EVM code), and shell scripts within the first few weeks.\n\n* Has some understanding of cloud native tooling such as Kubernetes, Helm, Elasticsearch, and Prometheus.\n\n* Has a basic working knowledge of AWS and GCE.\n\n* Has some experience of multi-server non-trivial cloud deployments - ideally with containers.\n\n\n\n\nIt is crucial that you are able to take part in forceful yet respectful technical discussions with colleagues and that you are able to change your mind about something if required, and also are able to change other’s minds.\n\nReal things you might work on:\n\n\n* Figure out how to deploy new validator pools to existing blockchain networks\n\n* Deploy and run IPFS nodes with pinning\n\n* Implement our key signing interface against a cloud based hardware security model\n\n* Secure cross-blockchain communication with elliptic curve diffie-hellman and cryptographic proofs of state\n\n* Develop in cluster monitoring and automatic failover for blockchain nodes which have fallen out of consensus or are no longer connected into their peers.\n\n\n\n\nWhat can Monax offer you?\n\n\n* Extremely marketable blockchain and cryptocurrency skills.\n\n* The chance to make blockchain systems live up to their hype by making them highly operable, our network will be operated peer-to-peer by many parties and this needs to be as painless as possible.\n\n* Experience in blending distributed, decentralised, and centralised systems. To spend time working on something foundational at the level of a network architecture.\n\n* The chance to spend time thinking ‘around the software’; about law, economics, and game theory.\n\n* You will have a high level of autonomy. The business has just enough hierarchy, consensus and individual project responsibility (c.f. design-by-committee) favoured over diktats.\n\n* Flexible working - the successful candidate will be based in our London work space primarily, there is scope for flexible working and choosing your own hours and place of work when established. \n\n\n\n\nRelocation assistance is available and this role could also be based in our office in Edinburgh City Centre.\n\nWho will you be working with?\n\nAround ten people in our passionate cross functional team, including time with:\n\n\n* Our CTO, who would be your primary contact and coding peer while helping to guide the broader design of the system.\n\n* Our CEO in Edinburgh, who has taken the lead in developing our cloud deployment so far and with whom you will have a close working relationship.\n\n* Our product and legal engineering teams, based in New York, that you will enable by building a network that can incorporate a diverse range of legal stakeholders.\n\n\n\n\nAbout Monax\n\nMonax would like to build a better system for contracting for the good of humanity and other forms of life. To learn more please visit:\n\nMonax Website\n\nAgreements Network\n\nHyperledger Burrow

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