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Browse 2 Remote Executive Copywriting Design Marketing Jobs in September 2020 at companies like Toofr and Sportsblog working as a Designer or Growth Marketing Manager (Entry Level). Last post

Browse 2 Remote Executive Copywriting Design Marketing Jobs in September 2020 at companies like Toofr and Sportsblog working as a Designer or Growth Marketing Manager (Entry Level). Last post

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[Toofr]( is a California LLC that actually owns and operates a few other web properties as well as [](, including [eNPS](, [Inlistio](, [Thinbox](, and [Glist](\n\nToofr launched in 2013 and has always been profitable. Over the years I have worked with a couple of overseas software developers and contract sales reps, but this is the first time I have posted a job publicly. Toofr began as a side project and I'm now running it full-time and want to begin to grow a small remote team to help me expand the business.\n\nThus, this job is to help me maintain and expand the market position for all of Toofr's properties. The day-to-day tasks will include but not be limited to:\n\n- Content marketing: writing blog posts, case studies, web pages, and email newsletters.\n- Email marketing: running small, targeted email campaigns to acquire new users. \n- Influencer marketing: reaching out to other companies to do guest post swaps.\n- Partnerships: contact incubators, funds, and other business hubs who might want to promote Toofr and its properties.\n- Customer support: As needed (since I actually like doing this), help me with customer emails and phone calls.\n\nToofr currently is run by one person, me, out of my house in Walnut Creek, California and as such is fully subjected to both my talents and my shortcomings. I'm finding that my shortcomings are in the areas outlined above. That's why I'm hiring.\n\nExperience requirements are flexible. I'm looking more for personality fit with me and a hunger to learn. You should at have least an interest in and desire to learn:\n\n- Marketing, obviously. If you don't love marketing, then you shouldn't apply.\n- Great writing, thoughtful analysis, and basic design.\n- HTML, CSS, and Sketch or Photoshop software.\n- Supporting customers by phone and email with quick and upbeat responses.\n- Operations of an independent, profitable internet business.\n\nThis job will be entirely remote (Toofr does not and will not have an office) so hours are flexible. I care much more about productivity than time spent. I spend a lot of time with my family and I expect you to have similar commitments!\n\nInitially I expect this job will be part-time, 15-20 hours per week, paid at a competitive rate and can (and should) grow into a full-time position if all goes well.\n\nPlease send me an email: [email protected], with a short note telling me why you're interested in this job and either your resume or LinkedIn profile. I will personally respond to everyone. Thanks!

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