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Seeking Sales Representative\n----------------------------\n\nMozum has an open position for a sales representative who is familiar with web development. A preferred candidate would be familiar with the differences between client-side (a.k.a. front-end) and server-side (a.k.a. back-end) web development.\n\nResponsibilities\n----------------\n\nSales representatives serve as the full sales division for Mozum. At its heart Mozum is a team of web developers who want to write code. We seek out talented individuals who want to share in the lucrative income of web development to find and manage our client base.\n\nSales representative are expected to seek out new clients and contracts for Mozum. There are no requirements for time commitment or previous experience. There is no quota.\n\nThe Product\n-----------\n\nMozum is a web development shop that focuses on writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for our clients. We construct and maintain the user interface layer for web sites, web applications, and web pages.\n\nPotentially any organization operating a web application is a customer. \n\nCompensation\n------------\n\nMozum sales representative positions are paid via commission on gross sales on contracts negotiated by the representative. Commission rates are between 10 - 20%, depending on the hourly rate sold.\n\nSales representatives are 1099 associates of Mozum.\n\nCommissions may be paid to individuals or business entities.\n\nLocation\n--------\n\nMozum is a virtual company. Our sales representatives may work from any location.\n\nHours and Availability\n----------------------\n\nMozum sales representatives are expected to be readily available via email and be available for scheduled phone calls with Mozum staff when needed. There are no requirements for hours worked.\n\nApplying\n--------\n\nWhen applying for our open position please include: \n* A description of your experience with web development\n* Any questions you may have about the position\n\nSee for more information.\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$15,000 — $40,000/year\n \n\n#Equity\n - \n\n\n#Location\nAtlanta

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