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Women Rocking Business



This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
\nThe Director of Technology (DT) leads the Technology Team and is responsible for the technology deployed at Women Rocking Business (WRB). As the primary technology decision-maker, the DT formulates plans for the organization and ensures high-performance technical operations. This role is cross-functional and relates to the technology used for customers as well as team operations. The DT will personally develop technology as well as coordinate with specialists and team members to create and service company products. At WRB our primary customer experiences are driven through our website, Facebook, webinars, and email. \nReports to: Chief Operating Officer\n\n\nResponsibilities \nThe Director of Technology holds these core responsibilities of the Technology Team: * Design and implement high-performance customer technology systems\n \n * Design and implement business intelligence solutions for decision-makers\n \n * Design and implement technology that improves team effectiveness\n \n\n\nAdditionally, the DT holds these leadership responsibilities:\n * Manage the Technology Teams human and financial resources\n \n * Shape company initiatives in coordination with other leaders\n \n * Support team members across the company in understanding the abilities and limitations of our technological infrastructure\n \n\n\nTasks \nCustomer technology\n * Contribute to the design and development of customer product technologies\n * Design and implement marketing automation\n * Develop products with a cross-disciplinary team (i.e. design, data, front-end)\n * Design and build products for scale, complexity, security, and fault tolerance\n * Use server and IT strategies designed to handle scale, complexity, and failures\n * Design and implement software specifically suited for a task as needed\n * Implement and monitor A/B testing and other optimization infrastructure\n \n \nBusiness intelligence\n * Work with decision-makers to establish criteria for data collection\n * Design and implement data collection and visualization methods\n * Verify the accuracy of data being collected and displayed to decision-makers\n \n \nTeam support and effectiveness\n * Institute reusable software designs and organization naming conventions\n * Work with other teams to anticipate, identify, and articulate technology needs\n * Select and implement software and systems for other teams\n * Issue guidance about intended customer experience to support team\n \n \nCompany technology\n * Design and implement systems architecture\n * Design and develop APIs and integration paths\n * Manage servers, hosting systems, domain infrastructure, and scaling utilities\n * Manage backup protocols and systems\n * Manage internal and 3rd party email deliverability\n * Manage security protocols and systems\n \n \nTech team leadership\n * Design standards for Technology Team code, systems, and processes\n * Train and guide technology team members\n * Manage Technology Team members\n * Review team code and solutions to verify whether standards are being met\n * Provide constructive feedback to support team learning and development\n * Set policies and standards for the Technology Team\n \n \nHuman and financial resources\n * Write the Technology Teams budget and track actual allocations\n * Understand and communicate requirements for current and future team size\n \n\n\nBenefits\n\nWomen Rocking Business recognizes the value that an experienced Director of Technology will bring to our team. We are excited to improve the way we do business and for our technology to become a source of strength. \nStarting salary: $90,000-$110,000, depending on experience

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