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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
\nThis is a fully remote position\n\nWe’re looking for talented, experienced web application developers interested in tackling a wide array of problems. To build the best product and technology, you must have a deep understanding of how all parts of the system work. If you're a specialist with deep knowledge in a particular area and interested in learning about other parts of the stack, or a generalist who loves going deep on all sorts of problems, you’ll fit right in.\n\nWe’re in a very exciting time here at MemberMouse because we're growing faster than ever and are facing some interesting, difficult problems that we’re not yet sure how we’re going to solve. Not only will you be working on a product and technology that hundreds of thousands of people use each day, you’ll be helping to define it.\n\nThe most common way that something gets done at MemberMouse is as follows: someone has an idea, they share it with the team, they collaboratively refine what it should be, and they go build it. People are their own project managers, and this works because everybody on the team understands our business and what's important to us and to our customers. You will have lots of autonomy and a huge impact on our business.\n\nWe pride ourselves on being flexible, but there are some things we feel very strongly about:\n\n\n* Do it right. We focus on the long term. We love to be productive, but deadlines are the first thing to be sacrificed in the name of quality!\n\n* Simplicity over everything. If you're smart enough to write 100s of lines of clever spaghetti code, you should be smart enough to realize that someone will probably break it later. It can be hard to make things simple and elegant, but it’s worth the effort and the time.\n\n* Great teams are better than the all-star players. No matter how great someone's ideas, they'll be improved upon through collaboration with other stellar engineers.\n\n* Understand the whole business. Great software isn’t built in a vacuum -- it requires hard work from extremely smart people across many disciplines and an understanding of how it all fits together.\n\n* Have fun. In order to produce exceptional work, you have to love what you do.\n\n\n\n\nTechnical requirements for this position:\n\n\n* Passion for the craft and dedication to producing a quality product\n\n* LAMP (5+ years) with strong PHP Object Oriented programming skills\n\n* Understanding of common design patterns and PHP development best practices\n\n* Experience working with a wide range of APIs (XML,JSON)\n\n* Familiarity with security best practices for web development\n\n* Strong SQL query writing skills (preferably with MySQL)\n\n* Comfort writing Javascript and experience with the jQuery framework\n\n* Solid experience with cross-platform, browser compliant HTML (HTML5 a plus)\n\n* Strong work ethic along with the ability to efficiently work remotely to meet project timeframes and specifications\n\n* Excellent written and verbal communications skills\n\n* Working knowledge of SVN\n\n* Experience working with WordPress/WordPress plugins\n\n\n\n\nDesirable Skills:\n\n\n* Linux server administration\n\n* Experience with Amazon EC2/S3/RDS\n\n* Working knowledge of CSS\n\n\n\n\nSince you've made it this far, here's why we think you should join us:\n\n\n* Working with highly motivated, ambitious, upbeat people on challenging problems is what makes work great. That’s what we love!\n\n* We are profitable, growing and are privately held, so we have the luxury of being able to do what best serves the long-term interests of the company.\n\n* This is a fully remote position so you'll be able to work from whenever you have a computer and internet.\n\n* We offer competitive compensation and flexible vacation schedule\n\n\n\n\nIf we sound fun and interesting to you, please apply with some links (e.g. GitHub, Twitter) or attachments (e.g. non-public code, technical writings) that will help us understand your background.

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