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The largest collection of Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads online. Let's find you a job you can do anywhere at Remote Companies like Buffer, Zapier and Automattic who embrace the future. There are 22,450+ jobs that allow you to work anywhere and live everywhere.

The largest collection of Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads online. Let's find you a job you can do anywhere at Remote Companies like Buffer, Zapier and Automattic who embrace the future. There are 22,450+ jobs that allow you to work anywhere and live everywhere.



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2017-03-15 Flexible Remote


Product Designer


product manager

product manager



You probably haven’t run into a company like Olark before.

We are 40 people distributed around the globe working together to fundamentally change the way people communicate with businesses. There are over 12,000 organizations using Olark today.

We are seeking a full-time Product Designer to join our team. This position can be based anywhere in the United States or Canada.

As part of the Design team at Olark, we constantly strive to improve and unify the look and behavior of our interface, and come up with creative features that give even greater benefit to our users. Our performance is guided by key metrics, and projects are designed through deep understanding of customer groups.

Our designers work on product teams across the organization. Currently our team includes two Product Designers, two PMs, a Product Analyst, and Director of Product Design.

Your primary responsibilities will be:
  • Creating intuitive interactions for complex processes: Collaborate with product designers, engineers and user researchers to create easy-to-understand interfaces for complex social and technical tasks. Balance beauty and functionality.
  • Incorporating user feedback and data into design: Collect key information from UX, Data Science and Customer Support to include in a user-centered design process. Designers at Olark are highly collaborative with departments across our company.
  • Putting the customer first: Strive to understand and empathize with our users, and put them at the heart of your design process and new product ideation.
  • Creating an incredible first impression: This position is for a role on our visitor experience team, which focuses on creating an excellent first impression of Olark. As such, this designer will also work with the marketing team to develop various brand collateral.

  • Self-directed, but also open to collaboration: You are happy to work independently, but know when to ask for help. You know how to give, and receive, direct feedback. You are a team player and comfortable contributing to projects as well as open to leading projects. You are able to take complex design challenges and develop solutions to meet user needs.
  • Excellent communicator: You are able to clearly communicate your thoughts, especially in text based and visual communication. You know when a conversation should be in chat, Skype, or face-to-face.
  • Creative: You love solving complex problems with an approach of creativity. 
  • Empathetic: You realize listening is just as important as speaking your mind. You assume good faith of your teammates when there is conflict and are curious about understanding their perspectives.  
  • Comfortable working remotely: Our team is distributed and you’ll communicate via remote tools: we use Gmail, Slack, JIRA, Zoom and Invision.

Your experience:
  • Important: we'll need to see your portfolio site, so be sure to include a URL when applying.
  • At least 5+ years of experience using interaction design skills across various platforms
  • Excellent visual design skills, including an eye for good typography, composition, and use of color
  • Strong HTML/CSS skills
  • Mastery of visual design software (Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch)
  • Ability to collaborate with design, engineering, and customer service teams
  • Willingness to learn new technologies
  • Ability to take creative direction and constructive criticism
  • Working knowledge of Github
  • Javascript skills are a plus, but not required

You can expect a lot from us:
First off, make sure to read about our team culture at olark.com/jobs, and our values at olark.com/values. You can also get a sense of our history at olark.com/10000.

Beyond what you see there, as a member of the product team you can expect:
  • We only solve problems that actually make people’s lives better.
  • The ability to affect real change. We have a leadership team that is always listening and open to new ideas.
  • A great remote culture and team. Even though we're separated our team makes the effort to connect to one another as often as we can. We genuinely like each other.
  • A life outside of work: Olarkers generally work 40-hour weeks. Work is a marathon, not a sprint. We are building a company for the long haul.
  • A team of people that truly care about each other and are always learning from and teaching others.

Olark is committed to diversity in its workforce. Olark is an equal employment opportunity employer and considers qualified applicants without regard to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, veteran or disability status.

To apply: Please apply at https://olark.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0mpln

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