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content marketing


digital marketing


technical writing



ClickMinded is hiring a Remote Technical Content Marketer

**TLDR:** We're looking for a technical content marketer that is obsessed with digital marketing, annoyingly detail-oriented, loves creating walkthroughs with screenshots and wants to help build the most useful library of marketing tutorials in the world.\n\n\n**What Is ClickMinded?**\n\nClickMinded is the digital marketing training platform you didn't know you needed. We create world-class online courses, SOPs, checklists and cheatsheets on digital marketing that companies use to train up their teams every day. Companies like Grammarly, WeWork, Volvo, StitchFix and 10,000 other folks you may not have heard of (yet).\n\nOur goal is to get 100,000 people trained by ClickMinded before December 2022 (9x growth), and we go to work every day against some of the most competitive digital marketers in the game.\n\nThat’s where you, our shiny new technical content marketer, come in.\n\n\n**What’s This Job About?**\n\nThis job is all about creating content for our most successful product, [The ClickMinded SOP Library](\n\nIf you're unfamiliar, SOP stands for standard operating procedure, which is really just a fancy way to say an extremely comprehensive checklist. The ClickMinded SOP library is a massive archive of templates, checklists and cheatsheets that our users use to execute extremely specific digital marketing tasks, both for their clients and within their own teams.\n\nSOPs can vary, from simple, 3-page walkthroughs, to massive 50+ page guides, to customizable google sheet templates, and everything in-between.\n\nWe let our users customize, modify and brand these templates and make them their own, and then pass them off to their own customers, so the development of the original templates is extremely important.\n\nHere's a few examples of SOPs currently available in the library:\n\n* [How to Perform a Social Media Audit](\n* [How to Create a Lookalike Audience on Facebook](\n* [UTM Builder Template](\n\n\nAs of today, we have 100+ SOPs, and we're looking to 3x this by December 31, 2021.\n\nThe development of these SOPs requires experience and interest in digital marketing, along with a willingess and hunger to learn more every day. If you’re the type of person who wanders around the Internet constantly signing up for new tools, opting in to email lists to understand their funnel, or viewing the source of webpages just because you’re curious, **please stop what you're doing and apply right now.**\n\n\n**Day-To-Day, You'll Be:**\n\n* Running our most popular, most successful product, the ClickMinded SOP Library\n* Writing new SOPs from scratch with detailed instructions and lots of useful screenshots\n* Keeping old SOPs up-to-date, from small cosmetic changes to massive rewrites of the process\n* Listening to our customer's problems and creating SOPs that solve them\n* Proposing new SOPs and then executing on your own strategy\n\n\n**Who We Need**\n\nThis is a unique role that requires someone with substantial experience in technical content marketing, experience in digital marketing and an insatiable desire to learn even more, every single day. \n\nThe ideal candidate has:\n\n* At least 2+ years experience doing some form of digital marketing professionally\n* A deep understanding of technical content marketing: you enjoy writing and have published popular, high-traffic posts in the past.\n* A baseline understanding and familiarity with the e-commerce sales funnel\n* A baseline understanding of content marketing, SEO, web analytics, email marketing & paid ads\n* A baseline understanding of SOPs and process optimization (recommended books: The E-Myth and Work The System)\n* A bias towards speed and a relentless focus on getting content published and live on the site.\n\n\n**Pay & Benefits**\n\n* Competitive salary based on experience\n* Ability to create and launch content that 250,000+ people per year will use\n* Unlimited learning and development budget for everyone on the team \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$20,000 — $40,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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# How do you apply?\n\n We know high-quality people don't like to jump through hoops when applying, so our application process takes less than 2 minutes. Just send over a few links to content you've written in the past.
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