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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
\nWe are looking for a serious badass. A lot of the recs here probably say this, but we mean it. We don’t do your typical “build an app in rails or django” type of work or “we’re building a mobile app for cats looking to find a date.” We do serious research and development, pushing the bounds of what’s possible, experimenting with totally new technologies (node.js is like ancient history to us), and building revolutionary applications. Our mission: think up, design, and then build new technologies that help solve some of the most pressing social and humanitarian issues facing the world today. We work with the some of the most advanced and prestigious research institutes in the world, with some of the smartest people you’ll ever meet. If it sounds like we’re bragging, well, we kinda are. We LOVE what we do. \n\nSpecifically, we are looking to hire a few elite-of-the-elite software developers, engineers, architects and/or hackers (isn’t everyone these days?). ***The work is NOT commercial software development, it is software R&D.*** This means that we do a lot of rapid prototyping and a lot of quick “build-demo-punch something-rebuild-demo again” cycles. You gotta have thick skin. We operate under often-ambiguous requirements, and sometimes all we have to start with is a high-level concept or research question, so you have to be comfortable with getting started without knowing everything up front. We try to minimize context-switching as much as possible, but in such a dynamic environment it does happen sometimes, just being honest. We like to see dogged passion and enthusiasm for good code, emerging technologies and social impact. We are idealists trying to make a real difference in the world with the skills we have to offer. If this is you, you will be in good company.\n\nWhen we hire you, we will take care of you, but working at HG is a two-way street: we promise that we’ll do everything we can short of selling our kidneys to make sure you can focus on work that interests you and have a stable career that advances your knowledge and experience, all while have fun and working with people you admire, and in return you do awesome work with us and give our team your best almost every day (because, come on, no one fires on all cylinders every day).\n\nOk, so that’s our heartwarming spiel, now for some details. We offer higher-than-average, 6-figure pay rates for most positions, because we’re doing harder-than-average work. This is a full time or near-full time position, and we can discuss hourly or salary compensation options. As we mentioned above, we’re small and fully bootstrapped, so we don’t have a sweet benefits package to offer right now, but we will work on that with you as we grow and in the meantime offset it with awesome pay and other informal benefits, like paid training. The position is fully remote, with a flexible schedule. There will be occasional on-site meetings in the Washington DC area that we would expect you to attend if at all possible. We don’t have set vacation days, just give us a heads up when you plan to take off and don’t leave any blockers or miss any deadlines.\n\nWe live and breathe this work, so please don’t apply if development is “just a job” for you. If you love coding, want to make a difference, and want to work with some of the best developers and researchers in the world, then DO apply and let’s see where this goes together!

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