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Trainer Road

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
\nCompensation: $100,000\nOpenings: 3\n\nDo you do your own dishes? We've got a job for you (and it's not dishwashing ;-) ).\n\nDo you put them in the sink and expect someone else to do them? Move on, please.\n\nDo you get pissed (in a professional way) when someone else leaves their dishes in the sink?  Please apply!\n\nTrainerRoad is looking to expand our engineering group. We're looking for smart software engineers who "get things done". We’re interested in remote candidates in the USA or candidates interested in working in our Reno office.\n\nAreas of work include Xamarin iOS/OSX/Android, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Web API, HTML/Javascript, Angular2, Azure, DocumentDB, ANT sport devices, Bluetooth Smart sport devices, Build/Test integration, and SQL among others.\n\nWe're looking to hire three engineers to expand our web team. Inside of that team people usually focus on one of the following areas:\n\nBackend Development - Controllers, API, Services, Azure data stuff, Integrations, etc\n\nFrontend Development - Angular2, API, Controllers\n\nTrainerRoad handles a large amount of data and our site gets a lot of use by a set of passionate users. On the backend, you might enqueue millions of items to process via Azure Functions or WebJobs (quickly and efficiently).  On the frontend, you'll be writing code that handles multiple requests per second.\n\nWhat I'm saying is your code will matter.\n\nWe've also got a crack design team. They make it so engineers never have to write a single line of CSS!\n\nNote: We're not on ASP.NET Core yet but we'll move there as soon as EF catches up with our requirements.\n\nWho We're Looking For\n\nWe want smart engineers! The ideal candidate is a "developer's developer" and enjoys reading about programming in their free time, tinkering on the weekends with side projects and staying abreast of the latest frameworks/technologies in their area of expertise.\n\nWe basically want someone with a passion for development.\n\nRequired Technology Experience\n\n\n* C# Experience - Intermediate to Advanced proficiency\n\n\n\n\nOptional Technology Experience\n\n\n* MVC\n\n* Core\n\n* Javascript Frameworks (Angular2, React, etc)\n\n* LINQ\n\n* Web API\n\n* Azure\n\n* DocumentDB\n\n* SQL\n\n* HTML\n\n* Build/Test CI (We use TeamCity)\n\n\n\n\nWork Remote or in Reno, Nevada\n\nWe're looking for the best candidate we can find in the US. Over half of our development team works remotely. It works very well with the help of Slack and Github.\n\nWe expect remote employees to overlap at least 6 hours with the Reno, Nevada office (we're there 8am-5pm Pacific time).\n\nSalary\n\nWe're looking to hire engineers for 100k/year.  If you ask for more we'll reject your application. If you're interested in the company please subscribe to our RSS feed at for when a higher level job posting is open.\n\nPerks\n\n\n* Unlimited Vacation\n\n* 401k with 4% company matching \n\n* 99% of employees individual health care paid (I know 99% is's an ACA thing and it ends up being just a few dollars per paycheck)\n\n* Flexible schedule\n\n* Access to the latest fitness devices (power meters, trainers, sensors, etc.)\n\n\n\n\nYour Resume should have...\n\n\n* Links to any open source projects you've contributed to\n\n* Github/StackOverflow username if you'd like\n\n* Examples of experience in the "Optional Technology Experience" area\n\n\n\n\nYour Cover Letter should have...\n\n\n* Let us know why you want to work for TrainerRoad\n\n\n\n\nWe also Require...\n\nThe best engineers only want to work with other great engineers. We've found that the best way to find great engineers is to actually have them code, not just answer trivia questions during an interview.\n\nThat's why we require applications to do a refactoring exercise as part of their job submission. The right candidate won't find this a pain in the ass; it should be enjoyable.\n\nThis also weeds out the vast majority of candidates who just fire off resumes everywhere.\n\nYou can download the refactoring exercise here:\n\nIt has a readme.txt in it with instructions.\n\nExcited about our Company?\n\nIn your application let us know why you want to work with us and why you think you'd be a good fit for our company.\n\nFAQs\n\nDo I have to be a cyclist to apply?\n\nNope! Not everyone in the company is a cyclist. It helps if you're an active racer but it's not required. If you are a racer or TrainerRoad user let us know!\n\nWhat's unlimited vacation mean?\n\nThe CEO of TrainerRoad used to be an engineer at a Fortune 500 company where life was a grind. We believe employees put out their best work when they are happy and not burnt out.\n\nIf your brain just isn't working at 3 pm, we encourage employees to go home and rest up. It does no one any good to sit and stare at the computer screen for another two hours. We don't track that time.\n\nEmployees generally shoot for around four weeks of REAL vacation time (no slack checking) but some take more and some take less.  The thing we care about is how productive you can be and how much value you can add to the company. Bottom line, we want people who are passionate and get things done. If you meet those requirements everything else works itself out.\n\nThat being said, if you end up taking massive amounts of vacation, come in late, leave early and aren't producing outstanding work we're going to have a problem.\n\nHow do you work?\n\nWe're big believers in Deep Work and Flow. If you're not turning off Slack (snooze), going DND on your phone and shutting off the world for multiple hours a day you're probably not being as productive as you could be. The idea is a developer should be able to work on a chunk of work that they understand totally distraction free for multiple hours.  This is the only way the company moves forward.\n\nWe try to work as pragmatically as we can.  We have excellent designers on staff who go from mockups to responsive HTML with light javascript work.\n\nDevelopment uses Github with a strict pull request process. We test, comment, refactor and improve each other's pull requests.\n\nWe have partial test coverage and we're constantly improving in that area.\n\nWe have a QA team (we call them the Test Team) that checks every PR and does full regression checks for each release.\n\nWe have an Automation Team that only focuses on writing UI tests to speed up testing and find bugs faster.\n\nWe can one-click deploy our app on Alpha, Beta, and Production channels.\n\nWe can one-click deploy our website to Azure (includes smoke tests and warm up).\n\nWe have nightly builds that deploy to Test Flight and Google Play.\n\nWe often pair program via Screen Hero.\n\nWe work off bi-weekly sprint issue lists on Github.\n\nDevelopers get the super fast machines and awesome equipment. If it's going to let you be more productive we want to spend the money on it.\n\nYou didn't ask about education, what's required?\n\nPlease put your education on your resume, but we're not going to reject someone because they don't have a degree in Computer Science. We understand that some of the best and most passionate engineers are self-taught.\n\nHow long until I hear a response from you guys? What's the process?\n\nIf you don't follow directions in this job posting you'll be immediately rejected.  \n\nIf you did follow directions our goal is to review your refactoring within a week of submitting your application. All refactoring reviews are done "blind"; meaning the reviewer doesn't know your name, resume or where you're from.  Code is code and it should be reviewed that way without bias.\n\nIf we like you're refactoring we'll have you do a coding logic quiz.  Nothing super deep CS wise.  We've found that the candidates who do the best on these exercises are very successful at TrainerRoad.\n\nWe'll take the top combined refactoring and coding quiz results and set you up for a team interview.\n\nIf the team likes you; we'll then set up a pair programming session with you and our CTO.  We'll give you a tour of our codebase and work on a real issue. This gives you a chance to run away from our codebase screaming and also demonstrate that you can communicate with us.\n\nIf all of the above is good, you're hired!  \n\nI know this sounds like a lot of hoops to jump through but it works so so well!  Once you're onboard you'll love that everyone else went through the same process and is up to "your level" in terms of "get-shit-doneness".\n\nWhat's with the dishes analogy?\n\nDoing your own dishes is a GREAT analogy for our culture.  Don't leave shit around for someone else to clean up.  Do your own dishes.  Do you see someone making a mess? Let's discuss it (in a productive manner) so that we can nip that behavior in the bud.\n\nWe know we're really doing well when someone points out a manager not "doing their dishes" or causing an extra headache for a process that doesn't add value (it happens). Seriously, we need employees to call managers out on this.  I'm the CEO writing this; please oh please tell me if I'm messing up or not walking the talk.\n\nThis is the longest job posting ever, when does it end?\n\nRight now! Congrats if you made it this far! We look forward to looking at your resume and refactoring exercise.

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