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There is currently one remote job at CashCowPro Ltd tagged Dev, Ruby On Rails and Mysql
such as Senior Ruby on Rails Developer REMOTE, and

There is currently one remote job at CashCowPro Ltd tagged Dev, Ruby On Rails and Mysql
such as Senior Ruby on Rails Developer REMOTE, and



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This month

We have a fast growing SAAS tool for e-commerce sellers.
We have been growing 15 to 20% month to month.

But, we have some growing pains.

We want to build EXCITING new features, but first...
We do need to pause and re-factor the existing code for 2 to 3 months before we can move onto new feature development.
Are you willing to do this?

We need a Great and Experienced Ruby on Rails Senior Developer / Tech Lead.

Initially you need to come in and do a detailed code review
Map out areas for performance improvement for scale
Action those areas, fix the database schema, refactor code for Best Practices
Help with improving our Development Project Management Process
Resolve customer issues for 2 to 3 months to fix underlying problems
Map out new features from a technical perspective using Business Requirements
Build AMAZING new features for our customers

Please tell me your availability and rate.

Monthly FULL TIME (we would need you 100% committed, no other side projects).
REMOTE with communication via Slack
We can do a 3 month to 12 month contract (with 3 month trial period).

Please tell me your full time rate ($X / Calendar Month)
Please send me your CV.


Please answer in detail:

• Are you able and willing to refactor code for 1 to 2 months to fix the old problems, then start to build new features?
• Do you have any references?
• What have you been working on (detail) the last 12 months)?
Are you able to guide junior and mid developers to use best practice and do code reviews prior to deployment?
• Have you created specifications for new features using Customer Stories and Business Cases?
• Have you lead any tech teams? How many staff?
• What process/system do you think is best and why? e.g. Agile / Waterfall
• Do you have any experience with Ecommerce software or Amazon (for selling Physical products)?
• Are you able to see possible problems with features and provide guidance on the best implementation from a tech perspective?
• Do you like working in a team (remotely)?

You would need to be 100% focus and dedicated to our project whilst working with us, and be able to commit for a minimum 3 months.

Thank you!

How do you apply?

Email us your answers for the questions from this posting, with CV attached, and details about your expected rate.

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