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\nLove to learn? Passionate about coding? Are you interested in joining a small (but growing) team that is?\n\nWhat you will be doing\n\nYou will be working as part of a small distributed team to design and implement new features and functionality for several new and existing web, mobile, and desktop applications.  At a high level, we will be counting on you to:\n\n\n* design and implement new features and functionality for both new and existing web, mobile, and desktop applications\n\n* regularly conduct R&D with new libraries, frameworks, and technologies\n\n* review code\n\n* fix bugs (nobody likes it, but we’ve all got to do it)\n\n* contribute to product documentation\n\n* respond to more technical questions from customers than we care to\n\n* communicate openly and effectively with co-workers and customers\n\n* keep your eyes open for ways we can make our products and processes even better.\n\n\n\n\nMore specifically, some of the things we have in mind for you to help us with include:\n\n\n* Developing and enhancing integrations and plugins to make it easier to leverage our electronic signature platform from within the context of a variety of 3rd party apps and solutions (things like Dynamics CRM,, Sharepoint, Office 365, Google Docs, Zoho, etc).\n\n* Designing and building a new self-service account management web app so we can provide our users with a centralized place to view and make changes to their account information.\n\n* Helping design and implement a suite of new internal APIs and user interfaces to help automate and improve our back office processes in a way that will scale with us as we continue to grow.\n\n\n\n\nWhat your work environment will look like\n\nWe typically kick off our day with a scrum meeting via Skype before we dive into our own tasks for the day.  We frequently have additional ad hoc or scheduled team chats (via Skype or Hipchat) to bounce ideas off each other, hash out a design, or to troubleshoot issues we can't figure out alone.  \n\nWe also meet weekly (virtually) to share our progress with the entire team and to discuss broader opportunities and challenges we are aware of.  Typically we all meet in person a few times a year for meetings and something fun (in the past we've done everything from indoor sky-diving to electric go-carts to bowling and preparing a gourmet meal as a team).  \n\nWork schedules are pretty flexible, but reasonable availability for meetings, collaboration, and customer support during core business hours is required. \n\nWhat you will be working with\n\nAs a developer you know that tools and technologies change on almost a daily basis.  At AssureSign we are constantly working hard to identify, learn, and adopt the technologies and patterns that really make a difference to us and to our users.  \n\nWhile admittedly this leaves some areas of our codebase looking a bit schizophrenic at times due to the diversity of technologies reflected there, more often than not these adoptions help move our products - and our team - forward.\n\nHaving said all that, here's a quick look at some of the tools and technologies we are using today:\n\nWeb Apps\n\n\n* On the server-side, our web applications typically leverage ASP.NET (C#) and SQL Server (typically Azure SQL Database).  With a service oriented architectural style, we rely on Nancy FX to develop our light-weight .NET-based HTTP services.\n\n* On the client-side, we make heavy use of JavaScript to create rich client-side experiences.  Most of our code is written in TypeScript using React and Redux.  We typically utilize a Gulp-based build system to generate our client-side code (CSS, JavaScript) from our source TypeScript and LESS files and to maximize our control over the build process.\n\n\n\n\nMobile Apps\n\n\n* We currently offer native mobile applications that work with our core electronic signature platform and specifically target: iOS, Android, and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).\n\n\n\n\nDesktop Apps\n\n\n* Our .NET based Windows desktop applications are designed to complement our core electronic signature platform and make heavy use of our own web-based API for that platform.\n\n\n

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