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Hi! πŸ‘‹ We’re searching for a **Senior Frontend Engineer** to join our engineering team at vidIQ.\n\nWe’re a diverse team from around the world on a mission to empower video creators to share their stories with everyone. Help us shape new products and deliver simple, valuable features to our awesome customers.\n\nWe’re a remote company and our team works from wherever they want. That means you must be self-motivated to succeed. If that sounds great to you and you’re interested in empowering video creators, keep reading!\n\n**About you**\n\nYou’ll be a good fit for this role if the following are true:\n\n*  **You love building things.** Frontend development is full of helpful tools, libraries, and patterns, and you enjoy using these to build products people will love. You like new challenges and strive to ship new features to customers on a regular basis.\n*  **You love to learn.** You enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in frontend space. If a project uses a framework that’s new to you, you dive into the docs and tutorials to figure it out.\n*  **You act like an owner.** When bugs appear, you document and fix them. When projects are too complex, you work with others to refine the scope until it’s something you believe can be built in a reasonable amount of time and maintained in the long run.\n*  **You care about code quality.** You believe simple is better and strive to write code that is easy to read and maintain. You consider edge cases and write tests to handle them. When you come across legacy code that is difficult to understand, you add comments or refactor it to make it easier for the next person.\n*  **You understand balance.** Great products must balance performance, customer value, code quality, dependencies, and so on. You know how to consider all of these concerns while keeping your focus on shipping things.\n*  **You over-communicate by default.** If a project is off-track, you bring it up proactively and suggest ways to simplify and get things going. You proactively share status updates without being asked and strive to keep things as honest and transparent as possible.\n\nNote that we’re looking for someone with a minimum of 3 years of professional programming experience for this role.\n\n**Possible projects**\n\nAs part of our growing Frontend Team, you’ll work with team members at all levels to improve our existing products and develop new ones.\n\nThe tools we use most heavily right now are React and Redux, though we still have Backbone and Flux in some of our codebases as well. We use Asana for project management, GitHub for code reviews, and Slack for daily communication. We also have a Rails API and consider it a major bonus if you have experience working on Rails applications.\n\nSome projects you may work on include:\n\n* Research and implement architectural changes such as migrating our browser extension to Redux.\n* Help measure the effectiveness of certain features by building a reusable analytics module to use across our products.\n* Improve our brand and usability by reskinning components according to our new design system.\n* Make our products more reliable by writing integration tests to cover common user workflows.\n* Simplify our API interactions by building a GraphQL layer.\n* Level up the team by reviewing code and suggesting improvements.\n\nOver time, you’ll become an owner of some areas of our codebase and have the freedom to improve them as you see fit.\n\n**About vidIQ**\n\nWe believe everyone has something to share with the world and we’ve been empowering video creators to tell their stories for more than 6 years. We want to be the best platform for video creators. Everything we do is to build trust with our customers and help them improve at their craft.\n\nvidIQ is a small, remote team in many different time zones. We currently have team members stretching from California all the way to Kiev!\n\nA few of the perks of working here include:\n\n* A generous vacation policy. Take time away when you need it.\n* A flexible work schedule. You decide which hours to work and we expect an average commitment of 40 hours per week.\n* Support for professional development. If there’s a relevant course or conference you’re interested in, we’ll pay for it.\n* Annual retreats! You can expect to travel once per year for a company gathering. (We visited Portugal together last year!)\n\n**How to apply**\n\nTo save time and get to know you better, we ask a few questions as part of the application. Following that, our hiring process involves a phone conversation, a technical interview (no live coding, don’t worry!), and a short paid project.\n\nWhen you apply, you’ll hear back from us even if we don’t think there’s a good fit. We know you’re putting effort into your application and feel that deserves respect.\n\nPlease note that the preferred time zone for this role is between UTC-5 and UTC+2, but we're willing to be flexible for the right person.\n\nvidIQ does not work with recruiting agencies and strives to work with each candidate one-on-one through the hiring process. We will respect your time availability if you are currently employed.\n\nvidIQ provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants, regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, or sexual orientation.\n\nIf you think you would thrive in this environment, we would love to hear from you. Please apply!\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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