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There are now 2 Remote Jobs at Trice Imaging tagged Javascript, Ember Js and Ruby
such as Ruby Ember.js Developer, Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer and

There are now 2 Remote Jobs at Trice Imaging tagged Javascript, Ember Js and Ruby
such as Ruby Ember.js Developer, Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer and



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Job Description

Trice Imaging is looking for a talented, innovative QA Engineer to join a small development team building a medical image management system that runs in the cloud (AWS). We are a distributed team with people all over the world. The development team works remotely, but all are based in the US (this position requires US residency). The other parts of the company are almost all remote as well.

The salary is in the 50K-60K range.

The QA engineer responsibilities include:
  • Configuring and setting up a Document Management System for our regulatory Quality System
  • Designing and implementing tests
  • Participating in process improvements
  • Using tools for automation, continuous integration, and system deployment.
  • Reproducing problems and verifying solutions in the QA Staging area
  • QA Staging area operations as appropriate

    You will also review system requirements and track quality assurance metrics.


  • Technical ownership of the Quality System (for ISO documentation) to include configuration, setup and test
  • Review requirements, specifications, and technical design documents to provide timely and meaningful feedback
  • Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases
  • Estimate, prioritize, plan and coordinate testing activities
  • Perform thorough regression testing in staging environment
  • Collaborate with internal teams (e.g. developers) on the full development life cycle
  • Participate and monitor process improvement results and KPIs
  • Investigate the causes of non-conforming software and participate in solutions
  • Track quality assurance metrics
  • Ensure compliance with established processes for developing a medical device


  • Proven work experience in software development environment
  • Proven work experience in software quality assurance in a regulated environment
  • Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and processes
  • Hands-on experience with both white box and black box testing
  • Hands-on experience with testing tools
  • Linux command line expertise
  • Windows power user expertise
  • Technical Education including BS Degree

    About Trice Imaging

    Trice Imaging, Inc. is a privately owned company at the intersection of wireless technology and healthcare. Trice mobilizes medical images by sending them from any imaging modality to any mobile device. Physicians receive remote access to images and reports, cost efficient storage, and the ability to collaborate with other physicians. Patients receive high-quality medical images that they can print, store, publish, and send to family and friends or to doctors for a second opinion. Trice Imaging’s award winning, patented technology is a value added service to any medical imaging system or diagnostic software. Trice Imaging is headquartered in San Diego, California and has offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Munich Germany. For more information, visit us at www.triceimaging.com

  • How do you apply?

    Send a cover letter and resume to audree@triceimaging.com

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    Trice Imaging

    Ruby Ember.JS Developer

    Trice Imaging


    ember js




    ember js





    Trice Imaging is looking for a talented, innovative Ruby/Rails/ember.js developer who can join a small team building our next generation clinical image management system. We are a distributed team with people all across the US.  The company headquarters is in San Diego, so a local person would be great (position would still mostly be remote).  However, the position could be anywhere in the US for the right talented developer.

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