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Howdy πŸ‘‹We’re the folks at Jilt, an email marketing platform built for eCommerce. We help thousands of stores surprise and delight their customers with automated emails that drive sales. We’re looking for a driven, detail-oriented engineer to join our team and build fast, scalable backend systems in Rails.\n\n**The Role**\n\nYou’ll work closely with your teammates on the engineering team to design, create, and refine systems that power the core platform; things like syncing data with external eCommerce platforms, optimizing our sending architecture & scheduler, and analyzing browsing & shopping behavior data. Jilt is built as a traditional Rails 5.2 app, with Postgres & Elasticsearch for persistence, and Sidekiq for background jobs. We use Angular (v1) to power our visual email editor and Vue.js for some areas with a lot of dynamic content, and are planning to replace both with React in the near future, so you’ll be able to help architect the APIs that will drive those new interfaces.\n\nWhile the majority of your time will be spent working on backend systems & features, you’ll also have the opportunity to work on various front-end systems, like fixing a bug with our email editor, replacing a legacy Slim template with a React view, or adding a new feature to our storefront JS.\n\nAs one of our senior engineers, the team will look to you for advice and direction. You’ll help shape our best practices, decide on libraries & tooling, and refactor older or underperforming parts of the codebase. You’ll also be responsible for moving your projects forward, communicating your progress and milestones with others, and clearly documenting your work.\n\nOur team is fully-remote and we communicate primarily through Slack, Clubhouse, Google Docs, Basecamp, and weekly stand-ups via Zoom (a few short meetings) β€” we believe the best work happens when given lots of uninterrupted time that’s free of distractions.\n\nAs a remote team, we believe that regular meetups are invaluable for getting to know each other better, so you should be available for 1-2 company-paid team trips per year. Curious about what those are like? Check out our[ recap]( of our last team retreat (SkyTrip), which brought the entire team out to Lake Tahoe, California for a week. It’s a plus if you think (like we do) that bears are absolutely the coolest animals in the forest.\n\nThis is a full-time, salaried position, but hours are flexible. We know your work will speak for itself with commits, issues closed, and wiki edits.\n\n**Benefits**\n\nHere are some benefits we're happy to offer to our team members:\n\n* Competitive salary\n* Annual incentive for meeting team and company goals\n* 27 days of paid time-off, in addition to 2 company holidays (SkyVerge Day in March, Founders Day in June πŸ˜€)\n* Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance for US and Canadian residents and their families (reimbursements for comparable care for non-US/Canadian residents)\n* 401k/RRSP Retirement plan with 4% company match for US/Canadian residents (contributions to comparable plans for non-US/Canadian residents)\n* 8 weeks paid parental leave for new mothers and fathers\n* Work flexible hours from anywhere that has a reliable internet connection\n* Tools (hardware/software) to help you be productive\n* Allowance for professional growth (books, courses, conferences)\n* Home office or co-working allowance\n* A Kindle to help you keep learning\n\n# Responsibilities\n **Here are some things you may do on a given day:**\n* Research and write a pitch to improve the performance of our email scheduling system\n* Refactor our storage subsystem to abstract how we handle file uploads\n* Troubleshoot an issue with our campaign segmentation feature by deep diving into our Elasticsearch cluster\n* Analyze a slow SQL query and suggest ways to improve it\n* Construct a detailed, multi-step data migration to split an existing model into two, with zero-downtime and including complicated data transformations\n* Triage the Sentry queue for any exceptions that need investigation\n* Develop a new API endpoint to support updated React components\n\n**On the first day you will:**\n* Meet your team and get familiar with how we work\n* Setup your local environment and tooling\n* Commit a small tweak to the codebase and ship it to production\n\n**In the first week you will: **\n* Develop, QA, review, and ship a small feature improvement\n* Participate in code review for a teammate’s code\n* Help a team member with fixing a bug\n\n**In the first month you will: **\n* Work closely with the product team to ship a large feature\n* Participate in your first support rotation week and help our support team with escalated issues\n* Publish a retrospective on your first large project to share successes & planned improvements for the next project \n\n# Requirements\nYou love writing code that’s clear, self-documenting (but you know that self-documenting doesn’t mean no comments), and standards-compliant. You prefer writing Ruby, but are comfortable in JavaScript or picking up other languages (like Go or PHP) as needed. You have deep experience working with Rails and all of its libraries and know when to roll a custom solution to a problem or use a gem. You’ve worked with Sidekiq or a similar background processing system, and understand the subtle but important guidelines to follow when architecting performant, fault-tolerant background workers.\n\nYou also love data and working with complex queries in SQL, whether as part of ActiveRecord or on the console. You have experience with Elasticsearch, or are excited to learn it, and are interested in the challenges involved with keeping separate datastores in sync. You love keeping up-to-date with the latest best practices and tools, and are constantly tweaking and improving the way you work. You know how to operate a hydraulic press, or least watched a YouTube video about them and think they’re totally rad.\n\nYou’re excited to solve engineering challenges in the most pragmatic way possible, and most importantly, you keep the end user in mind and love getting feedback from customers to help improve our products.\n\nFinally, you can’t wait to join a small team that loves their work as much as you do, affords the opportunity to work on challenging & interesting projects, continuously learn and improve, and constantly ship your work. You’re an excellent writer and can communicate effectively whether drafting up a bug report, chatting in Slack, editing a wiki page, or drafting a retrospective. You know that code is about communication and explaining your thought process clearly goes hand-in-hand.

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