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We’re looking for skilled and seasoned Elixir engineers to join our small and cozy team that is focused on bringing value and we would really love to work with you if you share that mindset. Our company never had any VC’s involved and was profitable from day one for 6+ years by now so business value is not some β€œinvestors want this KPI”, but a real cash value for real customers. We are very stable and always have lot’s of work too :).\n\nBusiness-wise we’re building products that sit in between our clients and end customers. Right now it’s mostly about filling the gap of communicating with customers and selling online, but we are flexible and adjust quickly to changing environment. You can read a bit about culture but we believe it changes with each new team member.\n\nTech-wise this job may be a bit challenging because we have all good/new/shiny projects (Elixir+PostgreSQL+GKE) and some legacy in Ruby that would make you a little bit sad :), fortunately it’s in maintenance mode and we are not very far from shutting it down. BTW, our web apps are built with Phoenix SSR and sprinkles of Javascript using StimulusJS, which reflects our pragmatic culture - we want to move fast and have reliable software with as few moving parts as possible.\n\nWe’re offering $60-$80/hr+. We work as independent contractors. We have a flexible schedule and the work here is very different from a traditional 9-to-5 job. Some overlap with Austin time zone is required to stay in sync with the team. \n\nIf you want to learn more check out our post on Elixir Forum: \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$126,000 — $170,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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Netdata Inc

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
Netdata is looking for Senior Site Reliability / DevOps Engineers proficient in CI/CD methodologies, coupled with strong experience in software written in Javascript, Go, C, Python or other scripting languages, to join our distributed (remote) engineering team.\n\nAs a Senior SRE/DevOps engineer you will focus on supporting our netdata cloud offerings, augmenting our existing development infrastructure by implementing the automations necessary to catalyze further development of both our open-source project and our commercial offerings and last, but certainly not least, participating in the development of Netdata by making sure it's a first class citizen in various operating environments (e.g. orchestrated containers, IoT devices etc.)\n\nYour work will include building CI/CD pipelines, packaging, installation facilities and operational processes as well as developing custom solutions for our various teams and systems. As a Netdata SRE/DevOps engineer you will also be assisting engineers across our company, enabling them to provide world-class solutions for numerous platforms; as well as our community, open-source contributors and team-members with your deep knowledge of systems and troubleshooting skills.\n\n\n**Responsibilities**\n\n* Develop our automated CI/CD, packaging, deployment and execution environment infrastructure.\n* Develop automation tools to catalyse existing development or operational processes.\n* Evaluate, architect and develop technology options for our infrastructure and systems.\n* Troubleshoot, maintain, enhance and augment our platform.\n* Automate tasks wherever possible.\n* Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies.\n\n**Job Requirements**\n\n**Required experience**\n\n* A bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent\n* 3+ years of experience on CI/CD tools (Travis, Gitlab, AWS, Azure, etc) and methodologies\n* Minimum 3 years of Linux systems development and/or administration.\n* Minimum 2 years of experience with at least one scripting language, coupled with related automation projects\n* Previous experience with cloud-based technologies and surrounding operational processes\n* Self motivated, conscientious, with a problem-solving, hands-on mindset.\n* Perfectionist where it matters, but also pragmatic, with effective time management skills.\n* Team player, eager to help.\n* Excellent analytical skills.\n* Excellent command of spoken and written English.\n \n**Preferred experience**\n\n* Minimum 2 years of Go, Javascript and C development experience in demanding environments.\n* Expert on Continuous Integration, with long experience in Test Automation\n* 5+ years of shell scripting experience, on at least 2 languages (BASH, python, perl, ruby, etc.)\n* Minimum 2 years of experience with Google Cloud app engine and surrounding operational processes\n* Experience on configuration management and tools to support it (Ansible, puppet, etc.)\n* Experience with monitoring solutions and service assurance in general.\n* A linux, cross-distribution artisan. A good amount of knowledge on windows system administration\n* Open source contributor\n* Agile Development Methodology\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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# How do you apply?\n\n This job post is older than 30 days and the position is probably filled. Try applying to jobs posted recently instead.