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aaa gaming

This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
### What you will do\nAs a member of the Game Services team for the AAA video game Star Citizen, you will be responsible for building the online MMO backend services & related tools, acting on both the server and game-client side. The team is based in Montreal but operates mostly online with Could Imperium Games studios located in the US and the UK.\n\n#### Your main objectives will be to:\n* Design service APIs to power game features by working closely with Game Designers.\n* Develop scalable online macroservices in a large meshed service ecosystem\n* Program in tandem with Gameplay Developers to enable the game client\n* Take ownership of game features in the MMO architecture from inception to deployment and operation.\n\n#### You will work in the following stacks:\n* Communications with gRPC & Protobuf\n* Gameplay services under Node.JS with Typescript\n* High throughput services with C++ and gRPC\n* C++ Game Client (StarEngine) communications with gRPC\n* Distributed message queues (Kafka)\n* Deployment with Kubernetes, Docker, and Linkerd2\n\n### You’re Savvy in\n* Communicating efficiently with people and translating technical jargon\n* Adapting to various contexts, sometimes shifting priorities\n* Managing your schedule to ensure productivity and efficiency in projects\n* Showing autonomy, being thorough and curious about new technologies\n* Getting things done, sharing good practices in backend development, contributing to implementing efficient processes\n### You have Accomplished\n* Relevant programming experience or Bachelor in Computer Science\n* 4 years+ of experience in backend programming\n* 2 years+ of experience in programming with Node.js and experience with TypeScript\n* Good understanding of Linux shell, git and build pipelines\n* Good understanding of real-time network communication through gRPC, WebSocket\n* Knowledge of Event-Sourcing and Domain-Driven Design (DDD)\n* Experience with C/C++\n* Experience with Docker and Kubernetes; *an asset*\n* Experience working in a video game studio, *an asset*\n### You’re Eager to Take On\n* Build macroservices in a polyglot environment\n* Be part of a fast-iterating development environment\n* Estimate the effort to perform specific tasks, commit to delivery deadlines and help the team set and respect production timeline collectively\n* Mentor other developers on technologies you have learned to master\n* Designing innovative online services by focusing on fault-tolerance, scalability & security\n* Understanding the game features in order to provide clean, well defined, and documented service APIs\n* Using Cloud Native technologies to guarantee that Star Citizen is built on top of a sustainable ecosystem\n* Providing tools and applications to enable LiveOps teams to manage the game.\n* Interacting with infrastructure engineers to analyze, inform, review and improve the reliability and scalability of the game’s backend\n\nTurbulent is committed to employing a diverse workforce. Qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or disability.\n\nThe salary displayed on the posting is an estimation. The compensation offered depends on the seniority and experience of each candidate. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$70,000 — $80,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
Ready to take your skills to the next level? Our award-winning international e-commerce platform needs more highly talented developers on board. If you're skilled and ready to adopt new technologies, keep reading!\n\n**About the job**\n\nAs our new Senior Golang Backend Software Engineer, you’ll be challenged as you build highly scalable microservices in a modern infrastructure environment. If you enjoy focusing on clean design patterns, quality, and writing testable, awesome code… we need you.\n\nBecome a part of a world-class development team and work with modern technologies in a broad range of services written in Go / Golang.\n\n**Our Stack**\nWe get it, you're skilled and want the details. Here is our current stack in bullets. The list might be outdated tomorrow though:\n\nLanguages: Go\nCommunication: gRPC\nInfrastructure: Kubernetes, Istio\nDatabases: CockroachDB (PostgreSQL, on steroids)\nQueues: Google Pub/Sub\nLogs & Personalisation: Elasticsearch\nCloud Providers: GCP, AWS\nTelemetry: Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger, Kiali\n\n**Responsibilities**\n\nAs a Software Engineer at Trendhim, you’ll:\n\n- Take responsibility for executing projects.\n- Develop world-class services serving millions of users.\n- Ensure high code quality.\n- Expand your capabilities.\n\n**Can you check off the following?**\n- Works well independently and in a team\n- At least one (1) year of Golang production experience\n- At least five (5) years of software engineering experience\n- Has hands-on experience structuring databases at scale\n- Writes well-structured and testable code\n- Likes learning and pushing limits\n- You have experience with microservices architecture\n\n**Trendhim benefits**\n- Be part of one of the fastest-growing E-commerce scale-ups in Denmark.\n- Flexible working hours. Are you an early bird or a nine-to-fiver? Make your time count.\n- Competitive salary. We know you’ve worked hard for your skills and experience and will offer a salary to match.\n- Skill development. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills alongside coworkers you can learn from, and who want to learn from you.\n- 60% employee discount. Your gift-giving game just got that much better.\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
## Full-time. Fully remote within CETΒ±2. Still hiring post-Covid! πŸŽ‰\n\nJust is a FinTech company building SaaS products for corporate treasury. We help CFOs and finance teams in large multinational companies forecast and manage their financial risk.\n\nWe launched our first foreign exchange analytics solution in August 2019 and already serve +20 major corporate customers and 2 non-profits.\n\nWe’re currently developing a β€œliquidity forecasting” tool which lets companies forecast how much money they’ll have in the bank in the future, and stress test this forecast against various global events.\n\nWe have a great product development team and are looking for an experienced front-end developer to join us so that we can build top-notch user experiences for our customers more quickly.\n\n### 🎁 What we offer\n\n- Join a FinTech startup at the sweet spotβ€”early enough that you can still help shape the company, but established enough to offer good job stability and growth prospects.\n- 100% remote working, unless you’d like to live in Oslo (it’s nice! πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄πŸ”οΈπŸŒ²πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ)β€”and we’ll buy you some decent home office equipment.\n- Regular opportunities to get together with the whole company somewhere fun πŸ–οΈ\n- €65-75k salary, wherever you areβ€”we won’t low-ball you for being in a country with a lower cost of living.\n- Stock options, because we want it to be your company as well as ours πŸ™‚\n\n### πŸ‘·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ What you’ll be doing\n\n- You’ll spend most of your time in the first months developing our liquidity management productβ€”we have customers pre-committed to this, so we’re eager to launch as soon as we can.\n- You’ll primarily be responsible for the web client and GraphQL server, but will likely get involved with other things too.\n- You’ll work with our other engineers to come up with the right overall architecture for our solution, and design gRPC APIs that make sense for the front-end.\n- We’ll want you to develop UI test coverage. We have good automated test coverage of our backend services, and front-end unit tests, but we’d like to start running UI tests with Puppeteer or similar.\n- You’ll also lead the design and implementation of a real-time collaboration feature, using something like ShareDB.\n- We’ll spend time helping you to understand our business and archetypical customer in detail. Our engineers don’t just follow instructionsβ€”they have their own vision of the product and are always looking to find ways to do things better.\n\n### βœ… The requirements\n\n- You should have extensive experience developing complex web applications with React, Redux and TypeScriptβ€”we’d love to see some cool things you made!\n- You should also have worked with GraphQL.\n- You should be good with CSS and familiar with preprocessors.\n- You’ll need an eye for detail and can build things that don't just work, but look and feel great too.\n- You need to practice modern software development techniques such as unit testing, continuous integration & distributed version control.\n- You need to be within Β±2 hours of the CET timezone, because we think remote collaboration is really important.\n- We want you to be a fun person to work with! We believe that working together as a team is the most important thing for success.\n\n### πŸ‘πŸΎ Also good if\n\n- You have some backend development experience, especially with Go. We support working across the full stack for people who are interested.\n- You've worked with Web Components, using Stencil.js or similar.\n- You have publicly available projects and code that we can take a look at.\n\n### πŸ’Ύ Technologies we use\n\n- *Frontend:* React, Redux, TypeScript, Stylus, GraphQL\n- *Backend:* Go, Java 11, gRPC, RabbitMQ, Open Policy Agent, PostgreSQL\n- *Platform:* Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes\n- *Tooling:* Your choice of new laptop, GitLab, Bazel\n\n### πŸ’Œ Applying\n\nFeel free to send us your CV at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), along with a link to something cool you've built previously that we can check out.\n\n*(Direct applicants only. We're not open to outsourcing firms or recruiters, sorry.)* \n\n#Salary and compensation\n€65,000 - 70,000/year\n\n\n#Location\nCET Β±2 Timezone

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# How do you apply?\n\n This job post is older than 30 days and the position is probably filled. Try applying to jobs posted recently instead.