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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
### About the position\nJoin our team! At Nedap Healthcare we are looking for an experienced Ruby Developer!\n\nNedap Healthcare is for people in healthcare. It is our mission to make healthcare better. We do this by connecting people, knowledge and technology. We dare to look beyond the current standards in healthcare and focus on sustainable relevance. Our solutions ensure that people in care can work more pleasantly and productively. This enables them to better use their individual potential and talents. In this way, we help people to take more control of their professional lives. \n\nTo ensure we can keep doing this and prepare ourselves for the future we are changing the way we work together from independent teams to several independent tribes. Each tribe contains multiple products and processes that support one main process in healthcare. \n\nAs Dossier tribe we help caretakers record, manage and update all relevant care information around their clients. Allowing them to effectively collaborate and grant people involved access to real time insights whenever they need them. This makes mandatory administrative tasks much easier and brings focus on their primary task: taking care of people. We believe by giving each client their own dossier, putting them in the center of attention and organizing care around them results in a more personal connection, more joy in work and the best possible care.\n\nThe client file we develop contains important medical and care-related information. The file is connected to all parties involved, both formal and informal care. It will be used as a tool to take care of 500,000 people in the Netherlands. \n\nOur ambition reaches beyond purely meeting administrative requirements. It is the recording of the life story and the personal wishes that make the difference. Through better insights, we can contribute to prevention instead of treating disorders and diseases. In long-term care, this is not only more effective, but also cost-saving.\n\nAs a Ruby Developer within the Dossier Tribe, you will actively think along and work on the development direction of our products. You will be responsible for taking on all kind of projects from the start. You can think for example of developing an architecture or testing the solution at our customers.\n\n### Your team\nThe Dossier Tribe consists of various multidisciplinary teams that work closely \n\nwith each other. Within these teams, everyone has their own discipline, such as front-end, back-end, interaction design, customer contact and everything in between. \n\nThis also gives you great responsibility for the work you do. Our open way of working ensures that everyone feels free to give feedback on the work process. \n\nIn a post-covid19 situation, you will mainly work from our green, friendly and open office in Groenlo. However, at the end you decide how you work. From home, at the 'office', a co-working space, you name it! If you choose to come to Groenlo, you are assured of a good cup of coffee and a nice lunch in our restaurant. \n\nWe don't expect you to work at specific or structural times, but we do expect you to deliver quality. That way, when you go home, you can rest and enjoy your life. In other words, manage your own capacity. \n\n### Our offer\nObviously, we offer excellent primary and secondary conditions. You are responsible for your own working hours and holidays. Nobody keeps track, as we rely on your own accountability. Moreover, we offer you the means to fulfil your own responsibilities. We also have a good financial arrangement. Nedap does not only offer you a salary and holiday allowance, but also an annual bonus, dividends, and the option of shares. Moreover, we have a very interesting pension arrangement. But most of all, we invest in your development! Nedap takes your development very seriously. We offer an extensive introduction program and a personal development journey, and we will gladly look at your potential with you.\n\n### Required experience and skills\nWe are looking for an experienced Ruby developer. We do not define experience as years of work, but as delivering quality. Do you have new ideas? Great! We are always looking for ways to improve our products or things to learn from. Experience with the other techniques and frameworks we use is a plus: SQL, Redis, Rspec, Sidekiq, Semaphore, Datadog.\n\nIn addition to programming, you enjoy managing a project team and have a strong sense of ownership. We are therefore looking for someone who can work both in a team and indepndently. You are pragmatic and get things done. You also speak/write both Dutch and English.\n\nAre you our new team member? \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$50,000 — $80,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
**Your responsibilities**\n\nWe’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer to contribute to building our core product and help with ongoing maintenance.\n\n**Your qualifications**\n\n* **Ruby & Rails:** Extremely knowledgeable and proficient in both Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Our main application is a large and complex Ruby on Rails app and requires some deep knowledge to navigate efficiently. Given our small team size, we work with a monolithic application and only break off services when absolutely necessary to keep overhead low. We utilize rails views (ERB) when we can and use React when the UI calls for it. Note that we have a mini ruby project that we’d like to use to help in evaluating skill level.\n\n* **Javascript & React:** Solid understanding and ability to work in React with Redux. Some areas of our application involve complex React apps, backed by Redux state.\n\n* **Postgres & ActiveRecord:** History of working with Postgres and interfacing with Postgres through ActiveRecord. Being able to think about potential performance implications while working through projects is very helpful.\n\n* **Full Stack Focused:** We are a small team and our projects therefore involve working on both the frontend and backend feature set in parallel to complete projects. Having a generalist mentality is very helpful here.\n\n* **Testing:** Experience writing rspec tests as well as proven ability to be able to reason through what and when to test.\n\n* **Navigating & Internalizing Existing Codebases:** Proven history of jumping into existing, complex codebases and becoming productive. Independence and mindset is a key attribute here. While we anticipate there being a learning curve and assisting in that learning, the ability to just dive in and be able to figure things out independently is a huge help during the learning process.\n\n* **Debugging, Diagnosing & Investigating Issues:** A large part of the job includes investigating and diagnosing application bugs or customer issues. Proven ability to reason through these issues to diagnose problems, present some potential solutions, and convey these issues and solutions in a clear manner to our support team is important.\n\n* **Writing & Communication:** History of very explicit, clear, and detailed communication including pull requests, git commits, documentation, and general team interactions.\n\n* **GitHub:** Proficiency with Git, comfortable using GitHub as primary code and project management platform.\n\n* **Working Remotely:** Proficiency and experience with working remotely.\n\n* **English Proficiency:** Comfortable clearly and accurately presenting ideas and documenting work in writing (90% of work at Loomly happens asynchronously). \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$120,000 — $180,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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# How do you apply?\n\n This job post has been closed by the poster, which means they probably have enough applicants now. Please do not apply.