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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
This is an offering for a unique apprenticeship and work opportunity, in which you will work for and directly with Shane Melaugh, the founder of Thrive Themes and ActiveGrowth.\n\n\n\nThe **Video & Social Content Marketer (VSCM)** role is a creative and marketing hybrid role. It is a new role which is based on emerging changes in the online marketing, social media and filmmaking. There’s increasing demand for people who can do excellent creative work and also understand the marketing aspect, as the two can’t be truly separated.\n\n# The Creative + Social Marketing Hybrid\n\nThe responsibilities of the VSCM role fall into two broad categories:\n\n\n\n1. Filmmaking & photography.\n\n1. Social media posting & communication.\n\n\n\nThe VSCM is in charge of doing creative filmmaking work and of creating content and content previews that are custom-made for different platforms. The VSCO will be trained to develop a strong marketing skillset and a deep understanding of how to use visual communication on different social channels and for different marketing purposes.\n\n# Goal: Remove Friction While Increasing Quality\n\nAn important goal in this role is to remove friction from the content creation process. To explain, here’s a before-and-after scenario:\n\n## Before: No VSCM\n\nShane has an idea which could be useful for his audience to hear about. He makes some notes for later. Later in the day, it takes 20 minutes or so to set up lighting and camera and start recording. He records a short video with a single camera, single angle etc. It turns into a short, simple and unremarkable video. It’s posted to YouTube, a few fans watch it and find it useful, but it basically doesn’t do much.\n\n## After: VSCM in Action\n\nShane has an idea which could be good for a short video. He has a quick conversation with the VSCM about it and gets some feedback from the VSCM. Together, they plan out an effective way to bring this message across. The VSCM sets up and plans the shoot. This could range from a simple setup, to planning a shoot in multiple locations. Maybe it’s also a case of just whipping out a camera and starting to shoot right away. \n\n\n\nThe video is recorded and the quality is higher right away because the VSCM is a competent filmmaker. Maybe we’ve got multiple angles, better lighting etc. The video is then edited, intercut with some b-roll, music and titles are added. The resulting video is much more engaging and impactful, because of how it was shot and edited. \n\n\n\nFinally, the VSCM also extracts some quotes and clips from the video and queues up various social media posts. As a result, far more people see the video, far more people benefit from it and it creates new fans.\n\n# A Unique Work & Travel Opportunity\n\nA unique aspect of this role is that the VSCM needs to be on location with Shane. This means working in close proximity with Shane and getting coaching and mentorship in aspects of business and marketing. It also means traveling for work. Over the course of a year, expect to spend time in Bali, Thailand, Romania, Switzerland and possibly up to half a dozen other countries, depending on what events come up.\n\n\n\nThe ideal candidate for this role is someone who's excited about this opportunity to travel and isn't tied to a specific location. You should also be someone who's interested in personal growth, as coaching, mentorship and skill building will be important aspects of this role.\n\n\n\nIt is expected that applicants to the position are willing to work and travel like this for 1 year, which includes 4 weeks of paid leave.\n\n\n\n# Responsibilities\n The VSCM role comes with the following responsibilities and areas of ownership:\n\n## Creative\n\n**Film making**\n\n* Setting up lighting, audio and camera equipment.\n\n* Recording and editing video content.\n\n* Planning shoots, finding locations and organizing video shoots for multi-location content.\n\n* Recording b-roll, planning what b-roll is needed for which content pieces.\n\n\n\n**Photography**\n\n* Taking photographs that can be used for social content and branding (you can think of this as β€œb-roll photography”).\n\n* Setting up photoshoots for specific social media campaigns or other marketing needs.\n\n* Editing and publishing photos.\n\n## Social\n\n**Social media posting**\n\n* Using Buffer, Hootsuite or a similar social media management tool to ensure a steady stream of varied social media content, optimized for every channel we use.\n\n* Extracting social media content from video, podcast and written content we create. E.g. extracting quotes and creating quote images, creating short clips with subtitles.\n\n* Posting content meant for engagement like questions, polls, quizzes.\n\n\n\n**Communicating with fans**\n\n* Replying to questions and comments on social media.\n\n* Creating concepts for new content, based on questions and comments coming from the fans.\n\n \n\n# Requirements\nTo qualify for the role, you must have some experience with video and photography work and you must be interested in growing your skills in this area. Some experience in marketing is a plus, but not required. Marketing skills you will learn, creativity you have to bring with you.\n\n\n\nYou also must be interested in personal growth and skill development. Deliberate practice and a tight cycle of feedback and improvement will be part of your workday in this role.\n\n\n\nTo apply for this role, send in a video explaining why we should pick you. Keep the video under 5 minutes in length.\n\n\n\nIn addition, send us:\n\n* A link to your portfolio of video work, along with notes about your role in the creation process (e.g. editor, animator, director…)\n\n* 3 examples of online videos you like or that inspire you and a short description of what you like about them. To pick these examples, think of what kind of work you’d like to do or techniques you’d like to try out.

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