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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
\nAh, the dreaded job description.  Believe it or not, it’s actually as difficult to write a good job description to catch your interest as it is to write a catchy resume and cover letter that catches our interest.\n\nSo why don’t we just get right to it.  Here’s the 6 item tl;dr checklist before you hit the apply button:\n\n* Read this: We’re hiring!\n\n* Have you done work in Java?\n\n* Have you done work on the front end?\n\n* Are you employable in the US and live in one of these states: CA, OR, WA, NE.\n\n* Write a cover letter telling us about your favorite project.\n\n\n\nCompleted those tasks?  Now let me tell you about the job.\n\nAfter a decade of our current UI, we're ready to make an upgrade to a more responsive, modern UI to help improve our clients' workflow. Are you up for that challenge?\n\nThe product, DF Studio (, is a professional photo asset management tool used by industry professionals (from small studios to the likes of HBO, Fox, and A&E) for their day to day asset management. Their work is data heavy, image heavy, and fast.\n\nOur (you included) focus will be to navigate the waters of client needs and their established workflow to help improve the experience and efficiency of using DF Studio. We’re looking for ways to redesign with clean, functional, fast, and elegant UI/UX paradigms to allow our clients to get their jobs done even better than now, whether on a desktop, laptop, phone, or a tablet and even watches. Basically if it has a screen (or even something without a screen), we want to make sure they can use it to get their work done better.\n\nYour tools? We’re just starting now so the sooner you can get in the door, the sooner we can hear what you have to suggest. We're exploring frameworks including AngularJS and Aurelia, libraries such as Knockout, and different CSS systems such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI. Keep in mind that we're looking for responsiveness, ability to package and build pages uniformly and easily, and creating clean and reusable code.\n\nOur backend is written in Java/Kotlin so there will be responsibilities to create new APIs and modify existing backend code. We are a small team so you may need to get comfortable with accessing the full stack: AWS/EC2, Postgres, Linux command line, JSPs, Java/Kotlin, Javascript, Tomcat as well as taking on client facing duties: social postings, support, client training, etc. It’s everything in one job. You’ll learn a lot.\n\nAre you still interested? If you are, so are we. This is a full-time, remote position with light (3-4 times a year) travel requirements to the main office in Culver City, CA. At this time though, we can only accept US residents and our list of preferred states are: California, Oregon, Washington, and Nebraska. Something about taxes and employment our lawyer and accountant asked us to mention.\n\nIf you've gotten this far, go ahead and hit the Apply button and send us your CV and cover letter. Actually, in lieu of a cover letter (which I’m sure wasn’t going to be a generic one right?), give us a short story about your favorite project (paid or unpaid, we all have our side projects that mean a lot to us). Keep in mind what we wrote above and find the relevance. Think of this as our test of your writing skills.  Our development team is small and spread out across various states so clear and concise communication is crucial.\n\nOh, and be sure to address your cover letter to Michael.  This is a small test to make sure you actually read and understand what it is we're asking of you, which is another crucial aspect of this job.  You'll be surprised how many people don't.  Consider yourself an exception.\n\nGood luck, but it’s not luck that will get you through :)\n\n      6. Now go ahead and hit the Apply button.

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