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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
\nIs this you?\n\nWe need a designer to join our team who is passionate about delivering elegant and simple user interfaces for mobile, tablet, laptop and large format on premise digital signage displays. You believe that your mission is to increase user satisfaction as measured by constant improvements in onboarding and retention. You collect user behaviour data, use it to drive design, analyze your results, and adjust to constantly increase onboarding and retention.\n\nYou use data collection tools like, lucky orange, kiss metrics, and and you know how to use that data to drive your creative process starting with; rapid concept delivery with tools like Sketch, walkthroughs with Invision, and then functional prototypes with HTML, CSS / SASS and JS (and maybe AngularJS).\n\nYou are a creative artist who has a design portfolio but you are not just limited to concepts. Your other persona is a techy geek that can write well formatted HTML with scalable and modular CSS in your sleep, you can argue web standards in all browser tongues, you use CSS pre-compilers such as SASS and LESS and kick responsive design into gear with Bootstrap. You are comfortable with Javascript (not just jQuery) and you have a working knowledge of frameworks like AngularJS (our preference), Ember and Backbone. And you keep your world in order with Git and make things happen with build tools like Gulp, CircleCI and CSS/Javascript libraries such as d3.js, Bootstrap and ui-bootstrap.\n\nYou have a relentless eye for detail, you are a stickler for consistency, simplicity and ease of use, and to make it happen you walk softly, but carry a big stick to make sure that no one deviates from the UX vision. Your style guides and sheets are shining examples of structure and organization and not something to be taken lightly.\n\nWe need someone who communicates just as well as they design, believes in the truth of an idea more than whose idea it is, and is passionate and fearless about new technologies and the ways in which we can work together. And of course, likes to work in a team that respects them, just as much as they respect everyone else – we like to start our sentences with please and end with thank you, and rather than jump to conclusions we first ask questions to make sure we all understand each other.\n\nFlexible\n\nWe don’t care if you want to work contract or be an employee, where you live in the world, what you wear, if you sleep days and work nights, or some combination in between, just as long as you can give us your full-time commitment and are available to collaborate between 9am and 5pm, Toronto time.\n\nNo Meetings\n\nYikes! 8 hours for collaboration every day? Sorry, not a meeting, we actually don’t like them, other than for social gatherings and tech shows, we just need some cross over time for Scrum discussions in our G+ Community and HipChat.\n\nVirtual\n\nIf we do need to meet, it’s in a Hangout. Don’t worry, pyjamas are more than okay. Most of our software is built in the Toronto area but we have no office here, we work virtually, but we do have an office in Shawnee, Kansas, if it just so happens you are in that area and prefer bricks and mortar.\n\nNo Followers\n\nWe want opinionated people – “I think we should do this” rather than “tell me what to do” – who are more than comfortable with everyone else having an opinion too!\n\nContinuous Learners\n\nWe want continuous learners. You share more articles, tech finds, check this outs, than anyone you know. You spontaneously learn and explore, you find having to learn something new is exciting, never scary.\n\nShip Ship Ship\n\nArbitrary deadlines are just that – arbitrary. But, shipping every day and using dates to keep the focus on, bloat out, and to give everyone else a marker that they can coordinate around, no matter if that marker moves or not, is really important to ship, ship often, ship it good! We believe in continuous integration / deployment and test driven development – we want to ship continuously, every single day!

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