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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
\nYes, pops are evil. We know. But they pay the bills and allow us to \nprovide useful services to people. So for the moment, they're a\nnecessary evil on our site.\n\nThe problem is we're using custom (on click) code and the pops we have\naren't popping often enough. We don't have the in-house resources to\nattack this problem, and we need someone who already understands the\nproblems of trying to open pops in modern browsers.\n\nAt the moment we're managing to open pops on about 30% of visiting\nsessions (both desktop and mobile). That's a horrible number, there are\nsites out there doing far better than us. We think it's pretty realistic\nto double that. Perhaps you can help.\n\nPrevious 30 days traffic:\n\nChrome: 39%\nSafari iOS: 29%\nFirefox: 10%\nIE 11: 8%\nSafari Mac: 7%\nAndroid: 3%\n\nPrevious 30 days pop success rates:\n\nChrome: 29%\nSafari iOS: 25%\nFirefox: 26%\nIE 11: 31%\nSafari Mac: 30%\nAndroid: 25%\n\nSo what do we need?\n\nWe need pop code that pops more often, and keep them popping as browsers\nevolve. That's really it. If you have this code written already that\nwill do what we need, great, we want it. We'll pay you for the code and\nimplementation as needed.\n\nIf you need to write something from scratch, you're probably not the\nperson we're looking for (unless you do this all the time and write it\nfrom scratch for each site, but... I mean... that doesn't sound very\nenjoyable...).\n\nThis is not a task for someone to get their feet wet. You should have\nsome sites you can show us where you took their pitiful pop traffic and\ndid some impressive things to increase it. Yes, we're going to want\nreferences from sites that do at least a million pageviews a month please. \nIf you can't show us hard examples of sites you've already done this for,\nyou won't be the one selected to get this contract.\n\nWe're going to want to test your code out on our site to ensure the pop\nrates actually increase in the real world. And to give us (and you) a\nchance to tweak it to make it even better. Understandably this creates a\nproblem of trust, since we'll have your code and can run away with it.\nWe'll work something out - an escrow service perhaps - to ensure we're\nboth happy with the results.\n\nWhat does this pay? That really depends on how much you can help us. The\nmore users you can show a pop to during the testing period, and the more\nyou know (resulting in less wasted time for everyone) the more it's\nworth to us.\n\nTo put it more plainly: if you're the kind of pop expert we're looking\nfor, you'll already know what your code can do in terms of conversions\nand what it's worth. Give us that information and we'll move forward with \ndiscussion to award the project.

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