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Remote Conflict Resolution Job in November 2019 at Empire Flippers posted 5 months ago

Remote Conflict Resolution Job in November 2019 at Empire Flippers posted 5 months ago

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This year

The Vetting Advisor role is vital to the success of our company.\n\nSince this role allows new businesses to appear on our marketplace, it can be a bit stressful here and there. You will need to work weird hours sometimes to make sure you can get on the phone with sellers in different time zones. You will also need to be extremely detail-oriented to make sure everything lines up.\n\nNot all sellers are familiar with creating profit and loss statements (P&Ls); you will need to catch any errors and will be regularly calling sellers to work with them to ensure we have accurate financial statements when we list.\n\nYou will be part of the team that identifies any/all potential problems. You’re on the front lines of ensuring that the quality of listings on our marketplace is in line with our very high standards.\n\nYou will drive all of our sellers through a multi-step vetting process. We are constantly refining this process to allow only top-notch businesses onto our marketplace. As you become more seasoned, you will be tasked with improving this vetting process.\n\nWe will train you on how to price online businesses using our valuation tool and other internal systems. Unlike some brokers, we always try to price as competitively as possible with what the market is actually paying for businesses. To come up with this price, we use a combination of our valuation tool, past sales data, pricing windows, and looking at year-over-year growth or decline each business has.\n\nSince every business is unique, you will develop your own sense of how pricing works over your six-month probation period. Our sales team will give you valuable feedback based on real-world negotiations and deal making to help you develop this sense.\n\nUltimately, it will be up to you to make it clear to the seller what to expect during the vetting and sales process so they feel comfortable selling their business with us.\n\n# Responsibilities\n Becoming a Vetting Advisor makes you a critical part of Empire Flippers. You will learn skills that will last you a lifetime in the online business world. We will teach you all of our methods for verifying a legitimate online business, how to spot fakery, and how to deal with manipulation.\n\nYou will represent our brand and be the face of Empire Flippers to someone selling their online business.\n\nOnce a seller submits their site for sale, they will deal with you. You will get on the phone with them, chatting with brilliant entrepreneurs and seeing hundreds of profitable online businesses.\n\nIn addition, we will train you on exactly how to value an online business. We have years of proven sales data to help you gauge what a business is really worth. At the end of the day, you will get to help change people’s lives in a dramatic way.\n\nConsult with potential sellers to answer questions on how we go about validating their business.\nSupport sales team as they negotiate deals for both buyers and sellers.\nDirect and lead sellers through a multi-step vetting process.\nFacilitate calls with sellers in different time zones.\nPrice online businesses using our valuation tool and other internal systems.\nIdentify key details and catch errors in profit and loss statements (P&Ls).\nBe extremely detail-oriented to assure quality control.\n\n \n\n# Requirements\nDetail Oriented: Vetting is a meticulous job. You will be pouring through spreadsheets, traffic analytics, and revenue data, day in and day out. It is up to you to spot errors, inconsistencies, or when something just doesn’t feel “right.” In many ways, you are investigating these businesses to make sure everything adds up before allowing them to go live on our marketplace.\n\nTeam Player: Vetting and sales often work closely together to help set our prices in the market. The sales team will provide you with useful real-world feedback to help fuel your valuation strategies. This process means you need to be okay with working in a collaborative environment, but you should also be capable of defending your points. After all, you will become an expert at vetting.\n\nDefusing Problems: Selling a business is an intimate process. There will almost always be obstacles and challenges for you to help a seller overcome. Some sellers will have an emotional attachment to their business and demand more than what the business is worth. Other sellers will be unresponsive during the vetting process. It will be up to you to solve these issues in an amicable way that makes sellers absolutely love our process.\n\nCommunication Skills: The vetting position will require you to get on the phone a lot with sellers. Your phone communication needs to be spot-on and you have to be comfortable making those calls to get all the information we need from the seller.\n\nRequired Skills \nYou must be a good fit with us culturally; \nYou must have a passion for travel, ideally with long periods of previous travel outside your home country;\nYou are hungry to learn and fun to work with;\nExperience in customer service and accounting is a big plus; \nA background in e-commerce or online business is also helpful; \nYou are proficient with Google Suite (esp Google Sheets), Slack and Zoom;\nYou must be highly motivated, goal-driven and coachable\nYou’re always seeking to improve yourself, others around you and processes\n\n \n\n#Salary\nYou won’t start off making much money. For the first six months, you will be paid $2,000 USD per month during the probation period. Plus, you’ll get a housing stipend of $700 USD per month for months 2 through 6 (we’ll book you a place in month 1). While not a lot, it is enough to have an enjoyable time in Southeast Asia. After six months, you will be gradually introduced to our compensation plan. Within 12 months, you will likely be location-independent, can expect to earn $40,000-$46,000 USD per year, and have international healthcare coverage. That amount is more than enough to live a very nice lifestyle in SE Asia.\n \n\n#Location\n- 🌏Worldwide

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