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Radical candor? More like radical gander, right?\n\nOk, enough goose puns for the moment, but now that we’ve got your attention, allow us to tell you more about this company called GooseChase and why might you want to join us!\n\nYou love an app that makes you smile, right? Well our product is a lot of fun. And even though our origins are that of a humble scavenger hunt app, we’ve now evolved (hatched?) into a super-flexible platform used by millions to create all sorts of experiences! It’s all the best parts of a scavenger hunt, with a delightful twist to keep you coming back for more.\n\nWith all that fun and flexibility, we’ve been growing like crazy. For teachers in the classroom, we’re the new β€œTV cart”, aka the learning tool that students legitimately look forward to. For today’s workplaces, virtual or otherwise, we help the team connect with each other to the point where they want to come into (or logon) to work. And for local cities and towns, we bring families together in a way that truly builds a sense of community.\n\nBut we’re also unique in that we don’t have any investors and, as a result, are able to put our people before profit. Seriously. We have a profit sharing program specifically for this reason! It also means we grow at the pace we want to and put the time into making this the best possible place to work. When we do something, it’s because it’s the best thing for our team and our customers, no matter what. We’ve actually been fully remote from the very beginning, because we wanted our people to have the flexibility to live wherever and however they wanted!\n\n**So what exactly is this job?**\n\nAs a full-stack engineer, you’ll have the opportunity to architect the tools and systems that serve as the connective tissue for our infrastructure, to work seamlessly within our front-end and back-end systems, and to help enable all of our teams to move faster and provide our customers with even more exciting experiences. This includes acting as a liaison between the product team and others such as sales, customer experience, and operations.\n\nFrom a day to day perspective, you’ll be a core member of our cross-functional product development team, focused on developing cross-system integrations, admin tools, automated marketing systems, testing platforms, and more. Within our product team, there are no silos or artificial barriers, meaning you’ll be working closely with other engineers and designers. Whatever will help give our customers the best experience possible!\n\nWhile by no means an exhaustive list, here are some of the things a successful candidate will have experience in:\n\n* Modern front-end web technologies such as Webpack, Express.js, and React.js\n* Using server side rendering alongside single page applications\n* Server / scripting technologies such as Node.js and Python\n* Core web technologies - HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript\n* Relational databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL\n* Distributed computing systems such as RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Redis\n* Open source instrumentation systems such as Prometheus, Grafana, and OpenTelemetry\n* Version control - e.g. Git, Mercurial, SVN\n* DevOps technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm\n* Managing and deploying services on the public cloud - e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure\n* CI/CD technologies such as CircleCI and Jenkins\n\nLooking at how we work, our methodologies are:\n* Continuous integration using CircleCI to empower developer autonomy and shorten development cycles\n* Agile, with two week sprint cycles\n* Daily async check-ins - stay connected to the team, but without zombie standups\n* Project management in Asana, with our β€œoffice” taking place on Slack & Zoom - we have a very strong gif game\n\n**How do you know if this might be for you?**\n\nAt GooseChase you’ll be working alongside a team of highly motivated, world-class engineers with tons of opportunities for learning, growth, and mentorship. Our product team works closely together, so we are extremely selective about who we hire to ensure the calibre of our engineering talent remains high. Be prepared to bring your β€˜A’ game!\n\nWe understand that relevant experience comes in all shapes and sizes and the ability to do the job is all that matters. With that in mind, we aren’t going to put together a generic list of all the requirements that we’re looking for with this job, however, there are certain things we are looking for - specifically:\n\n* Have you been able to collaborate & communicate successfully with others in a cross-functional team?\n* Do you have very high standards for your work and desire to work with other talented people?\n* Have you succeeded at building effective tools and software integrations in the past?\n* Do you bring a depth of expertise in security and performance best practices?\n* Are you able to take UX and design into account when developing front end applications?\n* Are you comfortable architecting APIs as well as developing corresponding documentation?\n* Are you comfortable working within multiple projects and technologies simultaneously with minimal supervision?\n* Are you based in the GMT-4 to GMT-8 time zones (North America), so you can work closely with our distributed product team?\n* Can you get down with an uncomfortable amount of goose puns?\n\nOk the last one isn’t super work related, but we honestly do have a lot of goose puns. It’s one of our favourite parts of our culture!\n\nWe do things differently here. We’re all about fun, but also making an impact. We care deeply about working with amazing people, and have set up our company culture specifically for that - our compensation is competitive, our work environment is autonomous and collaborative, and our emphasis is on learning and growth. Put simply, it’s the type of company we actually want to work at ourselves!\n\nSo, this is us, standing in front of you, asking you to join us. \n\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$60,000 — $90,000/year\n\n\n#Location\nNorth America Timezones

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