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Remote recruiter in with 18+ years of experience - Last seen

I'm the founder of Remote OK and Nomad List! Thanks for using my site πŸ‘Š

I hope my site helps you find a remote job so you can live a more relaxed life instead of commuting to work every day and then sitting from 9am to 7pm in a dark office with annoying people that play office politics, have useless meetings and talk about football.

There's better ways to spend your time on this 🌏 earth.

Skilled inentrepreneurshipcreativitytravelremote worknomadismconsultancyphpjsjquerysqlitenginx
Fluent in englishdutchspanish
Preferred timezone+7,+8,+9
Preferred salary:$/year to $/year


2015 - Now: Founder @ Remote OK

2014 - Now: Founder @ Nomad List

2008 - 2014: Founder @ Panda Mix Show on YouTube

2003 - 2008: Music Producer & DJ @ Panda Drum & Bass


2010 - 2012: MSc Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing @ Rotterdam School of Management

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