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The largest collection of Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads online. Get a remote job you can do anywhere at Remote Companies like Buffer, Zapier and Automattic who embrace the future. There are 39,900+ jobs that allow you to work anywhere and live everywhere.



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We’re looking for an experienced infrastructure engineer to join the team and lead the development of our **Ghost(Pro)** platform and services. This is a senior role reporting directly to Ghost’s CTO, [Hannah](, with plenty of freedom and control to architect a real production system which is already serving over 100million requests a month - with a ton of room for improvement.\n\n\n\nAll of our infrastructure and systems have gone through several iterations, but have ultimately been built by a small/scrappy team of passionate developers without significant prior sysadmin experience. Our platform these days is pretty solid, but it took us a long time and a lot of trial and error to get here. What we’re looking for now is someone who is comfortable and confident in leading our architecture and taking it to the next level. \n\n\n\nFor this position, we're explicitly looking for someone experienced (5+ years sysadmin experience, minimum) and confident in taking on a broad set of responsibilities managing, deploying and maintaining complex projects across several different environments.\n\n\n\nExtensive experience in systems management and automation is a must. **Experience specifically relating to web hosting at scale, continuous integration, monitoring and performance management is a huge advantage.** Previous remote work and startup experience is also very valuable.\n\n\n\nOur infrastructure is comprised of about 100 servers across two DigitalOcean datacenters, running Ubuntu and managed with Saltstack, sitting behind a fairly deep Cloudflare CDN integration. Most common tech across our instances includes MariaDB, Nginx and Phusion Passenger, LXC, Gluster and a whole lot of JavaScript.\n\n\n\nThis role requires someone who is exceptional at clear, frequent communication - in particular around quickly identifying and responding to infrastructure failures, as well as…\n\n\n\n\n\n- Analysing infrastructure requirements and optimisations based on app performance and user load scenarios. \n\n- Database clustering and replication management. \n\n- Monitoring and alert management.\n\n- Common security issues and mitigation strategies.\n\n\n\nLeading our infrastructure is the base which the rest of the team builds on top of, so it is easily one of the most significant and important roles in the entire company.\n\n\n\nPeople who are great at written communication and highly self-motivated tend to do best at Ghost. The majority of the team is made up of former founders, freelancers and self-starters who are confident and comfortable working independently and getting things done.\n\n\n\nThis role would be well suited to someone in an existing ops team at a fast-paced technology company looking for a more senior position where they’re able to have more control and leadership of systems architecture across an entire organisation. There are a lot of opportunities for growth here as the team expands.\n\n\n\nWe don't mind where you're based or what hours you work, but this role does require reasonable working-hours overlap with the rest of our internal/ops engineering team in Europe, as well as availability to be on-call on a rotating schedule in the event of downtime. \n\n\n\nWe value diversity of all types at Ghost and our team is made up of a kind, thoughtful group of people with a wide range of backgrounds. We have as many people who speak German as we do English and our engineering team contains as many women as it does men. Some of us are single, others are married, while others are parents. We actively try to find people with different perspectives and experiences to the ones we already have.\n\n\n\nInterested in finding out more? More details over on our siteyagJzhkdapAsCMnUw7CpJAMi

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