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Remote Continuous Integration HTML Job in May 2020 at Spinn3r posted 4 years ago

Remote Continuous Integration HTML Job in May 2020 at Spinn3r posted 4 years ago

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Ideal Candidate\nWe're interested in someone comfortable with a generalist and devops role. You should be knowledgeable of standard system administration tasks and have a firm understanding of the role of load balancers and cluster architecture. It's 100x harder to write code if you don't know how the underlying operating system works.\nWe're looking for someone with a legitimate passion for technology, big data, and analyzing vast amounts of content.\nWe are also looking for people outside of the U.S. and Canada to maximize our time zone distribution. Ideally there should be least a 4 hour overlap with the Pacific Standard Time Zone (PST / UTC-8). We're based out of San Francisco but are migrating to the international level. If you don't have a natural time overlap with UTC-8 you should be willing to work evenings to be able to communicate easily with the rest of the team.\nCulturally, weโ€™re a remote company and want to embrace it as a way to reward our employees. We are fine with you working in remote locations as long as youโ€™re generally available for communication and are productive.\nWe want someone to come in full time in a contractor role. We will need about 40 hours from you per week. \nJob Responsibilities:\nUnderstanding our crawler infrastructure and ensuring top quality metadata for our customers. There's a significant batch job component to analyze the output from the crawl to ensure top quality data.\nMaking sure our infrastructure is fast, reliable, fault tolerant, etc. At times this may involve diving into the source of tools like ActiveMQ, Cassandra and understand how the internals work. We contribute a LOT to Open Source development if our changes need to be given back to the community.\nBuilding out new products and technology that will directly interface with customers. This includes cool features like full text search, analytics, etc. It's extremely rewarding to build something from ground up and push it to customers directly. \nArchitecture:\nOur infrastructure consists of Java on Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) with the stack running on ActiveMQ, Cassandra, Zookeeper, and Jetty. We use Ansible to manage our boxes. We have a full-text search engine based on Elasticsearch, and store our firehose API data within Cassandra.\nWe have a totally new stack and infrastructure at this point. We recently did a full-stack rewrite and moved all the old code to our new infrastructure. This means we have very little legacy cruft to deal with.\nHere's all the cool stuff you get to play with:\nLarge Linux / Ubuntu cluster running with the OS versioned using both Ansible and our own debian packages for software distribution.\nMassive amount of data indexed from the web and social media. We index from 5-20TB of data per month and want to expand to 100TB of data per month.\nLarge Cassandra install on SSD. \nSOLR / Elasticsearch migration / install. Weโ€™re experimenting with bringing this up now so it would be valuable to get your feedback.\nTechnical Skills:\nHere's where you shine! we're looking for someone with a number of the following requirements:\nLinux. Linux. Linux. Did I say Linux? We like Linux.\nExperience in modern Java development and associated tools.\nMaven, IntelliJ IDEA, Guice (dependency injection)\nA passion for testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.\nCassandra. Stores content indexed by our crawler.\nActiveMQ. Powers our queue server for scheduling crawl work.\nA general understanding and passion for distributed systems.\nAnsible or equivalent experience with configuration management.\nStandard web API use and design. (HTTP, JSON, XML, HTML, etc).\nCultural Fit:\nWeโ€™re a lean startup and very driven by our interaction with customers, as well as their happiness and satisfaction. Our philosophy is that you shouldnโ€™t be afraid to throw away a week's worth of work if our customers arenโ€™t interested in moving in that direction.\nWe hold the position that our customers are 1000x smarter than we are and we try to listen to them intently, and consistently.\nProficiency in English is a requirement. Since you will have colleagues in various countries with various primary language skills we all need to use English as our common company language. You must also be able to work with email, draft proposals, etc. Internally we work as a large distributed Open Source project and use tools like traditional email, Slack, Google Hangouts, and Skype.\nFamiliarity working with a remote team and ability (and desire) to work for a virtual company. \nShould have a home workstation, fast Internet access, etc.\nMust be able to manage your own time and your own projects. \nSelf-motivated employees will fit in well with the rest of the team.\nIt goes without saying but being friendly and a team player is very important.\n\n\nExtra tags: Linux. Linux. Linux. Did I say Linux? We like Linux. Experience in modern Java development and associated tools. Maven, IntelliJ IDEA, Guice (dependency injection) A passion for testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. Cassandra. Stores content indexed by our crawler. ActiveMQ. Powers our queue server for scheduling crawl work. A general understanding and passion for distributed systems. Ansible or equivalent experience with configuration management. Standard web API use and design. (HTTP, JSON, XML, HTML, etc).yagJzhkdapAsCMnUw7CpJAMi

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