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Bottomless is hiring a Remote Full Stack Developer

We are a fast growing startup with a product used by thousands of consumers every day.\n\nWe are looking for a jack-of-all-trades full stack developer.\n\nThe ideal candidate for this position would be able to dive into any kind of project, from frontend **UI/UX** tasks in **React.js** to backend tasks running on **Node.js.**\n\nIf you’re interested in variety and working hard to build something big, this might be a good fit.\n\nWe need to achieve 80% of the results with 20% of the effort.\n\n\n**Responsibilities**:\n\n* Design and build infrastructure and product for a sensor enabled e-commerce marketplace.\n* Build robust infrastructure to support existing product lines and the ability to roll out new ones.\n* Responsibility over the user-facing product.\n* Quick iteration on different fronts from fronted UX changes to database design to quick and dirty implementations.\n* Responsible for full deployment and testing of applications.\n\n\n**Skill, Qualifications and Experience:**\n\n*Expert proficiency required:*\n* Node.js\n* NoSQL databases\n* React.js\n* English (written and verbal)\n\n*Intermediate proficiency, at a minimum:*\n* UI/UX design\n* Software architecture\n\nNot required, but a plus:\n* Python (background tasks)\n* Embedded systems (C++)\n \n**Details**:\n* Remote OK. Must be flexible with hours as we have a remote international team.\n* Competitive equity and cash compensation.\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
At Powerpal we’re building Australia’s largest residential energy engagement platform. Our customers love us – they’re saving money on their bills and helping out with the climate crisis at the same time!\n\nWe’re full-stack from the batteries up. We design and manufacture our own IoT hardware which connects through our cross-platform mobile apps to a cutting edge cloud platform allowing us to build amazing customer experiences on top of huge volumes of data.\n\nWe build and maintain a React Native iOS/Android mobile app, a range of Go and Ruby microservice APIs running on Kubernetes, and a Bigtable/Bigquery/Dataflow big data platform – all hosted on on Google Cloud Platform.\n\nWe love clean code, automated testing, CI/CD and believe in a true devops workflow where the same team designs, builds, tests, deploys and monitors end-to-end products.\n\nWe’re a fully remote team with huge amounts of flexibility and autonomy to set your own schedule and drive your own projects. Ideally you’ll be based close to Sydney, Melbourne or Wollongong so that we can get the team together for a couple of days per month to socialise and share ideas.\n\n**A Typical Day**\n\nThere are so many exciting projects to work on as the company accelerates that no two days are the same, but recently we have been mostly:\n\n* Planning new features for customers with rooftop solar across the Powerpal hardware, mobile app and data platform.\n* Building tools to support the rollout of tens of thousands of free Powerpals in Victoria with an amazing customer booking experience and geospatial logistics for our team of installers.\n* Moving our terabyte scale time-series database from Postgres to Bigtable with zero downtime.\n* Keeping in touch with the team over Slack and Friday afternoon Zoom beers.\n* Optimising our cross-platform app to provide the best possible Bluetooth connectivity and background power management across a variety of mobile hardware.\n* Ensuring that our cloud infrastructure autoscales and self-heals so that we can ignore it entirely when we’re on holiday.\n* Working with our energy industry partners to launch load shifting and demand response experiences to reward customers for balancing their power usage throughout the day.\n* Going to the beach on a sunny Wednesday without meetings and getting some quiet coding done on a rainy Sunday afternoon instead.\n\n\n**What You’ll Need**\n\n* Minimum of 3 years development experience across a range of projects, technologies and organisations across both iOS and Android.\n* Ideally, you’ll have experience using our core stack (Go, Ruby, JS, Kubernetes).\n* A previous lead role on a major end-to-end product delivering mobile, web and backend components.\n* Significant experience building web-based APIs and their associated data stores (both SQL and NOSQL).\n* Solid Javascript skills (bonus points for React and/or React Native) and exposure to rich web and/or mobile UIs.\n* At least one major project involving big data storage and asynchronous data processing.\n* A demonstrated ability to work autonomously and take ownership of teams delivering end-to-end products.\n* A background in deploying and owning cloud services (we use Google Cloud, but AWS or Azure will transfer perfectly).\n\n\n**What You’ll Get To Do**\n\n* Lead teams delivering user-facing projects with end-to-end features that touch the React Native mobile app, our backend APIs and our big data platform.\n* Build a beautiful mobile user experience to help our customers see their power and use it improve their lifestyle.\n* Build new tools to support manufacturing, rollout logistics and fleet management of tens of thousands of IoT devices.\n* Take a leading role in driving our future mobile direction. Should we be considering dedicated native apps? Should we be using Typescript? How can we make our user experience even better?\n* Integrate with our existing backend APIs and get involved in the design and development of new APIs to support the mobile app’s needs.\n* Rapidly prototype new features within the app by designing and building new Javascript content for our embedded web views.\n* Work on hard problems around scaling real-time data feeds with gigabytes of time-series data arriving every day.\n* Share ownership of the whole Powerpal system and take responsibility for ensuring that the projects you work on can be deployed, monitored, and maintained without friction.\n* Improve the quality of our existing codebases and expand our automated unit testing to include higher level end-to-end testing in multiple environments.\n* Help to set the direction for a great developer experience from the laptop to the cloud as we scale our build, test and deployment processes to support a larger team.\n\n\n**Compensation**\n\n* Up to $180k plus super (depending on your specific experience).\n* Negotiable equity (options) in a profitable and rapidly growing startup.\n* A new Macbook Pro or equivalent value in mobile devices and home office upgrades as necessary.\n* A free Powerpal for your home\n\n\nIt doesn’t get better than this! Work at the cutting edge of development as part of this hands-on role whilst helping to drive the development strategy roadmap for an ambitious, growth phase tech start up. An industry leading salary and benefits package is on offer to the successful candidate. Apply now \n\n#Salary and compensation\nAUS 150000 — AUS 180000/year\n\n\n#Location\nAustralia

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
# About the Job\nDo you program web applications? Do you want to work from the comfort of your home? Do you prefer prototyping versus being handed a huge technical document? Do you want your opinion to matter?\n\nWe are a fast-growing tech company with decades of domain experience in agriculture and farm management. We're a small team of highly driven, hard-working folks who love the work we do and are excited about growing our company together.\n\nWe are looking for a jack-of-all-trades to work with us as we continue to evolve our enterprise SaaS stack in the agriculture sector. The right candidate will need to do everything from server maintenance to backend development to frontend. You will be working under the CTO, giving advice and using your expertise to build simple but powerful tools for our customers.\n\nOur software includes a frontend management and reporting interface, a dashboard system with even more reporting and graphing, an API, and a mobile app that allows farm workers in the field to manage their work and keep records. The system has been in continuous development for over 10 years, and is regularly in use by many users, so a mind for backwards compatibility is a must. The development style is a prototyping and iterating approach, with a goal of creating components that can be reused in a variety of different contexts and for a variety of different purposes. This approach has allowed us to build software that makes it simple and intuitive for our users to capture data, but can turn simple data into rich and complex analysis and reporting that can drive critical business processes and decisions.\n\n\n# Required Qualifications\n* Ability to set up your local working environment (LAMP-based stack)\n* Ability to communicate in English\n* Ability to work independently – which includes knowing when and how to ask questions about proper\narchitecture and domain knowledge\n* Knowledge of design patterns and object oriented programming\n* Knowledge of SCCS (Subversion)\n* Knowledge of ES6\n* Knowledge of Ember/React/Angular javascript framework\n* Knowledge of SASS\n* Knowledge of Responsive Design\n* Knowledge of PHP 5.4 and 7.2\n* Knowledge of PHP MVC frameworks (Symfony)\n* Knowledge of REST\n* Knowledge of relational databases and the ability to write stored procedures (MySQL)\n* Knowledge of NoSQL databases (CouchDB)\n* Experience with ACLs/RBLs\n\n\n# Optional Qualifications\n* Experience with GPS / geolocation, mapping, geofencing or similar\n* Experience integrating with third party systems\n* Experience with inventory management\n* Knowledge of Klipfolio or similar dashboarding environments\n* Knowledge of D3 or similar data visualization technologies\n* Knowledge of CSS animations\n* Knowledge of Cordova\n* Knowledge of Responsive Design\n\n\n# The benefits of working at AgSquared\n* Competitive salary\n* Flexible working hours\n* Work from home – or from anywhere in the world\n* Work in a scrum team\n* An opportunity to learn new technologies and learn about the agricultural domain\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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