Remote Swift Engineer Internship at Creatella Pte. Open Startup
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The largest collection of Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads online. Get a remote job you can do anywhere at Remote Companies like Toptal, Zapier and Automattic who embrace the future. There are 42,400+ jobs that allow you to work anywhere and live everywhere.

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Want to grow and be a part of something special ? Then make an Impact and Join Us!\n\nThe startup\n\nCreatella is an ambitious and enthusiastic startup that aims to penetrate the untapped P2P marketplace sector in South East Asia. Born in Singapore, with European and Japanese roots, this highly international startup aims to become a top tech startup in the bustling South East Asia. Both founders have track records of entrepreneurship and have met success in the many countries they worked in before.\n\nIn a nutshell, Cash2Cash is a P2P local cash currency exchange service (app and website) that allows users to exchange their foreign currencies with other peers in cash, entirely free, at today’s rate. Basically we make the world more open and sharing, by saving users 2-10% in exchange fees, and avoiding to spend time waiting in queues, or looking for money changers with better rates. \n \nInterested in joining a thrilling project from the first release and create an awesome app with your hands and brains? Drop us an email!\n\n\nThe team\n. Meet the tech co-founder: Guillaume, 29, has a full stack experience in tech, from the programming (5 years) to project management of internet platforms and mobile apps. He has ventured into entrepreneurship by founding a non-profit, and later co-founded an ecommerce startup. He lived in 5 countries, and speaks 5 languages. You’ll be working directly with him.\n. Meet the marketing co-founder: Hiroo, 30, is a workaholic startup founder with 6 years experience in financial advisory and management consulting at international investment bank. He lived in Tokyo, New York and now Singapore. He founded a financial services startup in Tokyo and graduated from one of the best MBAs in the world, where he met with Guillaume.\n. Meet our multicultural collaborators: We are the team of 13 with 11 different nationalities. From UK, Italy, France, Malta, Macedonia, Algeria, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia and US passionate developers, UI/UX designers and marketing specialists joined the project, driven by the passion to create products and by the learning experience in a startup.\n\n\nWhat we offer you\n\n. A skyrocketing learning curve while enjoying our open, respectful, and unique international culture\n. Smart, friendly coworkers who collaborate and help each other. We want to share our knowledge as well as learn from you\n. Challenge yourself everyday and gather valuable professional and personal experience\n. Be a key member of our creative, smart, fun and hard-working team\n. Gain exceptional knowledge about best practices in teamwork and management, in an entrepreneurial yet highly organized and optimized environment\n. Develop your entrepreneurial side\n\n\nWhat you’ll do\n\n. Develop from scratch and launch a new iOS app based on the current mobile website and make it beautiful, intuitive and delightful\n. Define and program in Swift from A to Z the complete interface and features\n. Join an exciting and lean startup, working closely with front-end engineers, server engineers, UI/UX designers and the two founders\n. Grow as a badass engineer with top-class achievements\n. View and contribute to the entrepreneurial journey and development of the whole startup. No better way than to learn how to do it yourself now!\n. Share your ideas and knowledge with the eager members of the team\n\n\nYour skills and qualities\nYour personal qualities are just as important as your technical skills!\n\nPERSONAL QUALITIES\n. Creative: You think outside the box. We want your ideas and feedback not only for the project and coding, but also for the whole company\n. Timely: You manage well your time\n. Challenger: You like to push yourself and go beyond your own goals. We’re ambitious and we want you to be too!\n. Organized: you’re structured and like using tools to improve your work\n. Quality-driven: You create great work you’re proud of!\n. Fast learner: You’ll learn a lot with us, and we have little time!\n. Team player: You share, discuss, ask for advice, and report on your work on yourself. You’ll work independently, we don’t want to be on your back ;-)\n\n\nTECHNICAL SKILLS\n\n. Excellent knowledge of Swift\n. Preferable knowledge of PHP, Javascript, MySQL and MongoDB\n. Object oriented programming\n. Experience in a previous project is a plus, but not necessary\n\n\nOthers\n\n. For short term collaboration (2-3 months) or long term exciting career progression\n. Location: Work comfortably at home. Meet the team members online and offline from time to time\n\n\nExtra tags: Swift

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