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The largest collection of Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads online. Get a remote job you can do anywhere at Remote Companies like Buffer, Zapier and Automattic who embrace the future. There are 29,950+ jobs that allow you to work anywhere and live everywhere.

The largest collection of Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads online. Get a remote job you can do anywhere at Remote Companies like Buffer, Zapier and Automattic who embrace the future. There are 29,950+ jobs that allow you to work anywhere and live everywhere.



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When it comes to modern day software development, you will have your finger on the pulse of the entire pipeline. You will need to be comfortable interfacing with various software components and always considering how best to deliver in a rapidly iterative fashion with a strong focus on service availability, scalability and resilience.{linebreak}{linebreak}DevOps is as much about communication and business relationships as it is about any of the software or tools you will use. {linebreak}{linebreak}About Us{linebreak}New Context is a rapidly growing consulting company in the heart of downtown San Francisco. We specialize in Lean Security; an approach that leads organizations to build better software thru hands-on technical and management consulting. We are a group of engineers who live and breath Agile Infrastructure, Systems Automation, Cloud Orchestration, and Information Security. {linebreak}The New Context team personifies the DevOps spirit. We love a challenge and look forward to working with clients to solve their own challenges. Our teams operate with complete stack awareness of infrastructure, application and security.{linebreak}Our driving methodologies are Lean Security and Humane Systems. In adopting a security first approach to infrastructure focused on people, processes and technologies, our team will have an integral part in driving the direction of these exciting new approaches.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}Duties & Responsibilities{linebreak}{linebreak}As a New Context DevOps Engineer you will be expected to provide technical leadership with a hands-on approach. On a daily basis you will be interfacing with our clients and other New Context staff members while working from the New Context office, at client sites or from your home. Expect to heavily leverage open source software to tackle challenges like delivery of highly secured containers to IoT devices or building Big Data ecosystems at petabyte scale and beyond.{linebreak}The team works well together, but also understands that sometimes they go rogue to motivate the group into being effective. Your most important daily responsibilities: have fun, lead by example and solve exciting challenges.{linebreak}{linebreak}Qualifications{linebreak}Seasoned Technical Veteran{linebreak}We are looking for a team member with 5+ years of experience in a similar role that can demonstrate they have already learned how to excel in this role.{linebreak}Experience with highly available and high-performance open source web technologies{linebreak}Existing familiarity (or the eagerness to learn) Ruby and/or Python is helpful, given they are the common languages of systems automation.{linebreak}Strong communication skills{linebreak}You must be ready to communicate current status in an effective and professional manner.{linebreak}Independent worker{linebreak}Work may often require direct interaction with clients or team members without direct supervision. You must be able to think on your feet, communicate constantly and professionally, and above all else meet the expectations of our clients.{linebreak}Calm and professional demeanor{linebreak}This is critical! You will be faced with frustrated clients, team members and situations. You must be able to handle yourself in a professional manner and find the best course of action to take in order to please the client as much as is possible.{linebreak}{linebreak}Technologies you will interact with regularly{linebreak}Methodologies{linebreak}Agile, Lean, DevOps, TDD, paired programming{linebreak}Operating Systems{linebreak}Linux, OS X{linebreak}Automation{linebreak}Chef, Puppet, Docker, Ansible, Salt, CFengine, Automated Testing{linebreak}Containerization Ecosystem{linebreak}Docker, Mesosphere, Rancher, CoreOS, Kubernetes{linebreak}Cloud & Virtualization{linebreak}AWS, Google Compute Engine, OpenStack, Cloudstack, kvm, libvirt{linebreak}Tools{linebreak}Jenkins, RunDeck, Atlassian Suite, Pivotal Tracker, Vagrant, Maven, Git{linebreak}Monitoring{linebreak}SysDig, Data Dog, AppDynamics, New Relic, Nagios, Zabbix{linebreak}Databases/Datastores{linebreak}Cassandra, Hadoop, Redis, Riak, postgresql, MySQL{linebreak}Security{linebreak}Compliance standards, firewalls, scanners, OSSEC, AIDE{linebreak}Languages{linebreak}Ruby, Python, Java, Javascript{linebreak}{linebreak}Extra tags: devops, chef, jenkins, docker, cassandra , puppet, hadoop, lean security,

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