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\nNafundi is seeking a full-time Senior Android Developer to play a lead role in the evolution of Open Data Kit, a series of open source tools for social good organizations to collect data quickly, accurately, offline, and at scale. The ideal candidate has experience with high-level software system design, modernizing legacy codebases, and writing maintainable code.\n\nSome of the decisions you will participate in making and implementing solutions for:\n\n\n* Should this requested feature (e.g., messaging users) be implemented in the existing app or in a companion app?\n\n* Adding minor functionality (e.g., a new type of text input) requires updating multiple components. How do we reduce interdependencies?\n\n* How can the geo coordinate implementations in the Collect app evolved to better match the ODK XForms specification while continuing to serve the needs of users with existing forms?\n\n* How do we rework the user interface of Collect to take advantage of larger screen devices without disrupting the hundreds of thousands of users who have smaller format devices.\n\n\n\n\nResponsibilities include:\n\n\n* Thinking strategically and systematically about how to evolve a legacy codebase\n\n* Designing and building on a number of Java-based tools\n\n* Working with the community to specify and implement new features and tools\n\n* Reviewing other community members’ code\n\n* Implementing code quality best practices (testing, separation of concerns, etc)\n\n* Increasing our score on the Joel Test\n\n\n\n\nMinimum qualifications:\n\n\n* Five or more years of professional software development experience on Android\n\n* Experience with large refactors or rewrites of legacy code\n\n* Experience leading a team of developers with varying skill levels\n\n* Demonstrated ability to read carefully, write clearly, and think methodically\n\n* Demonstrated ability to self-motivate (side projects, open source contributions)\n\n\n\n\nPreferred qualifications:\n\n\n* Experience working on large Java code bases\n\n* Experience working remotely and leading globally distributed teams\n\n* Interest in user interfaces, user experience, visual design\n\n* Code contributions to open source projects\n\n* Experience living and working in underserved communities\n\n\n\n\nWhat we offer:\n\n\n* Contribute to an open-source project with immense social impact\n\n* Work with a distributed, open, and fun community eager for improvements\n\n* Flexible multi-year contract-based arrangement\n\n* Flexible hours, remote work, and location independence\n\n\n\n\nHow to apply\n\nIn the 'Introduce yourself' section or cover letter of your application, please answer these two prompts.\n\n\n* Describe an experience where you personally refactored a large (>20K LOC) and untested code base and the strategy you took to ensure the refactor was safe.\n\n* Describe how you led a team of developers with varying skill levels and the strategy you used to delegate tasks.\n\n\n\n\nApplications that do not include answers to these prompts in the 'Introduce yourself' section or in a cover letter will not be read.

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