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There is currently one remote job at Techcyte tagged Software Developer and digital nomad
such as Software Developer (Orem, UT)



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Software Developer  




digital nomad



\nWe are looking for candidates to work on one of our teams:\n\n\n* Web development\n\n* Machine learning pipeline\n\n* Edge software (includes integration, workflow, and automation of microscopy scanners)\n\n\n\n\nCandidates will be able to specify what teams they would like to work on during the interview process.  Candidates for any of these teams should meet the following requirements:\n\n\n* Excellent coding skills with ReactJS, Google Go, python, or something similar\n\n* Experience with asynchronous programming\n\n* Ability to work on remote linux systems\n\n* Current with modern dev tools and methodologies such as agile development, git, bug trackers, team chats, and co-workers in offsite locations\n\n* Ability to optimize complex systems to improve speed or other costs\n\n* Experience with testing methodologies\n\n* Have a BS in Computer Science or a related degree, or related experience\n\n* Be authorized to work in the United States\n\n\n\n\nThese skills are desired for some positions but are not required:\n\n\n* Ability to interface with SQL databases\n\n* Willingness to work with docker (previous experience is a plus)\n\n* Experience with linear algebra and/or numpy\n\n\n

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