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# Looking for a more meaningful job?\n# Help us bring meritocracy to corporate hiring.\n\n## COMPANY:\ is the first unbiased platform to detect and promote talented professionals. \n\nWe provide individual users with a freemium online application to: \n * Give confidential professional reviews on people they have worked with (while respecting everyone's privacy). \n * Get their skills validated by others and their profile picked up by recruiters. \n * Discover the reviews given on existing or potential colleagues who are using the website. \n\nWe crowdsource the questions creation while avoiding any personal or defamatory comment, so that we are able to create customized, nuanced and relevant questionnaires for every profile. \n\nWe offer our corporate customers a disruptive recruitment tool where only checked and vetted professionals are selected. \n\nIn addition, we will sell software as a service to companies for their employee performance assessment needs, leveraging our technology, algorithms and database of questions (Performance Management System). \n\n\n## POSITION:\nInitially a solo project of a trader escaped from the City, is now online in its Alpha version. As a Rails / Ember developer, you will join a team composed of at least one business developer and the original founder (technical background).\n\nThis is a complex and ambitious project:\n* Intensive use of hashing & encryption (passwords, private keys locally for name & identities) for legal and security reasons (cf\n* Points, levels, grades, reputation, tags everywhere, crowdsourced and customized assessment questionnaires based on profiles' tags.\n\nThe website is already built with all the main features, hopefully using a well-structured code. We now need to improve, consolidate, optimize, refactor, test it.. and launch it.\n\n#### The current stack is:\nBack end: Rails 4, PostgreSQL + Redis, Resque, ActionController::Live / short polling, cloudfront / S3, Heroku hosting, git.\nFront end: Ember 1.13 + Ember Data with offline mode (two stores), Bootstrap 3, crossfilter.js + a bit of d3.js (more to come). \n\n#### We would like you to bring at least some of those skills:\n\nFamiliarity with the current stack above, + design / UX skills, growth hacking, experience with job boards, experience with developing APIs for third parties, Ember 2.0, Ember Data, web workers for Ember Data serializations, Ember for mobile, pdf.js, Rails' Action Cable or other WebSockets, SEO, mailers, payment systems, web apps in WebView, code optimization and testing, testing, testing..\n\n\nOur collaboration would start by working for some weeks on a predefined set of tasks to familiarize yourself with the project (with equity + cash compensation), followed by a meaningful cash + equity package.\n\nWe are an early stage startup, and although we should be able to pay you a competitive salary, we are aiming for someone as passionate about the project as we are, a strong and sharp profile, focused, hard-worker and independent, dedicated to the project and able in the future to manage their own team. Remote is possible, better to be able to travel regularly to (West) London.\n\n\nThis is a unique opportunity to join an ambitious project right before its release. We are a lean startup with a disruptive business model, a unique technological advantage embedded in the current platform, and a potential for strong and diverse revenue sources.\n\nExtra tags: ember.js, ruby on rails

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