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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
\n\n* Does helping people reach their full potential excite you?\n\n* Do you have experience managing a small virtual team to organize and execute?\n\n* Do you have experience with Agile management methodology?\n\n* Do you read books on management and efficiency like 'The One Thing', 'The Rockefeller Habits', 'The Lean StartUp' and '80/20 Principle'?\n\n* Do you have a good grasp of marketing and sales and feel *that* could be your bigger passion than running a technical team?\n\n* Do you see the power of mixing Agile principles into a Marketing, Helpdesk and Sales team?\n\n* Do you have the confidence to come on board with a rapidly growing 15 person company and address the execution issues, planning issues, and operational debt inherent to a team that's experimenting & executing at a rapid pace?\n\n\n\n\nMy name is Chris Munch, and I'm the CEO & CMO of PressCable.\n\nI'm looking for a talented & experienced Agile project manager to help our 15 person team rapidly & effectively execute on the vision of our B2B SaaS platform – which is right now redefining a market and riding a wave of growth.\n\nIf you answered 'YES' to ALL the questions above, then read on...\n\nAs our PM Specialist, your primary role will be to get and keep our Marketing, Sales and Helpdesk teams on track; building on the significant momentum we've gathered since 2014 and using your operational expertise to incite more tremendous growth in the coming months.\n\nExpect us to speak for an hour or so 2-3 times per week. The aim of these sessions will be to define each task that needs to be completed. You'll then turn these ideas into tasks, rally the troops and ensure they get completed. You'll be able to identify progress and sticking points to ensure our momentum never stalls.\n\nYou'll be helping me see 'The Big Plan' to action – keeping track of multiple tasks within multiple projects, in a fast-paced virtual environment where highly energetic product launches and ongoing experiments are the norm.\n\nYou'll be helping our highly skilled & talented Sales, Helpdesk & Marketing teams – which are already driving growth – FULLY realize their potential by giving them a much needed structure and organization, so they can fully focus and execute at an exponential rate.\n\nHere's The Team You're Going To Be Working With:\n\nSALES & MARKETING:\n\n\n* Copywriter #1 'The Word Boss' – Creates our Sales Pages, Video Scripts, Marketing Hooks & Innovative Press Release Templates\n\n* Copywriter #2 'The PR Superstar' – Writes the emails we send to our customer list, Creates valuable PDF Reports, Handles some Sales Copy and importantly; Manages & Trains New PR Writers\n\n* 3x Part-Time PR Writers – These guys fulfill our 'Done-For-You' Press Release Service delivering exceptional results for our clients\n\n* 1x Technical Marketer – Runs our Outbound Marketing setup and is soon to move onto our Inbound Marketing initiative, while also training up soon-to-be Tech Marketer #2\n\n* 1x CRO – Sets up experimental funnels, Runs split testing and handles a plethora of other technical marketing tasks\n\n* 1x Sales Dude – Runs our market-leading sales webinar, Handles Joint Venture Partner recruitment, Closes local agency clients, while creating sales training for our customers... Any job that requires a bit of charisma, really\n\n* 1x Man Of Many Talents – Gathers leads & conducts research jobs, Helps with work that needs an extra hand, lots of data, lots of research\n\n* 1x CMO – That's Me... Leads PressCable's strategy & vision, Consults with everyone, Pitches in with the occasional piece of inspired sales copy & training material\n\n\n\n\nHELP DESK:\n\n\n* 1x Customer Care Manager – Keeps our customer base and customer service agents happy\n\n* 2x Customer Service Agents – Keep our customer base happy with double the manpower!\n\n\n\n\n*PLEASE NOTE*\n\nIf you get sick a lot, have drama in your life, or have other commitments that get in the way of your work, then please do not apply as reliability & focus is key to this position.\n\nOur Team is highly skilled and know what they're doing, and should be doing. This means the role isn't a 60 hour week, chair warming exercise. We need someone part time to help get the best out of The Team and free me up to focus more on communication and general planning.\n\nWith that said, I want someone great for this role and I'm prepared to pay appropriately for it. This isn't some $5/hour outsource gig... you'll be paid very well for your skills.

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