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Aha! engineering is a mid-sized, fully remote team that is highly productive. We are centered around North American time zones so we can collaborate during the workday.\n\n**Our team**\n*  **We utilize [The Responsive Method](**: The eight principles drive how we operate Aha! and serve customers and employees.\n*  **We move quickly**: We ship code multiple times a day. We believe in getting new features in front of customers and iteratively improving as we learn what works and what does not.\n*  **We collaborate:** We each bring unique experiences and skills to the table. Working together to share that knowledge benefits the entire team and helps us produce the best results for our customers.\n*  **We value product over process:** We want the team to have the time and focus to solve complex challenges. We aim to minimize the overhead introduced by heavyweight processes and excessive meetings.\n*  **We are happy:** it is important to us that you love your job and are happy at work. Learn more about our company [values]( Check out our generous [benefits](\n\n**Our technology**\n\nOur sole product is the Aha! web application. It is a single-instance, multi-tenant Ruby on Rails monolith supported by Postgres (database), Redis (background jobs), and memcached (Rails caching). We also run a Node.js webserver to support collaborative editing and real-time updates. Our application is hosted on Amazon Web Services and architected with ECS for reproducibility and scalability.\n\nWe use React for rich client-side experiences on the front end. Some of the features we have built with React include:\n\n* Our fully collaborative [text editor]( Supports multiple cursors and simultaneous editing by any number of users. We also published a [blog post]( explaining the underlying technology.\n* Our [presentation editor]( Allows users to create presentations with slide themes, shapes, text, and embedded Aha! reports (which update live so the presentation is always current).\n* Our [Gantt chart]( Supports scaling and scrolling to change the timeline, drag-and-drop, and quick actions to create records or sort the bars.\n* We embrace new technologies that help us deliver a lovable product, but we also remain cognizant of the maintenance overhead that a new library or platform brings. We solve the problems in front of us, rather than prematurely optimizing to address issues that may never materialize.\n* We do most of our collaboration and planning in Aha! itself, which we find especially rewarding. We also utilize GitHub, Slack, and GoToMeeting for video calls.\n\n**Your experience**\nWe believe that being a kind person who elevates the rest of the team is just as valuable as writing great code. You have strong problem-solving skills and experience working on important functionality for a cloud-based product. You are humble, eager to learn, and always willing to help others learn as well. You want to work with people who enjoy picking up a problem and solving it, regardless of the technologies and techniques involved.\n\nThe Aha! security team is part of the engineering team and is product focused. As a Senior Security Engineer, you can expect to spend the majority of your time working with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript code for security reviews, investigations, updates, and implementing security features.\n\n**Your work at Aha!**\nWe maintain security controls and perform security reviews on a broad range of features across the full stack. Your work will include:\n\n* Security code reviews that go above and beyond what can be found through scanning tools (which we use too!)\n* Cloud and network security reviews of Amazon Web Services infrastructure that is implemented via infrastructure as code\n* Monitoring third-party dependency vulnerability reports and applying fixes and mitigations\n* Sharing security findings and new developments internally for ongoing education\n* Participating in security monitoring, incident response, and investigations\n\nIf this sounds appealing, we would love to hear from you. A real human reviews every application. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$110,000 — $160,000/year\n\n\n#Location\nNorth America

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