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There is one Remote Article Writer Job in Mar 2017 at Time Doctor updated 10 days ago

There is one Remote Article Writer Job in Mar 2017 at Time Doctor updated 10 days ago



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This is a full time remote role. You will be working from home or from a co-working space. We hire from any country, and do not discriminate based on sex, race, colour or location.

This role involves at least three different types of work:
Writing about our product.
It’s time management software mostly used in remote teams to increase productivity. You will be writing on our website, writing newsletters and also some other blog posts.
Creating video content.
This will be videos with your voice and mostly recording your computer screen, then publishing them to Youtube. These might be support videos or information about the product for our potential customers.
Project management.
Working with designers, developers and others. You might also be hiring these people for short term projects to work on something that you are not able to do yourself.

You may also get involved with the following although it would not be your primary job:
Conversion optimization (in conjunction with a consultant)
Usability testing
User interviews

How do you apply?

Send a cover letter and include the following: 1) A link to one example of a video you have created previously with your voiceover in the video (the quality doesn’t need to be excellent, but your voice has to be clear and very easy to understand). It can be any video as long as it’s your voiceover. 2) A link to one example of something you have written, preferably with an informal yet persuasive style.

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