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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
\nJob description\n\n\nWe just launched a new product ( and got hundreds of feature requests. We want you to build the next generations of this software with us\n\n\nGet to know us:\n\n1. Our team is global, and everyone works remotely\n\nOur team lives all over the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, Netherlands, Finland and Serbia. We have 12 permanent team members, and another 12 people who help out with smaller tasks\n\n\n\n2. We hire great developers\n\nThere are four things that make Mixed In Key interesting to work for:\n\n\n* The company was started by a .NET developer, so he can read your code and help you solve problems\n\n* We never outsourced our software development to other companies, so we own and maintain 100% of our source code. We know the code inside-out, so we can always help you\n\n* We've written 30+ codebases with just 2-3 developers on each one. We work in small teams (1-3 developers, 1 QA, 1 designer on each task)\n\n* You will have a healthy live-work balance. There are guys who joined our team in 2006 and have created numerous new products because they enjoy their work and the challenges are always interesting\n\n* We love working with like-minded people who enjoy software development\n\n\n\n\n\n3. Our goal is to teach people how to compose great music\n\nAbout a month ago, we launched our new product called Captain Plugins. Magazine press and our fans loved it, so we have a wish list of hundreds of feature requests and ideas on what to build next. That is why we're hiring -- we have a lot of interesting work\n\nHere's the YouTube video showing how the plugin works:\n\n\n\nOne of the best testimonials we've gotten is that "These plugins close the door on the past." They are a brand-new way to write music and create songs from scratch.\n\nSkills & requirements\n\nOur technology stack is based on .NET, using C#, AngularJS, TypeScript, Canvas, HTML5 + CSS3, SQL and more. If you're comfortable with WPF on desktop and HTML5/Canvas/MVC on web, you'll be able to read our code easily and develop new products\n\n\nWhat we require:\n\n1) Deep knowledge of the .NET stack\n\n2) Natural curiosity for how things work\n\n3) You taking a lot of initiative. This is part of the job requirement - we hire people who take initiative\n\n4) You can work 4 days a week (Tuesday-Friday, or Monday-Thursday), or 5 days a week depending on your preference. We don't hire for less than 32 hours per week\n\n\nSend us an email\n\nWe're not a big anonymous corporation, we're a small team of .NET developers who love making music tools. If you want to join us, send us an email at the address below. Show us your work:\n\[email protected]

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