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Dear frustrated, high-potential, high EQ, extremely brilliant person who has been unable to settle into a defined career path and wants to break into tech:\n\n**This is your shot.**\n\nWe are a well-funded, stealth-mode startup with repeat successful founders looking for an undiscovered genius who needs a big, dynamic challenge to establish themselves professionally and polish their many capabilities.\n\nWhile this position is broadly defined in scope, it has a very clearly defined trajectory that will take you from an hourly contractor to a well-paid management role with meaningful equity in 12 months.\n\nHere are the three steps to get there:\n\n1. **Product Apprentice for 6 Months** (Contractor @ $20/hr) \n\n2. **Product Manager for 6 Months** (Full Time Employee @ $45k Salary + Full Benefits)\n\n3. **Chief of Staff** (Full Time Employee + Full Benefits + $85k salary, .25 - 1+% equity stake)\n\nYour advancement to each new position is not guaranteed and will be based on performance. With high performance however, you will accelerate your career rapidly over the course of a 1-2 years, and learn more over that period of time than many in tech will learn in their entire career.\n\nHere is a breakdown of each position you will work through:\n\n# Responsibilities\n **Product Apprentice**\n\nAs a Product Apprentice, you will be apprenticed to our product-focused CEO and learn how to think about building a high growth product from a strategic sky-level view down to he nitty-gritty of copywriting and pixel-level design.\n\nMost importantly, you will learn the psychological and behavioral reasons that great products and marketing campaigns just work, while all the rest fall flat.\n\nYou will spend a significant amount of time deep-diving into and absorbing the different subcultures of people who will use our product. This is one of the most important, but oft-neglected facets of building great products and great marketing campaigns and you will be the point-person on this ongoing research and strategy project.\n\nYou will also learn to work efficiently and communicate clearly with designers and software engineers to bring product vision to life.\n\n\n**Product Manager**\n\nBoth your proximity to the CEO and your focus will remain the same as the Product Apprentice role, however now you will be managing design, engineering, and content resources and spearheading projects personally.\n\n\n**Chief of Staff**\n\nIf you are successful in the role of Product Manager, your role will steadily expand to you becoming the CEO's right hand **in all special projects and high priority projects across the company**, whether they be in Product, Marketing, Sales, PR, Operations, etc\n\nIf you thrive in the Chief of Staff role, you will quickly become one of the most highly compensated managers in the entire company and after a couple of years of execution you will be primed to make many career moves, with the three most obvious being the following (in no particular order):\n\n1. Move into a VP or C-level executive role within the company\n2. Move into a VP level executive role in many other high-growth startups\n3. Go start your own company (which we would be thrilled to invest in and support if you have proven yourself as Chief of Staff) \n\n# Requirements\nThe need-to-have qualifications for the Product Apprentice position are few, but all of them are non-negotiable. The qualifications are much more about *who you are* than what you have done.\n\n**Who You Are**\n\n- **You are a rapid learner.** You can absorb complex topics and situations almost immediately upon exposure to them.\n\n- **You are extremely, extremely intelligent.** People have consistently commented on how brilliant you are throughout your life. You probably got straight-As in school without ever trying.\n\n- **You are even more emotionally intelligent.** You are great at diffusing arguments, anticipating reactions, motivating the people around you, etc.\n\n- **You have a great eye**. Even if you have no previous product or design experience, you must have outstanding aesthetic sensibilities.\n\n- **You can dive into and absorb subcultures rapidly.** Yes, this is part of being a rapid learner, but it is so important that it gets its own bullet.\n\n- **You are a great writer.** And you can prove it.\n\n- **You are a hard worker.** We understand that the person who is a good fit for this role may have stalled out in college or early in their career because they are not the type of person that fits well into small roles. That's ok. What's not ok is that you have stalled because you are lazy. You must be the type of person who works their ass off always, and you must have a track record of thisβ€”even if that track record is mostly high school academics and sports and club activities in college.\n\n- **You are multi-talented.** You are good at almost everything you try, and you have examples of this.\n\n\n**That's it.** Any specific tech or product experience is a nice-to-have, not a need to have. We will teach you everything you need to know to succeed.\n\n**We want to bet on you like no one else will.**\n\nNote: Our company is distributed, so this role is 100% remote by default. However, if you wanted to relocate to be closer to and work in person with our CEO (based in Ohio) you could do so. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n40000 - 85000/year\n\n\n#Location\nπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ US-only

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