Remote Wordpress Developer for Fitness Site at TRAINY Open Startup
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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
Hi,\n\nWe are looking for 1-2 remote (or NYC) developers to join our engineering team on contract/freelance terms. We are a fitness Ecommerce site building a community of brands and gyms.\n\nIf you lift or do any sports, you know how crazy it is that clothing brands, meal prep services, equipment companies are popping out all over the place, we want to build a marketplace for all these dope stuff.\n\nCandidates who are good fit for this job are those who:\n\nβ€’ Javascripts all day err’day. If you could, you’d brush your teeth with it.\nβ€’ worked on Ecommerce site before, if you worked on big-time. shopping sites, even better\nβ€’ likes to move fast and break things.\nβ€’ Has a high affinity for visuals, love dope shit like,\n\nβ€’ favors experimenting and fucking shit up over test driven development\nβ€’ rocks Wordpress, BuddyPress and WC Vendors\n\nYou don’t need a big ass CV and a long history in computer science. We favor enthusiasm and proficiency in what’s important right now as well as a hunger for more. No X-years experience bullshit.\n\nShow us some cool things you threw together; usually experiments and side-projects are more appreciated than previous client work of yours.\n\nIf you like what you hear, hit us up.\nBest.\n\nExtra tags: Wordpress, Java

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