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Very LLC

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
We value well-tested, reusable code and expect our engineers and data scientists to be as good of practitioners as they are leaders and teachers. \n\n**About This Role**\n\nVery is a remote-first company, meaning we don’t have a physical office, and you can work from anywhere in the continental United States. Your home, a co-working space, on the road, you name it. If you feel like moving, you don’t have to change jobs. \n\nAs a Senior Software Engineer, you will be working across multiple technologies developing data centric-solutions. This requires an interest in API engineering, DevOps, SQL and NoSQL databases, cloud infrastructure and everything in between...\n\nIn this role, you will be exposed to each of the following technologies in order of importance:\n\n- Javascript, Typescript, React\n- Mobile: iOS, Android, React Native\n- Python: Flask, Django, SciKit-Learn, Pandas\n- Ruby on Rails\n- Elixir, Phoenix, and Nerves\n- AWS: AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework\n\nWe value well-tested, reusable code and expect our engineers to be as good of practitioners as they are leaders and teachers.\n\nEngineers who apply for this job should be excellent practitioners at both React and JavaScript along with an interest and willingness to become proficient with the React Native platform.\n\n**What You’ll Be Working On**\n\nVery is a fully-distributed IoT engineering firm, partnering with our clients to build systems for smart manufacturing, smart energy & utilities, consumer electronics, and connected wellness. Learn more at\n\nCurrently, we have a long-running client with needs matching this specific job description, and you will be hired into this project. You’ll spend the majority of your time working on this project, and the remainder of your time can be spent improving Very. These internal contributions often include working on open source projects, building internal products, improving your craft, educating others, and more.\nUpon completion of this project, you will move on to other client projects for Very.\n\n**How You’ll Be Compensated**\n\nWe believe in a transparent, fair compensation structure and have developed our own open salary formula. Depending on your skill and experience, you can expect your base compensation to be somewhere between $95,000 and $120,000 upon joining the company. We also offer performance bonuses, a generous maternity/paternity leave policy, up to $6000 in annual 401K matching, and numerous other employee benefits including reimbursement for home office equipment and gym memberships. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$95,000 — $120,000/year\n\n\n#Location\nContinental US

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# How do you apply?\n\nThis job post is older than 30 days and the position is probably filled. Try applying to jobs posted recently instead.
This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
Are you passionate about building tools that have an immediate impact on your customers? \n\nDo you have a thirst for breaking down complex, interesting initiatives into scalable code?\n\nDo you thrive when you're contributing to a high-performing, humble team?\n\nDo you love walking home from work knowing that you empowered other developers, delivered value to your customers, and got to work on some gnarly code β€” all in the same day?\n\nAmazing, then you’re the type of person we’re looking for!\n\nAt Jungle Scout, we are on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to be successful Amazon sellers. We work hard, keep it real and do it all for our customers by providing industry-leading tools, education and content.\n\nWe’re growing and we are looking to add a Senior Software Engineer to our fast-paced and customer-oriented Engineering team. This will be a remote position preferably in Poland but we are open to hiring the right talent remote anywhere in Eastern Europe. \n\nInterested in learning more? Let’s get into the details: \n\n**What you will be doing:**\n* Architect and build. First and foremost, you will be building and architecting new web applications and microservices that are required, as well as creating new features on our existing applications.\n* Make recommendations. You will play an active role in the way we make decisions around technologies to be used for new applications and improvements on existing applications\n* Scale, maintain, and improve. As we continue to grow, you’ll anticipate challenges before they happen by maintaining existing codebases and system infrastructures, as well as enhancing the development, staging and production environments of our applications. \n* Participate and contribute. You’ll have an active hand in code reviews, as well as in project planning and management. You’ll also provide input for ongoing improvement of engineering practices and procedures. \n* Passionate mentor. We are firm believers in knowledge sharing and supporting team development. You will coach junior and intermediate developers on programming and infrastructure best practices. \n \nIf you are thinking β€œheck yeah!”, please read on….\n \n**Who you are:**\n* Done this before. We believe experience is best measured in results and intensity (not years), but you need to have been in this software development game a while. You also need to have experience with some subset of our primary tech stack: Ruby on Rails, Node, React (or other Javascript frameworks), Postgres, Redis. We’re thinking more than five years.\n* Master classer. We’re looking for someone who crushes it when it comes to deploying and managing staging and production environments on Heroku and AWS. \n* Heavy toolbelt. You know your way around working with both SQL and NoSQL databases (Postgres, Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.). You’ve also been around the Javascript block and worked in depth with React and Redux or a similar framework. You understand how they work in detail, and can show your team a thing or two.\n* AWS Cloud Guru: 4+ years experience working with some subset of AWS services, such as: EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, ElasticBeanstalk, Lambda, Cloudwatch, SQS, Kinesis and SNS\n* Fluent in English. You’re ready to dive in and communicate easily with our North American teams.\n* Remote-friendly. You’re comfortable working with a remote team, and familiar with the tools and technologies to make magic happen without the facetime. \n\n**Who we are: **\nJungle Scout is the leading all-in-one tool for selling on Amazon, with the mission of providing powerful data and insights to help entrepreneurs and brands grow successful Amazon businesses. \n\nThe Jungle Scout team is a group of smart, motivated, and fun-loving professionals working hard to help our customers achieve success. We have 145+ team members around the world, including in our headquarters in Austin, TX, and offices in Vancouver, BC and Shenzhen, China.\n\n\n#Location\nπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί EU

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# How do you apply?\n\nThis job post is older than 30 days and the position is probably filled. Try applying to jobs posted recently instead.
This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
Work with a team of smart, highly productive engineers who care greatly about the code they are shipping. Our culture is very DevOps centric with the goal of bringing the most value we can to our business through a streamlined CI/CD pipeline. Our team champions learning, bettering themselves, and teaching to the rest of the team. \n\n# Responsibilities\n * Build features for PipelineDeals' award winning sales platform and CRM. \n* Build and maintain devops environment in AWS\n* Support customer teams by fixing customer issues and bugs\n \n\n# Requirements\n* You have at least 4 years of professional software engineering experience.\n* Your typical working hours should mostly overlap a standard work day (i.e. ~ 9-5) in a US or European timezone (GMT -8 to +2) with the flexibility to attending meetings with colleagues in PST (GMT -8) when necessary.\n* You have at least 2 years of experience working directly with Ruby, either with a company, or via open source.\n* Past contributions to open source projects, or maintaining your own, are looked very highly upon.\n* You have extensive JavaScript experience. We utilize client-side JavaScript frameworks, so knowledge of React or other popular frameworks is preferable.\n* You should have a strong understanding of relational SQL databases and query optimization. We use MySQL and Postgres.\n* At PipelineDeals, the product engineers also own the production infrastructure. \n* Previous experience with configuration management, AWS, and other operations related tasks are a big plus.\n* You thrive on continuous improvement values and can help contribute and lead the team to always get better.\n* Continually learning and furthering yourself is a priority. We foster a strong culture of learning within the team.\n* The ability to communicate effectively in English and comfortable both through writing and video chats. We currently use a combination of Slack, Zoom, Github PRs, etc to work with other team members on a daily basis. \n* As this is a fully remote position, previous experience working remotely is a plus.\n* A personality that encourages collaboration and team building. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n$60,000/year\n\n\n#Location\nWorldwide (Gmt-8 to Gmt+2)

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This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply.
Do you think it's cool to jailbreak iPhones, control them via Python and SSH, download apps, extract headers and compare them to a dictionary of 10,000 SDK fingerprints, and parse and push to a Redshift store with over a billion records?\n\n\n\nWell cool. That's just the start. \n\n\n\nMightySignal is venture-backed and sells $25K+/yr contracts to serve SDK installation data to sales and marketing teams in the mobile app development market. We're a very healthy business with some amazing technology. Revenue has doubled in the past year and customer upgrades are currently offsetting cancellations (aka "negative churn" -- most companies never see this). \n\n\n\nWe work in and around San Francisco. Our hardware lab is in Las Vegas and that's where we'll do quarterly meetups. You can be anywhere. \n\n\n\nOur job is to keep this business highly profitable without disrupting the growth trajectory. Sound fun?\n\n\n\n# Responsibilities\n Maintain a complex suite of microservices, datastores, and web architecture. \n\nManage other remote engineering teammates as they consolidate services or run other projects.\n\nContinue to find ways to streamline and cut costs as needed.\n\nMaybe even fit in some R&D. \n\n# Requirements\nBe good about managing email and other communication. \n\nStandard full-stack knowledge. Rails and AWS (S3, EC2, Redshift, SQS) are most important, followed by Python and iOS/Android architecture.\n\nCan be part-time or full-time. We're flexible for the right people.

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# How do you apply?\n\nThis job post is older than 30 days and the position is probably filled. Try applying to jobs posted recently instead.