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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
PREEM is an exciting new AI and Data-driven cycling business. \n \nPREEM is looking to hire an experienced software engineer with relevant prior experience working with geospatial data, weather, route planning, and/or general cartography. \n \nOur full suite of systems will include a user-facing responsive web application; mobile applications; back-end services, and systems for data analysis such as user matching and recommendations.\n \nThis position is a software engineering position, bringing the specializations listed above to our team of back-end and front-end engineers. In this role, you will be our resident expert on maps, weather data, route analysis and planning, and related matters. A general understanding of the nature of building web applications, mobile applications, and server applications will be useful in your interactions with the rest of our team.\nThis is a full-time, remote position for candidates who are legal US residents. Candidates open to relocating to our home office in Boulder, CO will get additional attention, but we will hire independent of location.\n\n**What you’ll do:**\n* Work alongside a team of back-end and front-end engineers developing our broad service for bicyclists, bringing your background and understanding of working with maps, geospatial data, weather data, route planning, and other disciplines.\n* Hands-on implementation of functionality in the focus areas above. For example, you might be responsible for implementing collection and analysis of ride GPS data captured from bike-mounted hardware, or for gathering weather service data for points within a route scheduled in the future.\n* As part of the team, work with product definition and our UI/UX team to reach consensus on what is possible given system, data, and time constraints.\n* Interact with back-end engineers for functional needs related to sourcing, aligning, and analyzing route data.\n* Interact with front-end engineers concerning how to represent and render route and weather data.\n* Work on systems that aim to have high levels of scale and concurrency. Software performance will be important.\n* An ideal candidate would also have experience or interest in 2D graphics related to geospatial data. For example, rendering highly customized and interactive layers on top of map data.\n\n**Who you are:**\n* You are a software engineer with an interest/emphasis in geospatial data, meteorology, route planning, and/or general cartography.\n* You have built systems using some or all of the elements listed above.\n* You may have built systems or apps with functionality that aligns well with our needs, such as hike planning or GPS capture.\n* You understand geospatial and weather-oriented software from both back-end (data capture and processing) and front-end (rendering and interaction) points of view, though perhaps do not yet have hands-on experience with both.\n* You have solid general software architecture, programming, and debugging skills in a mainstream high-performance back-end language such as Java or C# and modern web front-end in JavaScript or similar.\n* You may have experience with mainstream native mobile languages and platforms such as Swift, Java or Kotlin, React Native, or Flutter.\n* You are experienced with performance-oriented software development, including performance analysis, scaling, and tuning.\n* You have experience working with third-party APIs and/or other data sources.\n* You may have experience developing web APIs of your own.\n* You have some proficiency with data processing and transformation, either using open-source platforms or cloud-native.\n* You’re comfortable participating in an agile development process.\n* You can communicate and collaborate with all team members effectively and efficiently.\n* You may have experience using weather and geospatial data in machine learning, recommendation systems, personalization engines, user matchmaking, and so on.\n* You may be a passionate cyclist with some experience using popular cycling apps and platforms.\n\n**Education and Experience**\n* Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject such as computer science, software engineering, physics, or related comparable field.\n* A minimum of three (3) years related work experience is required.\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$110,000 — $160,000/year\n\n\n#Location\nπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ US-only

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