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Skylight Frame

 This job is getting a pretty high amount of applications right now (12% of viewers clicked Apply)

verified closed
🌏 Worldwide
πŸ’° $170k - $200k


This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
As [Skylight](’s Full-Stack Engineering Leader, you’ll become fluent in all the facets of our infrastructure. We process millions of photos per month, and we’re constantly improving our products and exploring new offerings – so you’ll get a chance to learn about both scale and innovation. You can expect lots of mentorship and coaching from our CEO and CTO, both of whom have deep experience in Technology products.\nHere are some elements of our technology stack, any of which you could jump into on day one (with plenty of support from the person who authored their first drafts):\n* A mobile app in React Native with lots of tricky photo-picking, editing, and uploading challenges\n* A serverless pipeline in Node that extracts attachments from emails, transforms them, and serializes metadata for downstream consumption\n* A Rails JSON API, consumed by a React frontend (and by our hardware devices)\n* A high-throughput Go server on Dynamo that handles 1500 requests per second\nEach component presents a unique opportunity to experiment, learn, and improve! \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$170,000 — $200,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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Rainforest QA

 This job is getting a pretty high amount of applications right now (16% of viewers clicked Apply)

verified closed
🌏 Worldwide
πŸ’° $50k - $170k

ruby on rails





This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
Rainforest QA is an on-demand QA solution. It’s our mission to enable development teams to deliver bug-free software while moving at the speed of continuous delivery. We are truly a global team, allowing us to bring together the best and most diverse talent. Our commitment to the distributed team model and to our company values has earned us [multiple culture and workplace awards]( and helped us build a diverse team of individuals working toward the same goal: change the way QA is done. \n\nLearn more about Rainforest QA by visiting our [LinkedIn](, [Glassdoor](,24.htm), [Instagram](, [Facebook](, and [Twitter]( pages.\n\n\n**Senior Engineer (Backend)**\n\nAs a Senior Engineer at Rainforest QA you'll be part of an experienced and diverse team with members all over the world.\n\nWe were built as a distributed team from the beginning and we've committed to implementing tools and processes that allow for and support continuous and effective communication across the world.\n\nWhat you'll do\n* Work on our main app, which contains the majority of our business logic and is written in Ruby-on-Rails and backed by PostgreSQL and Redis\n* Work on numerous support services (including our work scheduler and VM management system - both of which manage hundreds of thousands of requests a day) written in a variety of languages (Elixir, Golang, Crystal, Node, Python) chosen because of their suitability to the problem the service is solving\n* Work on internal tooling to improve the development experience of other engineers and ship faster and safer\n* Collaborate with product managers and our customer facing teams to analyze customer problems and design high impact features\n* Lead projects to implement those features\n* Help other team members to achieve their goals\n* Continuously learn about new technologies and ways to solve problems\n* Work with our customer facing teams to triage, troubleshoot, and fix bugs\n* Write unit and integration tests (using our own product!) to ship high quality software\n\nWhat we’re looking for\n* Extensive experience in Ruby (or equivalent dynamic language) and be extremely knowledgeable of the language and associated ecosystem\n* Extensive experience in Ruby on Rails (or equivalent framework) and be extremely knowledgeable of the framework and associated ecosystem\n* Experience in writing and debugging SQL\n* Enthusiasm for building applications using tools like Ruby on Rails, Golang, Elixir, React, PostgreSQL, Redis, BigQuery, and Kubernetes - amongst others\n* Practical experience of working on a React codebase\n* Even though this position is mainly backend focused, we expect you to have some grasp of the whole stack to be able to effectively communicate with engineers across the team, and can make frontend or infrastructure changes when the situation calls for it\n* Professional experience in engineering SaaS products\n* Experience leading projects with teams\n* An ownership mindset: you should look not only at what you’re asked to do, but ask why you’re doing it and how it impacts on the rest of the product, our customers, and whether it makes sense. We expect you to be responsible for your work and to resolve any bugs you might ship\n* Excitement to learn\n* Excellent communication skills and able to give and receive constructive feedback\n* Happy to review code and have your code reviewed\n* Can work effectively remotely with remote team members (we are a fully distributed company)\n* Comfortable working in a large codebase with many stakeholders\n\nIdentify with our company values\n* No BS, No Ego: We are radically candid with each other in every interaction. This means a lack of politics, a lack of showboating, a lack of BS. This also means brevity, clarity of thought, and clarity of communication. We give and take feedback without ego, with the knowledge that we all are operating with good intent. No ego is the check system to balance no BS and keep it kind. No ad-hominem attacks.\n* 1% better every day: Continuous improvement is what motivates us. We design our product, our organization and our careers to be continually improving. Mistakes are only bad if they are repeated. Experiments are only wasted if they are not learned from.\n* Own the journey: We are all owners. We demand that of each other. The journey we own is threefold: our customers’ journey, our company’s journey and our personal journey. Our reason for existence is to nail our customer journey, so that we can scale our company’s success.\n\nHow we'll reward you\n* Flexible, remote work options \n* Competitive salary with equity.\n* A locally-adjusted weekly allowance for lunches.\n* A locally-adjusted monthly allowance for remote office supplies or personal development.\n* Unlimited paid-time off.\n* 3 offsites per year: every ~4 months we arrange an offsite for the whole company to get together so we can get to know our colleagues better and understand what we need to do. The location is ever changing, so you will get to see some new places!*\n* currently on-hold due to COVID-19 \n\n**United States Residents Only:**\n* 100% medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage. 75% for dependents.\n* Voluntary 401k program.\n\nOUR COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION\n\nAt Rainforest QA we believe that diverse teams improve our business. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$50,000 — $170,000/year\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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Outer Inc

 This job is getting a pretty high amount of applications right now (12% of viewers clicked Apply)

πŸ’° $120k - $180k


This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
## OUTER'S MISSION\nOuter is a venture-backed startup based in Santa Monica, California on a mission to get people outside and inspire healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives by creating innovative outdoor furniture.\nIn addition to being a high growth ecommerce brand, Outer is working to revolutionize retail with its Neighborhood Showroom platform. Just like how Airbnb turns people’s homes into hotel rooms, Neighborhood Showroom (NBS) turns customer's backyard’s into retail showrooms. This allows for people interested in buying products to see/touch/feel products in a real world setting. It also allows for the showroom host to make extra cash on a per visit basis.\nAs a Senior Software Engineer, you are expected to step into the software stack at any level and make an impact.\n## Types of problems you will tackle\n- How can we build a scalable matching system that connects Neighborhood Showroom guest with the best host based on availability, location, and other factors\n- How can we best facilitate guest/host communications\n- How do we build an operations infrastructure (inventory management, container management, warehouse management, etc) that will maintain 5 day delivery times anywhere in the US\n- How do we enable a point of sale experience for our customers and showroom hosts\n- How can we optimize the application process to onboard hosts\n- What tools can we build to help hosts onboard other hosts\n- How can we go from no showroom presence in a market to fully servicing that market in a matter of months\n## Minimum Qualifications\n- Love for the art / craft of writing code\n- Proven ability to ship high quality code in ambiguous situations\n- 5+ years experience in the fields of computer science or software engineering\n-World class written communication skills\n- Experience programming production applications in at least one of the following languages: Javascript, Golang\n- Experience in the following frameworks/runtimes: React, NodeJS\n- Experience using relational and non relational databases\n- Passion for building products driven by data\n- Ability to self motivate and problem solve\n- Must understand the value in writing tests\n- Ability to work in a remote team effectively\n## Preferred Qualifications\n- Experience with building or participating in marketplaces (Uber, Airbnb, financial markets)\n- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a technical field\n- Interest in building geographic marketplaces\n- Ability to creatively frame and solve problems\n- Experience building and maintaining devops infrastructure\n## About Outer\nOuter started by creating the perfect outdoor sofa: beautiful, durable, comfortable, and innovative. We also invented a new model for retail because we believe that the furniture buying experience can be much better than stale, traditional showrooms with four walls, fluorescent lighting, and pushy salespeople. Our Neighborhood Showroom platform that turns our customers' backyards into our physical showrooms where our customers can see, touch and feel our products in a real backyard alongside a real customer (think: Airbnb meets retail). Our Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer was the former Head Furniture Designer at Pottery Barn, and our founding team brings decades of experience from Casper, IDEO, Nike, Thrive Market,, and Riot Games. Outer provides a robust total rewards package, including competitive compensation packages, medical & wellness plans, 401(k) contributions, life insurance and more. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$120,000 — $180,000/year\n\n\n#Location\nπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ US

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
****100% Remote I US & Canada\n\nSoftware is broken, and we're working hard to fix it. While the goal may seem audacious, it’s what drives us. We believe that the current state of software development is not good enough and we’re looking for others to help join our cause and improve the lives of software developers, business owners, and users who are saddled with hard-to-maintain code, cost overruns, and buggy apps.\n\nDevelopers at Test Double are primarily focused on writing high quality software to solve our customer’s problems. Focus should be paid towards implementing solutions that are well-tested, easily maintained, and built with empathy for its users' needs. Many of our engagements allow us to work alongside our clients' development staff as well. Building software in close collaboration with our clients' people gives us the opportunity to learn from one another as we share our knowledge and experience as a broader team.\n\nKnowledge sharing and continuous improvement are among our core values, so we encourage our people to share what they're learning with others. We're proud to support our Double Agents when they speak at meet ups & conferences, blog, screencast, contribute to open source, and organize in their local software community. These activities are one way we can have an impact on the world beyond our day-to-day client service, so our team members support one another with encouragement, mentorship, and feedback.\n\nTest Double is still a small and adaptable agency so we are actively enlisting the help of all of our developers to guide and improve our business. Those opportunities may entail participating in our candidate evaluation process, improving our candidate outreach, helping with account management and sales, or even improving upon our ability to keep other employees engaged and fulfilled within their careers. The potential impact you can have on growing and improving Test Double is limitless.\n\nOur mission is to improve the way the world builds software, and central to our success is focusing on people first. We want all of our Double Agents to feel happy, heathy, and supported, and believe work-life balance is paramount to achieving this goal. We provide ample opportunities for our developers to feel engaged and supported in their remote environment, including employee resource groups centered around interpersonal growth, weekly team hangouts to learn a new skill, coffee chats to meet a new member on the team, and much more.\n\nOur Developers…\n\nAre expected to:\n- Create high-quality software that meets the needs of its users (right now, most of our work is in Ruby, Javascript, Elixir, Golang, and Java.) \n- Automate tests to the extent necessary to maintain systems that are easy to understand and change\n- Share experience and knowledge with client developers so that they are well-positioned to succeed, even long after we're gone\n- Quickly and efficiently learn our client’s business domain, existing systems, and strategy\n- Learn new frameworks, technologies, languages, and techniques so that you are able to adapt to the changing needs of our clients\n- Identify technology, process, and communication issues facing our clients and propose ideas to help them improve\n- Communicate openly and honestly with everyone, even when we know the news will not be positively received\n- Leverage slack time for personal career growth\n\nAre encouraged to:\n- Share with the broader community (e.g. speaking, blogging, mentoring, organizing events)\n- Assist in the outreach programs aimed at bringing in more Double Agents\n- Contribute to the candidate evaluation process\n- Collaborate with other agents on internal processes and initiatives to help the company accomplish its mission\n- Contribute to open source software projects\n\nReceive benefits:\n- 5 weeks paid time off (vacation and sick time)\n- 10 paid holidays\n- Up to 15 weeks parental leave (8 weeks at 100% of salary)\n- 1 week of conference attendance (and up to $3,000 of expense)\n- ESOP Employee stock ownership program - Test Double is 100% employee owned\n- New computer hardware purchase every 3 years\n- Co-working space reimbursement (1/2 rent upto $500 monthly) \n- 2 week Sabbatical leave after 5th year\n\nUS-based agents receive:\n- Health Insurance via United Healthcare (we pay 75% of premiums)\n- Dental Insurance via Delta Dental (we pay 50% of premiums)\n- Vision Insurance via VSP (we pay 50% of premiums)\n- 401(k) via Vanguard (we contribute 3% of your salary)\n- Short and Long Term Disability via Mutual of Omaha (we pay 100% of premiums)\n\nCanadian agents receive:\n- Life Insurance and AD&D\n- Short and Long Term Disability\n- Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance\n- Retirement contribution match up to 3% of employee's salary \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$105,000 — $127,000/year\n\n\n#Location\nUnited States, Canada

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
**Overview:** \n\nAt Segment, we believe companies should be able to send their data wherever they want, whenever they want, with no fuss. We make this easy with a single platform that collects, stores, filters, transforms, and sends data to hundreds of business tools with the flip of a switch. More recently, we also developed the ability to let customers enrich their data in real time using computations they specify. Our goal is to make it easy to understand, extract value, and protect the integrity of data. We are creating a world where engineers spend their time working on their core product, letting us take care of the complexities of processing their customer data reliably at scale. We’re in the running to take over the entire customer data ecosystem, and we need the best people to take the market. \n\n**Who we are:**\n\nWe develop our product across a number of geographically distributed teams including San Francisco (HQ), Vancouver, and remote in the USA, each with a particular product feature focus area. From collecting data through analytics.js, to building powerful tools for data governance, to implementing algorithms that can handle complex billing scenarios at scale, to visualizing our customers’ data flow through our pipelines, to making complex implementations manageable for our large enterprise customers, to optimizing Sign Up conversion, our product teams are focused on creating fantastic user experiences. We're looking for talented engineers that are passionate about building world-class experiences that delight our customers.\n\n**What We Do:\n**\n* We enjoy building UIs in React so much that we created and open sourced our own component library: [Evergreen](\n* We believe in using the best tool for the job. We write customer-facing features using React, Node.JS and GraphQL. Our write-heavy traffic services are written with Go and leverage multiple data storage solutions.\n* We deploy our code multiple times per day.\n* We love conferences (one of our engineers spoke in 4 different countries last year!)\n* We love open source:\n* We’re proud of the code we write, but we’re not dogmatic about methodologies or techniques. We believe building the "right thing" is more important than building things "right". However, we take our customers’ dependence on our systems very seriously and strive to build highly performant and reliable software that are parts of our customers’ core infrastructure.\n\n# Responsibilities\n **Who We're Looking For:\n**\n* You can turn complex business requirements into working software that our customers love to use.\n* You're proud of the code you write, but you're also pragmatic.\n* You know when it is time to refactor, and when it's time to ship.\n* You're focused, driven and can get challenging projects across the finish line.\n* You're empathetic, patient and love to help your teammates grow.\n* You have experience running apps in production and take software engineering practices seriously. You write meaningful tests and understand the value of great logging, proper monitoring and error tracking. \n\n# Requirements\n**Requirements\n**\n* Able to work remotely in USA only \n* You can write both client side and server side JavaScript using the latest APIs and language features.\n* You have some familiarity with Golang or Elixir or are excited to learn it.\n* Minimum of 3 years of industry experience in engineering or some cool projects on GitHub you think we'll love to check out.\n* You provide a deep understanding of the complexities involved in writing large single-page applications.\n* You show evidence of exposure to architectural patterns of high-scale web application (e.g., well-designed APIs, high volume data pipelines, efficient algorithms).\n* You value teamwork and agree with the statement that β€œa team is a group of people who own each others’ decisions”.\n \nSegment is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that everyone should receive equal consideration and treatment. Recruitment, hiring, placements, transfers, and promotions will happen based on qualifications for the positions being filled regardless of sex, gender identity, race, religious creed, color, national origin ancestry, age, physical disability, pregnancy, mental disability, or medical condition.

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