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There are now 7 Remote Jobs at Hugo tagged Data Science, Javascript and Node Js
such as Data Scientist, Web Developer and Full Stack Developer

There are now 7 Remote Jobs at Hugo tagged Data Science, Javascript and Node Js
such as Data Scientist, Web Developer and Full Stack Developer



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This month

Hugo: a startup going for gold!

As start-ups do, we work hard and play hard trying to create the best and innovative product, the best sales and the best service! Are you a person that fits our working culture and atmosphere then you are looking at the right vacancy!

Still here? Then please continue reading!

The job
Your job
As that brilliant Frontend Engineer, you will be working on UX of Hugo platform. That is some innovative frontend coding!

Your skills
We expect you to be responsible and pro-active, you’re resourceful and an eager learner and thus be very successful at Hugo!

-Are good in basics of computer science;
-Are good in JavaScript and its superset;
-Are good in CSS and HTML5;
-Are good in one of these: ReactJs, AngularJs, EmberJs or similar;
-Are good with a modern assets compilation pipeline;
-Have a basic Unix/Linux knowledge.

-Are good at designing things (huge plus!);
-Have experience with AWS;
-Understand Linux containers and tools using them;
-Have an experience with serving internationally and at a high load;
-Already have worked with Continuous Integration systems.

Note: We prefer people within the European timezone, thanks

How do you apply?

Please a coverletter with your motivation and (a link to) your resume.

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This year

At Hugo we're working with festival organisers to make their good festivals great. We do this by providing unique insights in festival goers' expectations and experiences. We're looking for a growth hacker to join our expanding international team.

You'll work with your colleagues in marketing and product development and the founders to grow Hugo into the number one festival platform. You'll be leading the effort to grow our user base of consumers and festival organisers.


A fun-loving, flexible can-do attitude and easy going persona that is able to communicate well with colleagues around the world. You know all the tricks in the book and are able to invent new ones. A love of data, both big and small paired with a real practical knowledge of multiple analytical packages is an absolute ‘must’ in this role.

What we're looking for:

  • You understand product-market fit, funnels and loops
  • You have experience in acquiring users and building audience on scale
  • You know effective distribution tactics and the latest tools
  • You're a self-starter with an entrepreneurial mind

    What you'll be doing

  • Marketing automation
  • Website, content and blog strategy
  • Run experiments on our website to drive growth
  • Setup partnerships for growth
  • Work closely with Product teams to assist in rolling - out on-product Minimum Viable Tests
  • Undertake product and sales funnel analysis to inform appropriate analytics strategies.
  • Drive growth :-)

    Extra tags: growth hacker, marketing, growth, a/b testing

Job description

Hugo is going to transform the festival industry. To do that we're looking for a great full stack developer to grow our team.

Hugo is still small and there are many, many things to do. You'll be working on front- and back-end, APIs and consumer apps and your work will have a huge impact on our product. We work from our office in Amsterdam and anywhere else in the world.

We're looking for full stack developers versed in Node.JS and PHP. Knowing other languages is a plus.

Our applications are developed in PHP, Node.JS and Spark with Elasticsearch, Open Streep Map, MySQL, S3 and SQS. We host our apps in a Mesosphere cluster using Docker images in Amazon EC2. For our apps we employ a micro services architecture. Our complete stack is listed here: http://stackshare.io/hugo-events/hugo-events.

We don't do fixed lengths sprints but delivering things fast when they're done using a continues delivery process.

You know how to write clean code for the web. You're a front- or backend developer and you're able to do both when the need arises. Preferably you have experience with pushing code to production and have some ops experience. We develop in PHP, Node.JS, Meteor and Spark and HTML, CSS and jQuery are used in our frontend. You have experience working with these.

We're a young and growing team. You should be a good communicator and be as open to working in a team as working alone. We're a very agile and fast-paced team with complimenting skill-sets, and you should be open to helping others and expanding your skills.

Job requirements

What we're looking for in a full stack developer:

  • Extensive knowledge of two or more of the programming languages in our stack
  • Passionate about developing great apps
  • Your code is cleanly written and easy to read
  • Familiar with MySQL and Redis
  • Good communicator, especially when working remote

    Bonus points for

  • Machine learning knowledge
  • Analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Experience with Docker, Mesos and Marathon (Mesosphere)
  • Experience working with Elasticsearch

    What to expect from us

  • A good monthly payment
  • The tools you need to get your job done
  • A great, young and enthousiastic team to work with
  • Being able to work where and when you work


    Please send us a brief CV together with an explanation on why you are the perfect fit. We love to see some examples of your work.

    Extra tags: php, node.js, scala, spark, elastic, aws, big data



Web Developer



node js

web dev



node js

web dev




We're looking for multiple developers that can code for the web. You specialise in either front- or backend but you're able to do both when needed. As developer at Hugo you'll work in a team of developers on our data driven products for fesitval organisers and visitors. We're a young company and you'll be one of our first employees and have the change to make a great impact on our development.



Data Scientist


data science

data science



As our Data Scientist you’ll work on uncovering key insights for event organizers. You’ll work closely with our customers and development team to devise appropriate measurements and metrics, identify new data sources, design experiments, build visualizations and tackle hard problems. You will have a leading role in developing our data driven products.

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