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The largest collection of Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads online. Get a remote job you can do anywhere at Remote Companies like Buffer, Zapier and Automattic who embrace the future. There are 31,300+ jobs that allow you to work anywhere and live everywhere.



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IDF seeks a Senior Front-End Developer to shape the future of design education\n\nThe Interaction Design Foundation is the world's most prestigious community and course platform for user experience designers. We are a nonprofit organization with a mission to reduce the cost of design education around the world, and we do so by providing high-quality online UX design courses at an affordable membership fee. With tens of thousands of members learning from our courses, and hundreds of thousands reading our free educational materials, we’re one of the largest UX design communities around the world.\n\n\n\nWe've spent the last 15 years building our community, and the last year rebuilding our course platform—based on a brilliant technology stack. And now we want you to help us build pure awesomeness in versions 7, 8, 9, etc.! If you're a senior front-end developer with sublime programming skills acquired from 5+ years of experience, we’d like to work with you.\n\n\n\nThis is a paid full-time position. You'll be location independent and will therefore be free to work from wherever you want in the world. You will have regular video-based contact with your colleagues and will get to meet them physically on team trips (see below).\n\n\n\nWhy you’ll want to join us:\n\n\n * You get to work in an international team where we truly and deeply care about great architecture, great code, great documentation, great tests, etc.\n * We love our codebase and that’s why we have zero tolerance for spaghetti code and technical debt. Code should be so well-crafted that you want to kiss the screen. \n * You will have uninterrupted concentration time every day to build pure front-end awesomeness and thus accelerate your learning curve. If you were to work at Facebook or Google, you would be constantly interrupted and only have 2 hours of uninterrupted “flow time” per day. That creates a slow learning curve. Working with us, you get a full 7 hours per day. Imagine what that will do to your mental muscles, to your learning and to your career.\n * You will help shape the future of design education which millions of people can benefit from.\n * You will work with the best developers and designers in the world. And learn from them.\n * You will have the ability to work from anywhere — as long as your internet connection allows you to have video-based contact with your colleagues every day.\n * You get to work with true perfectionists! The development team is a small, senior, and highly-powered team of 7 people: 4 developers, a visual/UX designer, a software tester/QA, and a product owner. They also get input/help from an additional 4 people – as well as from our community of tens of thousands of designers and front-enders who love to provide feedback. You can learn enormous amounts. \n * You get to meet up with the rest of the team several times a year at interesting destinations like a scenic Thai island, Dubai, Denmark, or the like. See the video about our company culture for more.\n * We have a focus on evergreen programming techniques and best practices, as opposed to the latest hyped framework. We’d rather hand-craft things ourselves than build our platform on a gazillion 3rd party libraries. Just ask Facebook: they know it sucks. \n * Our CEO is a programmer and you will therefore not have to worry about “management speak” in order to get your point across. Just let your awesome code “speak for itself” and you will earn respect immediately!\n\n\n\n\n\nWhat you will be doing:\n\n\n * You will take ownership and leadership of an ever-growing front end codebase where elegance and simplicity must be maintained and furthered – and where the evil forces entropy, bloat, and spaghetti must be fought back by your intellect and coding skills.\n * Helping us to build an online course that will teach millions of designers how to become front-end developers. This will hugely improve your skills and ability to communicate - and will prove to be an awesome challenge!\n * Helping us to build an online course for our members on the topic of Design Systems – bringing Front End Development together with UI/UX Design.\n * Creating animations that are not only beautiful, but meaningful and are features that add to the UX of our users.\n * Building upon our current front end style guide and coding guides, which let our back end developers use front end components with ease. You will build a “design system” that is extremely detailed yet also easy to navigate and use.... much like\n\n\n\n\n\nAbout you:\n\n\n * You love to learn and push your skills to new levels.\n * You have 5+ years of experience working professionally with OO + MVC (preferably web technologies).\n * You have an understanding of basic programming patterns and principles as well as a strong sense of good engineering and architecture.\n * You want to help us take our educational platform to the next level with front-end awesomeness: Animations, interactivity, social features, data-driven design, a better mobile version, "little big details", and much more.\n * You want to help build a rock-solid and perfectly architected and documented front-end codebase.\n * You are truly ambitious, result-oriented, friendly, and you like to continually improve.\n * You are self-motivated and love to see tangible results.\n * You speak and write acceptable English – not perfect English, just acceptable – since you will be working with people from Turkey, England, Denmark, Russia and Brazil, among others.\n * It’s a plus if you have an experience with Typescript/Flow, any JS framework, and/or PWA.\n * It’s a big plus if you have contributed to open source.\n * It's a big plus if you have worked professionally with at least one statically typed programming language like C, C++, Java, etc.\n\n\n\n\n\nAbout the technology stack\n\nWe believe we have an awesome technology stack and a great (and agile) development process to back that up (Scrum). You don’t have to be an expert in all of these things. The most important things are your programming skills and extensive experience from other projects.\n\n\n\nThe technology stack is currently:\n\n\n\n\n * Modern JS stack: ES6, Babel, JS modules, module bundling.\n * BEM/ITCSS as our CSS methodology for modular, reusable, and very well structured code.\n * We support only modern browsers (IE11+).\n * A clean separation between front-end and back-end code.\n * PHP 7.1 where we use all the newest language features like type declarations.\n * A framework which has an incredible community support. The name of the framework is not important since we are technology agnostic.\n * MySQL 5.7 configured for the highest performance; Redis for our caching needs.\n * One of the best content delivery networks with tons of delivery points all over the world for lightning fast pages.\n * Nginx with HTTP2 enabled - and thus the ability to architect your JS code more flexibly because of the architecture of the HTTP2 protocol\n * Git and GitHub using gitflow.\n * Vagrant (with VirtualBox) and seamless CI and deployment infrastructure.\n * …and well… lots more!\n\n\n\n\n\nWant to join our team? Here is how!\n\nPlease send an email to Rikke Friis Dam at [email protected] with the following:\n\n\n\n\n * Screener question: Please tell us why you want to put your heart, mind and hard work into this job. \n * Screener question: Tell us the 3 productivity tips/methods that work best for you.\n * A personal job application\n\n\n\n\n\nApply as soon as you can – we’re firm believers of “the sooner, the better”. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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