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# About Ticketsolve,\nTicketsolve is a web-based online and box-office ticketing platform. We currently have over 290 clients based throughout the UK and Ireland. These clients are a mixture of Theatres, Arts, Festivals and speciality offerings such as Ice Skating and Christmas attractions. We are a consistently profitable company with a healthy year on year growth. The new features and abilities we are adding to Ticketsolve put us in an excellent place to deliver strong growth in the coming years.\n\n# Introduction\nWe are currently going through an exciting evolution of our platform. We are moving from a traditional RoR architecture to a modern "single page application", exposing our application as a set of API's consumed by Ember to provide a rich interactive experience.\n\nWe have migrated our customer-facing ticket selling application to Ember and our ticket scanning application to Ember, with great success. We are currently working on rebuilding the backend of our platform with the immediate focus been on our "Point of Sale". We are now looking to add to our team to accelerate the creation and rollout of this change across the remainder of our platform. This covers the CRM, reporting/analytics and configurations aspects of our backend.\n\nOver the last few months, we have grown the front end, Ember team. We are now looking to expand our server team with new people to cover Ruby and Ruby on Rails server development. Ideally, this person will have RoR experience. In terms of experience, we are open to both junior and experienced developers - the main requirement is talent and enthusiasm.\n\n# How we work\nWe run a lightweight process that focuses on feature-based delivery on a weekly basis. Our coordination and communication are mostly through daily 'catch-up meetings' and use of appropriate tools such as Trello for backlog management, Slack for communication and Git(GitHub) for source control and feature deployment through PRs and Milestones.\n\nFrom a coding perspective, we place a strong emphasis on clean, minimal, well-refactored code backed up by a robust suite of automated tests. We make use of peer review for all design and development work.\n\nIn general, we strive for an approach that empowers and trusts individuals to 'do the right thing', and as a team, we try and keep each other true to this.\n\n# Remote working\nOur development team works as a remote team with members in Berlin, MalmΓΆ, Barcelona, Singapore and Taiwan. Our wider organisation has people based in United Kingdom and Dublin. Dublin is our headquarters and main office space - with core Support team and Sales and Marketing team.\n\nRemote working has become part of our company DNA. We believe that it offers a lot of advantages to both Ticketsolve and employees. This means that you should be comfortable working as part of a remote team. If this is new to you, don't worry, it was for us at the beginning as well. We now have lots of experience helping people settle in - so keep an open mind and imagine a working day with no daily commute!\n\nImportant to note that timezones are a consideration for us with remote working. Our experience is that European and Asian time zones are preferable, as it allows for collaboration at reasonable times. \n \n\n# Requirements\n# Skills & Requirements\n- 2+ years experience developing web applications\n- Experience with programming Ruby/Rails required with the role focused on server development\n- Understanding of front-end technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, SASS, Ember preferred, but not required \n- Experience with Chef and Terraform a bonus\n- Strong programming skills with a focus on clean design, well-refactored code and automated testing \n- Comfortable working as part of a remote team \n\n# Technologies we use\n- Ruby on Rails is our primary server framework evolving towards pure API server\n- Ember is our primary front end development framework\n- JSONAPI::Resources,, is how we are building our API's\n- MySQL / Redis / Elastic are our primary storage engines\n- All our servers are Ubuntu based managed through CHEF\n- Deployed on AWS using terraform for managing infrastructure\n- GitHub for source code management and process support\n- Travis for continuous integration\n\n\n#Location\nEuropean and Asian Time Zones Are Preferable

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