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United Kingdom
๐Ÿ’ฐ $10k - $20k

social media management agency


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social media


customer support

Smarcomms is hiring a Remote Customer Support Manager

Weโ€™re are looking for a **remote customer support manager** to take charge of customer support (emails, tickets, phone calls), onboarding processes, and documentation during UK business hours.\n\n\n**Smarcomms** is a social media management company providing small business owners with 'done for you' social media content and real organic growth for one low monthly fee. Weโ€™re a small and highly effective remote team of mainly independent contractors โ€“ youโ€™ll work independently from wherever you want.\n\n\n# Benefits of this role:\n\nHereโ€™s why this is an awesome job.\n\n* This is a role where you will have a direct impact on our customers experience and how much they get out of our service. Our customers require in-depth replies that go the extra mile to solve their issues, not rushed answers with no thought.\n* You'll work remotely. Work from anywhere and enjoy the benefits of setting your own schedule โ€“ whether you want to work from paradise in Bali (like the Founder) or from a cafe up on the slopes in Whistler, enjoy the freedom of working where you want.\n* You'll work 20+ hours per week starting out. \n* This is an entry level position, perfect for someone young, hungry and social media savvy.\n* You'll get paid $10.00-15.00/hour.\n\n# The ideal candidate:\n\nWeโ€™re open to hiring people with different backgrounds, experiences, and skills. If you enjoy customer service, have a strong understanding of social media and are fairly tech savvy then you are likely to be a good fit.\n\nThere are some attributes that are guaranteed to make you awesome at this:\n\n\n* Empathy: sometimes clients get frustrated and itโ€™s our job to understand and find a solution. \n* Youโ€™re a self starter, you like to set your own direction and run with it. You donโ€™t need constant check-ins to get things done.\n* Youโ€™re good at expressing ideas in clear and concise writing. The tone of our company is very personal, being able to write simply is a must.\n* You are tech savvy. Youโ€™re able to quickly learn new software and figure out problems as they arise.\n* Youโ€™re reliable. This is a remote position and nobody is going to look over your shoulder. Show up when you say you will, do what you say youโ€™ll do.\n* Finally, youโ€™re proactive about moving the company forward. When you notice areas for improvement you take the initiative to create change.\n\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$10,000 — $20,000/year\n\n\n#Location\nUnited Kingdom

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# How do you apply?\n\nIf you are interested then please [submit an application here](\n\nP.S. Please only apply if you are from the UK, US or Canada (you can still be based anywhere in the world). \n
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