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Rainforest QA

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Rainforest QA is hiring a Remote Senior Engineer

Rainforest QA is an on-demand QA solution. It’s our mission to enable development teams to deliver bug-free software while moving at the speed of continuous delivery. We are truly a global team, allowing us to bring together the best and most diverse talent. Our commitment to the distributed team model and to our company values has earned us [multiple culture and workplace awards]( and helped us build a diverse team of individuals working toward the same goal: change the way QA is done. \n\nLearn more about Rainforest QA by visiting our [LinkedIn](, [Glassdoor](,24.htm), [Instagram](, [Facebook](, and [Twitter]( pages.\n\n\n**Senior Engineer (Backend)**\n\nAs a Senior Engineer at Rainforest QA you'll be part of an experienced and diverse team with members all over the world.\n\nWe were built as a distributed team from the beginning and we've committed to implementing tools and processes that allow for and support continuous and effective communication across the world.\n\nWhat you'll do\n* Work on our main app, which contains the majority of our business logic and is written in Ruby-on-Rails and backed by PostgreSQL and Redis\n* Work on numerous support services (including our work scheduler and VM management system - both of which manage hundreds of thousands of requests a day) written in a variety of languages (Elixir, Golang, Crystal, Node, Python) chosen because of their suitability to the problem the service is solving\n* Work on internal tooling to improve the development experience of other engineers and ship faster and safer\n* Collaborate with product managers and our customer facing teams to analyze customer problems and design high impact features\n* Lead projects to implement those features\n* Help other team members to achieve their goals\n* Continuously learn about new technologies and ways to solve problems\n* Work with our customer facing teams to triage, troubleshoot, and fix bugs\n* Write unit and integration tests (using our own product!) to ship high quality software\n\nWhat we’re looking for\n* Extensive experience in Ruby (or equivalent dynamic language) and be extremely knowledgeable of the language and associated ecosystem\n* Extensive experience in Ruby on Rails (or equivalent framework) and be extremely knowledgeable of the framework and associated ecosystem\n* Experience in writing and debugging SQL\n* Enthusiasm for building applications using tools like Ruby on Rails, Golang, Elixir, React, PostgreSQL, Redis, BigQuery, and Kubernetes - amongst others\n* Practical experience of working on a React codebase\n* Even though this position is mainly backend focused, we expect you to have some grasp of the whole stack to be able to effectively communicate with engineers across the team, and can make frontend or infrastructure changes when the situation calls for it\n* Professional experience in engineering SaaS products\n* Experience leading projects with teams\n* An ownership mindset: you should look not only at what you’re asked to do, but ask why you’re doing it and how it impacts on the rest of the product, our customers, and whether it makes sense. We expect you to be responsible for your work and to resolve any bugs you might ship\n* Excitement to learn\n* Excellent communication skills and able to give and receive constructive feedback\n* Happy to review code and have your code reviewed\n* Can work effectively remotely with remote team members (we are a fully distributed company)\n* Comfortable working in a large codebase with many stakeholders\n\nIdentify with our company values\n* No BS, No Ego: We are radically candid with each other in every interaction. This means a lack of politics, a lack of showboating, a lack of BS. This also means brevity, clarity of thought, and clarity of communication. We give and take feedback without ego, with the knowledge that we all are operating with good intent. No ego is the check system to balance no BS and keep it kind. No ad-hominem attacks.\n* 1% better every day: Continuous improvement is what motivates us. We design our product, our organization and our careers to be continually improving. Mistakes are only bad if they are repeated. Experiments are only wasted if they are not learned from.\n* Own the journey: We are all owners. We demand that of each other. The journey we own is threefold: our customers’ journey, our company’s journey and our personal journey. Our reason for existence is to nail our customer journey, so that we can scale our company’s success.\n\nHow we'll reward you\n* Flexible, remote work options \n* Competitive salary with equity.\n* A locally-adjusted weekly allowance for lunches.\n* A locally-adjusted monthly allowance for remote office supplies or personal development.\n* Unlimited paid-time off.\n* 3 offsites per year: every ~4 months we arrange an offsite for the whole company to get together so we can get to know our colleagues better and understand what we need to do. The location is ever changing, so you will get to see some new places!*\n* currently on-hold due to COVID-19 \n\n**United States Residents Only:**\n* 100% medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage. 75% for dependents.\n* Voluntary 401k program.\n\nOUR COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION\n\nAt Rainforest QA we believe that diverse teams improve our business. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$50,000 — $170,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
**Are you the next Full Stack developer to join our top team?**\nWe've got a pretty decent AWS stack that drives our SaaS and community platform. It's built in Django/React, is fully API driven and has a whole host of nifty features already. But we want more…\n\nHelloMaaS, Marketing as a Service, is a new operating model in marketing. We build a marketplace platform to connect companies with turn key marketing solution including 40 fixed price marketing packages, a robo-advice tool translating marketing goals to a customized marketing plan in 30 seconds and a strong community of top marketing freelancers.\n\nYou'll get to focus on building new applications, a reliable and scalable platform and add ML to make it smarter. Of course there's some maintenance and testing but with a small team and young codebase it's not so bad.\n\nThis is a full-time role, remote or based in the Netherlands. We are happy to sponsor a Dutch work visa for great candidates. We have a A-team, so the bar is high. Reach out if your ambitious, go-getter with a global mindset that likes to learn, win and create success.\n\n* 2-3 years professional experience in React & Django\n* Full stack capabilities with a preference for back-end\n* Flexibile to switch between front-end and back-end\n* Effective communication and (remote) collaboration skills\n* Working in a startup or another fast-paced environment\n* Pro-active, positive and problemsolving mindset\n* Interested in our business and building a user friendly platform\n* Required Skills: React, Redux, Python, Django, PostgreSQL\n* Nice to have: AWS, Docker, docker-compose\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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Interview Schedule

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
**The Opportunity**\n \nInterview Schedule is changing how teams hire. Our first product streamlines recruiting scheduling and coordination, saving teams hundreds of hours a month. We’re just getting started on, and have our sights set on making hiring a great experience for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. We’re building the platform to engage these key stakeholders and fix the $200 billion per year hiring industry. \n\nThis is an exceptional opportunity to join a small and fast-growing startup, transforming an industry with powerful and easy to use products customers love. As an early employee you'll have tons of ownership, a big impact on product, a say in our values, and opportunities to tremendously accelerate your career growth. \n\nWe're building a remote team and looking for the best individuals - no matter where you are. All we require is a reliable internet connection and passion for building an amazing company.\n\n**What We’re Looking For**\n\nGeneralist is too specific a term for you. Back end, front end, database design, infra - you've done it all. Building products end to end is where you shine - you don't like being constrained by titles. You can code the full stack and have built products end to end. You’re comfortable building web apps. If you don't know something, you learn what's needed to get the job done. You want to build something people want. You're product minded and have user empathy.\n\nWe use JavaScript (React), Python (Flask), and SQL (PostgreSQL). We’re hosted on AWS. Having these skills is great, but we know the best engineers can pick them up quickly when needed.\n\n**What We Value**\n\nAt Interview Schedule we believe in ownership and accountability, challenging the status quo, nothing is β€œnot my job”, having empathy, being direct, and being honest.\n\nAs engineers we believe in picking the right tool for the job, balancing technical excellence with pragmatism, having strong opinions weakly held, and attacking ideas not people.\n\n**What We Offer**\n\n* Autonomy, impact, and ownership. As an early employee you’ll shape the product direction and company values.\n* Competitive salary and significant equity in a fast growing, early stage startup.\n* Remote employment - work where you want, when you want.\n* Generous vacation policy - take time whenever you need to recharge. Building a lasting company is a marathon, not a sprint.\n* Top-notch healthcare, dental, and vision coverage.\n* Life and disability insurance.\n* Annual company retreat - helps build camaraderie as a remote team.\n* Computer and home office setup - we'll buy anything you need to do your best work.\n* Continuing education allowance - learn what you want, when you want.\n\n#Location\nUsa

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