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Learning Tapestry

North America, South America, Europe
πŸ’° $80k - $120k







Learning Tapestry is hiring a Remote Senior HTML5 JavaScript Game Engine Engineer

**About Learning Tapestry**\n\nHi! We're Learning Tapestry. We're a 25+ person all-remote, global organization dedicated to making digital learning "just work" for educators and learners alike. We solve hard problems in complex education technology environments. We’re a triple bottom line company: we make a profit like any good business; our work makes the world better (β€œsocial impact”); and we create a healthy internal work environment for everyone who works here. For our staff we believe in flexible work locations and working arrangements. We empower all of our team members to manage their schedules and adjust as necessary. We're focused on results and impact, not locations and hours. We hire people with great technical ability, but we also expect everyone at Learning Tapestry to have strong character and solid communication skills. \n\n**What we’re looking for**\n\nYou’re an exceptional professional software engineer with at least 5 years of software engineering experience using JavaScript and Javascript Frameworks (such as React) and HTML. You’re comfortable in multiple languages including C# in Unity and embrace new approaches to solve problems. You’re looking for a full-time position (40 hours per week). You must have some availability that overlaps with our client in New York (UTC -5) and California (UTC -8).\n\nThis position will place a strong emphasis on HTML5 games, and the ideal candidate will have the ability to cross over work between Unity and HTML5. We highly value effective software architecture, test-driven development methods, and good project management methodology. We have a strong CI and deployment pipeline that enables us to focus on writing good software.\n\n**Required Skills and Experience**\n\nYou have either: \n-Computer Science or Engineering degree or other STEM degree, or\nExceptional professional software engineer experience and expertise\n-You have very good written communication skills, fluent written English, and comfortable, clear spoken English. \n-At least five years of Software Engineering Experience\n-Experience with HTML (with HTML5)/CSS/JavaScript and JavaScript Frameworks such as JQuery\n-Experience working with HTML5 Games SDKs (such as Phaser, GameMaker or GDevelop)\n-Experience working with Unity (C#)\n-Write clean, self-explanatory code using S.O.L.I.D. and design patterns\n-Experience developing and consuming APIs\n-Experience working in collaborative environments using git (e.g. Bitbucket, GitHub).\n-Comfortable using ticket-based technical project management (e.g., Jira, GitHub tickets and boards) \n-Must have some availability that overlaps with our clients in New York (UTC -5) and California (UTC -8)\n \n**Bonus skills**\n\n-Mobile development experience is a huge plus\n-Some DevOps/Linux experience with AWS/Azure/Rackspace/Heroku/DigitalOcean\n-Continuous Integration and Deployment experience (e.g., CodeShip, Cloud66)\n-Experience in Ed Tech Field (Education projects)\n\n**About You**\n\nYou’re comfortable in a remote work environment, with team members from different time zones. You manage your own time well and are a self-starter. You have a distraction-free place you can use for work that offers reliable Internet access, either in your home or a local co-working facility.\n\nYou are experienced and well-versed in the productivity tools we use, like Google Apps, Slack, and Harvest for time tracking.\n\nYou’re fluent in written and spoken English. \n\nPlease do not hesitate to apply if you do not match these requirements exactly but think you could be a good fit.\n\n**Equal Opportunity**\n\nLearning Tapestry is an equal opportunity employer and encourages individuals of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities to apply. We are also particularly interested in individuals who have lived in or worked with underserved communities such as low-income, gender nonconforming, disabled, or indigenous peoples. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$80,000 — $120,000/year\n\n\n#Location\nNorth America, South America, Europe

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# How do you apply?\n\n Send us your resume and a cover letter describing why you feel you are a good fit for this role. *Very Important:* In your cover letter please state that you are available during the hours described in the job description.
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🌏 Worldwide
πŸ’° $100k - $200k



objective c


c plus plus

Duet is hiring a Remote Senior Software Engineer

We are looking for a strong, independent engineer with product experience. At Duet, you can expect to own a large part of the product, with lots of control on future development.\n\nAs part of the team, you will be responsible for desktop engineering to build and maintain a reliable, scalable product. Experience building Mac (Swift, Objective-C) or Windows (C#/C++) apps strongly preferred, and iOS experience or web/backend is nice to have. \n\nThe position is fully remote, but we work as a close knit team and encourage strong collaboration to build the best product.\n\n# Three Roles Available\n**Windows Engineering (C++/C#) **\n* Work on our Windows platform\n* Low-level experience and ability to write efficient, performant code\n* Ability to adapt to new challenges\n* iOS/Android experience nice to have\n\n**macOS (Objective-C/C++/Swift) **\n* Work on our macOS platform\n* Networking/Video experience preferred\n* Ability to adapt to new challenges\n* iOS/Android experience nice to have\n\n**Server & Backend Experience (Swift, NodeJS, RoR)**\n* Work on our server team\n* Help manage Duet's backend infrastructure for our remote eservices\n* Ability to write high performance code for high-load services\n* Experience with writing secure, reliable code\n* Love learning new technologies and working on a variety of challenges\n\n**Requirements**\n* Looking for ownership of a product\n* Excited about new challenges every day\n* Comfortable with low-level engineering & real-time performance optimization\n* Able to understand & build for customer needs\n* Fits at least one of the roles above (open to flexibility across roles) \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$100,000 — $200,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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# How do you apply?\n\n Email us at [email protected] with your resume and we will reach out to you after review.
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Radix DLT

 This job is getting a pretty high amount of applications right now (14% of viewers clicked Apply)

🌏 Worldwide
πŸ’° $70k - $120k








Radix DLT is hiring a Remote Senior Front End Engineer

#What is the job?\n\nNo matter how powerful and flexible you build a platform, at the end of the day it’s the tools you present to the user that define the experience. Radix is seeking a savvy UX expert to come build the experiences that will define the future of decentralized finance (DeFi).\n\nDeFi has turned out to be the killer app that is taking public distributed ledgers from niche products for speculators and hobbyists to projects of global economic significance, and with it has come a new paradigm for user interfaces. Authentication models, interoperability expectations, and the entire concept of user accounts are all undergoing dramatic changes; at Radix you’ll have the opportunity to define the way forward while working at the very cutting edge of a space undergoing furious growth.\n\nWorking from a series of end-to-end user scenarios, you will wireframe delightful user experiences and pitch your design to a team of brilliant folks who care very deeply about the end result. Next, you’ll work with artists and UI experts to produce a consumable design with appropriate fonts, colors and iconography, after which you’ll move on to implementation with a small team. You’ll be primarily focused on delivering the front-end, but expect a healthy dose of implementing the requisite services you will consume, as well.\n\n#What are we looking for?\n\nYou’re able to isolate the 90% case for user experiences. You think in terms of making the most common interactions effortless, rather than making anything possible.\nWhen discussing new capabilities, your first instinct is to think of the user story rather than the feature set.\nYou don’t get wedded to ideas. You’re not reluctant to throw prototypes away when something isn’t working.\nYou’re a confident coder who has built public-facing user interfaces in the past. You have some experience building REST services and/or WebSocket backends.\nYou’re intelligent and learn quickly. Absolutely no one at Radix winds up only doing what’s in their job description, and adaptability is essential.\n\n#What do you need?\n\n4+ years as a professional software engineer\n\nFluent in JavaScript and TypeScript\n\nFluent with React or Vue\n\nComfortable with Java or C#\n\nA love for all things crypto is a huge plus!\n\n#Who are we?\n\nAt Radix, we're a team of like-minded thinkers who have long been convinced that we're living in the earliest stages of a global financial revolution. This revolution is being fuelled by decentralized finance (or DeFi for short), which is enabling an assortment of pioneering developers and entrepreneurs to re-invent almost every financial product that is currently traded and invested in traditional markets, without requiring central authorities or siloed infrastructure. DeFi has captured a great deal of attention and investment in the crypto-aware niche, growing assets under management from $1 billion to $40 billion in less than a year. Impressive as its growth has been, its current market size isn't even a rounding error on the over $111 trillion held in traditional finance. We're focused on what it will take to go from billions to trillions.\n\nRadix went back to first principles to come up with the right technical solutionβ€”the first layer-one protocol built specifically for mainstream DeFiβ€”and we have already tested out at over 1 million transactions per second. We're keenly aware that the need for an infinitely scalable platform is only one prerequisite among many for mass adoption, and we're also blazing new ground in the areas of purpose-built developer tools, user experiences, and regulatory integration.\n\nWe have forged a path deep into the future of what distributed ledger technology is going to look like and we need you to come and be part of the team that is making that happen right now. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$70,000 — $120,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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# How do you apply?\n\n If this job sounds like it was made for you, then please apply directly via the link or email [email protected] for more information.
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🌏 Worldwide
πŸ’° $30k - $50k






Likvido is hiring a Remote Full Stack Developer

**Remote Full Stack Developer for Likvido (C#/.NET 5/VueJS/Kubernetes/Azure)**\n\nHello there! Are you ready for a really ambitious position as a full stack .NET developer?\n\nAnd yes, the role is fully remote so you can do your job wherever you want; from the beach, the pyramids, even from the moon if you like (well, of course you need to have an internet connection).\n\nLikvido is a (very) fast-growing startup. We are around 60 employees now, and we are aiming for a series A funding to realize our huuuuge ambitions for the coming years. \n\nWe are now looking for a skilled full stack .NET developer that can impact our products and become a part of our remote tech Likvido family.\n\n\n**Let’s be polite and introduce ourselves first - so who are we and what are we doing?**\n\nLet's face it: accounting sucks. Entering data into a stupid system? Sending invoices? Trying to get the last decimals to match so your auditor doesn’t scream at you?\n\nWe would prefer spending time with family or friends. The same goes for our customers.\n\nAt Likvido we are automating accounting for our customers. We do this by having a super awesome product that helps you:\n* Send β€œsmart invoices” that reconcile themselves \n* Send automatic reminders for invoices that go unpaid\n* Pay your bills in Likvido so you don’t have to go to your bank (and the bills of course reconcile themselves)\n* Automatically scan all your receipts and bills so you don’t have to enter data again\n* Get paid if an invoice has not been paid on time through our debt collection system\n* If you really hate accounting, we also have an accountant service where our accountants take care of everything for a small price.\n\nSo to summarize what Likvido is doing:\n\nWe are letting you focus on what matters, instead of spending time on boring administrative work.\n\n\n**Tech stack**\nOur main application is a web application, where our customers can interact with the product. This web application consists of a VueJS frontend and an API - using the Backend For Frontend (BFF) approach. This means we are evolving the frontend and API in a symbiosis, where the API requests are tailored to the exact use-cases of the frontend. The styling of the frontend is a custommade look built with Sass and designed by our in-house UX/UI designer in cooperation with Studio Skulptur: \n\nThe API is running on .NET 5 and written in C#, but we also have a legacy ASP.NET MVC application running on old .NET framework - which we are in the process of getting rid of.\n\nWe run all of our services in Microsoft Azure. The most recent services are running on AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services), and the legacy services are running on App Service. Our goal is to move everything to AKS. All of our source code is hosted on Github and we use Github Actions to deploy our services to AKS. We deploy to production at least once per day.\n\nWe use SQL Server and Azure Blobs for our data storage needs. We might introduce MongoDB or CosmosDB for specific use cases, as we are generally very open to adopting new technologies, whenever they provide some nice improvements over our current stack. \nOur general architecture is to build bounded contexts, with a number of services and databases inside each context. The services are small and scalable, and we use both queues, event grids and HTTP APIs for communicating between services.\n\nYou will join our current team, consisting of 9 developers, both frontend and full stack developers, plus a product team with UX/UI designers and product managers. We expect you to participate in the whole product workflow - from idea to production. You will help build new features, do code reviews, make releases, and make sure your features work and continue to work in production. You will also help us push forward our technical stack and infrastructure, to improve the performance, availability and scalability of our products.\n\n\n**Responsibilities**\n\nBeing a Full Stack Developer at Likvido, your job is to improve our product and build great technical solutions!\n\nDay-to-day that means:\n* Implement new features (C# + JavaScript)\n* Help maintain our current products\n* Actively participate in team meetings, discussing product feature improvements as well as technical issues and improvements\n* Make code-reviews and be responsible for the features you build\n* Help push forward our platform and codebase, to make sure it is easy to maintain and performs well\n\nYou will also participate in the development process like your other colleagues, which means maintaining the current codebase, adding new features, doing code reviews etc. We are moving towards forming small autonomous teams, with a very high level of ownership and influence over the product and the technologies. This environment provides a lot of freedom for the teams to take control over their work, and let their creativity unfold.\n\n\n**Requirements**\n\nWe are looking for someone who can say β€œYES!” to the following:\n* I am a senior full stack developer with a minimum of 3 years of experience in a similar position.\n* I put great pride in my work, and I like to solve challenging problems in ways that will make maintenance easy.\n* I enjoy following the technology trends and consider how they can be used to solve the problems we face.\n* I have strong opinions, but I understand and respect the opinions of others as well, and I will seek to resolve conflicts in a productive manner.\n* I have multiple years of experience with\nC#\nModern .NET stack (.Net Core, .NET 5)\nJavaScript (VueJS and TypeScript is a bonus)\nGit\nMSSQL\n\nSo without further ado: If you consider yourself a top full stack developer, and feel like having a very ambitious role is the next step in your career - APPLY!\n\n\n**Practicalities**\n* You will work 100% remote along with our existing team\n* We work within CET office hours but are flexible to accommodate other schedules\n* We pay a good salary\n* We expect you to be fluent in English\n* The position is full-time\n* You manager will be operating from Denmark\n\n\n**Location**\n🌏 Worldwide\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$30,000 — $50,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
Codelitt is looking for a Senior Full Stack engineer with experience building highly complex applications, using C#, .NET Core, React and GraphQL, to join our team. \n\nYou will work with our client, a commercial real estate firm, to build and implement a solution that helps real estate owners and occupiers see options and context in the market. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$60,000 — $90,000/year\n\n\n#Location\nAmericas

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# How do you apply?\n\n This job post is older than 30 days and the position is probably filled. Try applying to jobs posted recently instead.
This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
**What we're working on**\n\nEnterprise companies turn to us to help them launch innovative digital products that interact with hundreds of millions of customers, transactions and data points. The problems we solve every day are real and require creativity, grit and determination. We are building a culture that challenges norms while fostering experimentation and personal growth. We are hiring team members who are passionate and energized by the vision of empowering our customers in a complex industry through technology, data and a deep understanding of client concerns. In order to grasp the scale of problems we face, ideally, you have some exposure to Logistics, FinTech, Transportation, Insurance, Media or other complex multifactor industries.\n\n**Your Role:**\n\nYour role as a Unity Developer at Clevertech will actively contribute to creating software solutions that will enhance a marketplace experience to forge authentic connections with its users. You will work alongside some of the best in a collaborative environment while focusing on your core skills. Be a master of your craft while being 100% remote and never have to worry about filling in timesheets.\n\n**Requirements:**\n\n7+ years of professional experience (A technical assessment will be required)\nExpert level understanding of Unity and C# with at least 4 years experience with Unity and game development\nProven knowledge in engines, networking, and graphics (optimization and shaders).\nEnglish fluency, verbal and written.\nPersonality traits: Professional, problem solver, proactive, passionate, team player. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$80,000 — $120,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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# How do you apply?\n\n This job post is older than 30 days and the position is probably filled. Try applying to jobs posted recently instead.


verified closed
🌏 Worldwide
πŸ’° $70k - $140k








This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
 **About Status:**\nStatus is the gateway to the decentralized web. We’re building the tools and infrastructure for the advancement of a secure, private, and open web3. With the high level goals of preserving the right to privacy, mitigating the risk of censorship, and promoting economic trade in a transparent, open manner, Status is building a community where anyone is welcome to join and contribute.\nAs an organization, Status seeks to push the web3 ecosystem forward through research, creation of developer tools, and support of the open source community. Our core products include an open source, Ethereum-based app for mobile and desktop that gives users the power to chat, make payments and browse the decentralized web, as well as foundational infrastructure for the whole Ethereum ecosystem including the Nimbus ETH 1.0 and 2.0 clients, the Keycard hardware wallet, and the Waku messaging protocol which is a continuation of Whisper.\n\n**Who are we?**\nWe're a remote team made up of 70+ core-contributors and a growing community of members scattered around the globe. We care deeply about open source software, and our organizational structure has minimal hierarchy and fixed work hours. We believe in working with a high degree of autonomy while supporting the organization's priorities.\n\n**The role:**\nWe are the Vac team, and we are building a communications tool with security, censorship resistance and privacy in mind; you will help us research and develop new and existing technologies in secure messaging.\n\n**Responsibilities:**\n\nResearch and develop open protocols for secure messaging.\n\nUse a layered protocol approach that is mindful and explicit about what it requires, what it provides, under what threat models, and with what trade-offs.\n\nCombine cryptoeconomics and traditional technologies to create a sustainable distributed and fault-tolerant system.\n\nWrite and maintain Nim code.\n\nResearch and design core functionality.\n\nProvide feedback on overall design decisions, and participate in code reviews.\n\nUse libp2p to build application-level protocols.\n\nBuild incentivized, distributed systems.\n\nInterpret and implement solutions based on academic research.\n\n**Ideally you will have:**\n[Don’t worry if you don’t meet all of these criteria, we’d still love to hear from you anyway if you think you’d be a great fit for this role!]\n\nA passion for blockchain technology, privacy-preserving technology and decentralization.\n\nStrong academic or engineering background.\n\nExperience with encryption and key exchange mechanisms.\n\nExperience with low level/strongly typed languages (C/C++/Go/Rust or Java/C#).\n\nExperience building networking-heavy applications and p2p networking specifically.\n\nFamiliarity with message propagation in loosely connected networks.\n\nFamiliar with p2p building blocks such as gossiping, routing and discovery (DHTs), and Nat traversal.\n\nExperience designing incentive systems and writing/deploying smart contracts in Ethereum.\n\n**Bonus points if you have:**\n\nContributed to a blockchain-related, open source project.\n\nIn in the Ethereum community.\n\nExperience with cryptography such as OTR, X3DH, Noise protocol.\n\nExperience with Nim.\n\nExperience with off-the-shelf networking stacks such as libp2p / devp2p.\n\n**Hiring process:**\nThe hiring process for this role will be:\n\nIntroductory chat with from our People Ops team\n\nInterview with Oskar, Vac Protocol Research lead\n\nTechnical challenge / peer interview with Hanno or Sanaz from the Vac team\n\nFinal interview with Jacek (Head of Research)\n\nThe steps may change along the way if we see it makes sense to adapt the interview stages, so please consider the above as a guideline. We’re looking for the new Protocol Engineer to join the team as soon as possible.\n\n**Get to know us:**\nFind out about the team here:\nMore about Waku: \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$70,000 — $140,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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# How do you apply?\n\n This job post is older than 30 days and the position is probably filled. Try applying to jobs posted recently instead.

Intelligent Hack

verified closed
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί EU-only
πŸ’° $35k - $85k

dotnet core





This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
Intelligent Hack is a startup founded by ex Stack Overflow and Toptal engineers. We focus on helping startups and companies scale to high traffic and millions of users.\nWe are looking for a full-stack web developer to help support one of our clients.\nOur client, iSolutions, develops betting solutions like Bet9ja, currently the second highest trafficked site in Nigeria (with more traffic than Facebook or YouTube!).\nWould you like to help us serving large audiences? At peak, the site performs over 250,000 database transactions a minute. One table receives over 1.5 billion rows a year, currently holding ~20 billion rows. The site serves tens of millions of users, giving them access to live odds, allowing them to bet before and during live matches over desktop and mobile systems.\n**What we are looking for**\n* You must be based in the EU\n* You can code in C# and know ASP.NET Core MVC\n* You have a good knowledge of SQL Server\n* Experience with git and GitHub\n* Good English\nBonus points if you have a DevOps background and have prior experience on high-traffic sites. Also, if you know Italian that can be of help.\n**What we can offer you**\n* Market level salary commensurate to experience\n* Paid sick leave, ~30 days vacation time a year\n* Fully remote work with paid laptop\n* Friendly, low stress environment\n* Technical challenges! High-performance platform used by tens of millions\n**Contract conditions**\nYou will be hired directly by our customer, offering an indefinite length full time contract with a company who's been successful for 20 years. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$35,000 — $85,000/year\n\n\n#Location\nπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί EU-only

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# How do you apply?\n\n This job post is older than 30 days and the position is probably filled. Try applying to jobs posted recently instead.