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There is currently one remote job at coreos tagged Dev, Engineer and Digital Nomad
such as Kubernetes Upstream Engineer, and

There is currently one remote job at coreos tagged Dev, Engineer and Digital Nomad
such as Kubernetes Upstream Engineer, and



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Kubernetes Upstream Engineer




digital nomad



digital nomad



Location: REMOTE

Remote work: Remote Work Allowed

Department: Engineering

Job posting date 03/08/2017

Company description

CoreOS is Securing the internet!

Our mission is to improve the security and reliability of the internet. Operations teams currently spend their days fighting fires — critical updates, machine failures, networking outages — instead of moving their infrastructure forward.

The CoreOS team wants to enable companies to run their applications securely and reliably in any environment. We hope to dramatically improve the security of “the stack” while making advancements in modern server infrastructure.

Job Description

Kubernetes Upstream Engineer

CoreOS is looking for engineers to continue to push Kubernetes development forward. Kubernetes is an open source clustering system introduced by Google and based on its own internal "Borg system" and forms the foundation of our CoreOS Tectonic product.

Kubernetes is poised to be a critical piece of internet plumbing as the Linux Kernel has been for the last 20 years. And as a Production-Grade Container Orchestration system and the largest project on GitHub, this is an opportunity to make a lasting impact in a young and growing Open Source community. You will work alongside both the CoreOS and Kubernetes upstream teams who are developing infrastructure software based on best practices and the latest technologies.

As part of the CoreOS Kubernetes Upstream Team you will be both responsible for being an active participant in a variety of Kubernetes Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and through that work, help CoreOS continue to develop cutting edge infrastructure products.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Discussing features, design, and bugs in Kubernetes SIG meetings and mailing lists
  • Reviewing code in the Kubernetes upstream repos
  • Assisting Kubernetes releases as manager, test manager, or feature manager
  • Implementing net-new features inside of Kubernetes and related
  • Improving existing code through bug fixes, refactors, additional testing, and expanded features

    Relevant skills/experience may include:

  • Write Go, YAML, JSON, bash, and Python
  • Participation in open source software development
  • Communicate technical design through diagrams, documents, and presentations
  • Design and implement distributed systems
  • Create, document, and test REST APIs
  • Debug and operate a cluster of Linux systems
  • Operate and build Linux application containers e.g. docker, rkt
  • Cloud provider experience e.g. AWS, GCE, etc.


    A few of our benefits & perks:

  • Health, Dental & Vision Coverage
  • Meaningful equity and competitive pay
  • Flexible hours and work environment
  • All the artisan coffee you can drink
  • Complimentary lunches at small local businesses
  • Generous PTO policy
  • Annual company outings and retreats
  • Flexible hours and work environment

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